Was there a day that liberalism died?

Or did liberalism simply fade away, like the Roman empire, finally extinguished by a final assault of barbarian hordes.

To be sure, it died from within. In the early twentieth century, people of many, perhaps most political persuasions considered themselves liberals. Economists like Karl Marx and Friedrich Hayek, social Darwinists like Herbert Spenser and William Sumner and even capitalists like John D Rockefeller.

Liberalism’s enemy was rigid, unchanging orthodoxy and rhetoric frozen in time. To be liberal was to be a thinker and a doer. They fought against the Catholic hierarchy, not the bible. They attacked Royals and dynastic capitalism, not the industries where people worked.

But, as is now obvious, liberalism was not killed by conservatism, it died from within. It was hijacked by political warriors who used it as a weapon against a political foe. It was exposed as a lie, which is what it became.

I will admit, openly, I hate the very word “progressive.” The whole idea of progressivism can best be seen in the Hillary Clinton’s description of her political enemies. They are “deplorables,” (a word she invented) basement dwelling losers and people who (if they had a brain) would have given her a 50-point margin of victory.

Progressivism is a movement based on sexuality, an idea that we have progressed past sex being a reproductive process. In today’s evolutionary theory, we don’t adapt, we go through “personal growth”. We choose our gender since, as they continually tell us, gender is an identity. Men and woman may have been designed by natural selection to advance “selfish genes” in the past, but that’s no longer the case. Today, we create with our minds. Our beliefs create our reality. We are pure thought.

It’s an idea straight out of a gay bar in a Hindu shopping mall.

It’s a movement of people whose minds are so frozen in untestable beliefs, loony science, community college level understanding and suburban ‘the customer is always right’ mentalities that one cannot even talk to them.

When I tell my progressive friends that I don’t vote, was in south America for the six months surrounding the last election, could give a flying shit about American politics and don’t own a TV, because I don’t scream anti Trump slogans and talk about SNL, I’m a Trump loving hick. (Lord, why did I ever leave Medellin)

There is no middle ground with progressives. You either agree with every single word they say, march in their parades and give to their causes or you are a stupid, deplorable that lives in your mother’s basement.

Although I don’t own a TV and never will, I do see TV in the morning when I stop for a coffee at Tim Hortons, a national coffee chain that has the station on all day and all night. The show I typically see has an African American host and typically, three or four guests.

CNN is the only news channel I’ve ever watched where you know what they’re saying with sound off, as it is at Tim Hortons at 5am. The “guests” and so stereotypical, it’s like they’re cartoon characters. It’s as if they strive to have their viewers preset opinions aped back to them in perfect form. I imagine the CNN viewer to be a suburban housewife standing in Walmart in the pasta section screaming because there’s no penne. “I want my penne! Give it to me, NOW!!!

Besides CNN, which has an abysmally small audience, progressives get their news from such bastions of journalism as Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central. In fact, Barack Obama once went on Comedy Central to be interviewed about the terror threat and immigration! Welcome to the new normal.

Today, it’s not important that you understand anything or can even make reasoned arguments. You are the customer and as such, always right. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the totally moronic fight against “global climate change.”

In a nutshell, even if you had definitive proof that the globe is warming and it’s being caused by human activity, the arguments being made are still insane. It would be obvious to a plastic pink lawn pelican that you can’t limit CO2 emission AND have 7 to 10% third world GDP growth and debt financed free trade.

Are “progressives” aware that Keystone is pretty much the only pipeline Barack Obama didn’t approve? There was more oil and gas pipeline built under Obama than any president in history as well as the biggest increase in oil production in history. There were more oil and gas wells drilled than under any president.

Under our twenty first century progressive we had an explosion of debt fueled, worldwide GDP growth and a massive ramp up of unrestricted free trade, the very policies that were attacked viciously by liberals in the past. Even if the globe isn’t warming, the worldwide explosion in deficit fueled air and water pollution has turned much of the third world into a certified shit hole. China and India have been transformed into millions is square kilometers of Love Canal, all by people who fashion themselves “environmentalists.”

The only thing that’s “progressed” in the last 8 years is the level of hypocrisy among progressives, hypocrisy so thick you’d need a chain saw to cut through it.

It is my untested theory that one reason progressives are so violent is Freudian. They aren’t screaming because they think they’re right but because they know they aren’t. Deep down inside, where this ugly little intuition humans have that we refer to as logic resides, is a voice and that always demands to be heard.

But there’s a more somber, threatening side to this, especially for liberals like me. Aside from thanking progressives for changing their name so I don’t have to belong to their club anymore, they are a minority movement looking for allies, and like the west that allied itself with Stalinist Russia. there is a price progressives will pay.

To be sure, although the average Muslim is not anywhere near as violent as they are portrayed in the media, the religion is extreme in its middle age   paternalism. It is also vociferously and often violently opposed to sodomy. This is not something the progressives are going to educate out of them. As much as nobody wants to talk about it, the average middle eastern refugee has an IQ 15 points below the average American and probably 30 points below the average gay progressive.

Any student of history or culture will tell you that it doesn’t take a majority to sway opinion. In fact, gays do it with less than 2% of the population. As to women’s rights, it’s worse. Middle eastern leaders love to lecture us on how progressive they are because of the things they “let their women do.” Rights aren’t things given you by leaders. They’re things you’re born with. The star of the Christian bible is a guy with no father and no children. The star of the Koran is a guy who married his first cousin and lived to a ripe old and well recorded age. The bible is a book of suggestions. No one is arrested for coveting thy neighbor’s house. The Koran is a book of enforceable laws.

In short, this alliance between Muslim refugees and progressives will work until it stops working, just like the alliance between the west and the Soviet Union. When it does the war starts and I guarantee, it won’t be a cold war.

Liberals of the past attacked the leaders of the church and dogma, but were careful to le ave Christian traditions which they knew they could not replace. Today’s progressives attacked the people, destroyed their culture and have created a world, oddly, similar to what the Ku Klux Klan predicted they’d create. It’s what I like to refer to as “I got a great idea” culture, best epitomized by a sign in East Berlin after the Berlin wall fell.

On a poster was a picture of Karl Marx. Under it were the words, “Sorry chaps, it was just a theory.”

As well, progressivism is just a theory and not a particularly scientific one. Time will tell how much damage it does.

Paul Schwartzmeyer, Author  39 Down, Joseph Schneider, Traitor-Patriot, violume one.

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What young people yearn for? An exit from their parent’s plastic world.

As an author of thriller fiction, I’m fascinated by how people perceive their world.

My main character, Paul Trifthauser navigates three generations. His own, his daughter’s and his nut case grandfather’s. His grandfather, the cryptographer was wise but not resourceful. His daughters are resourceful and smart, but not wise. Trifthauser, whose life is constantly threatened does not have the luxury of being either ineffective or naïve. Death is as real as it gets.

It’s been estimated that 50% of all the plastic in the world was produced in the last 15 years. A small percentage of that has been recycled. 91% has not.

What does it mean to live in a plastic world? Did you know your world was made of plastic? Can people distinguish the real from the fake?

Young people today, at least educated ones, seem to realize that the world they inherited from the parents isn’t real. Two thousand years ago, everything in a person’s life was natural. Buildings were made of wood and stone, products of nature. People caught, killed or grew food and what was cooked wasn’t all that different from what it was originally.

Today, buildings are made of steel and plastic. What wood there is, is from genetically altered southern pine covered over with cement board or vinyl siding. Roofs are made of petroleum.

Yesterday, at 4am, I rode my bike through a Buffalo waterfront park called Tift farm. As I approached an inlet where Lake Erie forms an inland pond, 5 white tail deer ran in front of me; 4 doe and a small 4 point buck. They ran with me for a hundred feet or so, passed the bike and jumped a fence. A little farther up, a fox crossed the path; then, a muskrat.

That afternoon, as I rode back through, there was a summer learning program set up at Tift farm. It was complete with tents, food and pictures of the animals they would have seen had they been on the same path at 4am with me.

Are we that distant from nature that we believe a nature learning project consists of pictures of animals in a park at noon? Imagine the thrill a 12-year-old would get seeing 5 deer sprinting across a field and jumping a 5-foot fence. But at 4am, most people are tucked away in their artificial environments made of plastic.

For millions of years, the people who came before us lived their entire lives in nature.

They felt the blistering heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter. They battled bugs, bacteria, viruses and wild animals.

Today, people live in totally artificial worlds where the temperature fluctuates between 68 and 72 degrees, 24 hours a day. They obsess over the fact that it’s going to rain “today” as if it was going to rain all day, when in fact, it rarely rains more than a half hour. Every time it snows we hear that it’s never snowed more, and every hot day is a sign of global disaster.

I think young people today feel this disconnect with nature.

I believe it’s why organic food and microbrewery beer are so popular. Although they may not verbalize it, I think they know deep down inside that we’re drifted too far from nature. That this plastic world we live in isn’t real.

Today’s youth, at least, the educated ones, shun the things their parents cling to. The average age of a television news viewer today is 70. Most afternoon and evening television is targeted to old people, featuring shows that are almost exactly the same, day after day or “judge” shows, where elderly women rant over the minor transgressions of young people. The network’s ‘commercial stuffing’ cutting programming and adding more ads, is something young people can’t stomach.

Today, the rage is ‘fake news’, but it’s not just news that’s fake.

It’s all fake. Everything from houses, to cars, to food to television programming. It’s all bullshit, exported from the oilfields of the middle east, fabricated in China, put in shipping containers and dumped into America.

It’s so bad that the Chinese are not only sending is fabricated plastic furniture, Christmas ornaments, dishes and lawn chairs.  Now, they’re manufacturing plastic women and men, and sending them over as sex toys, programmed with language. This is the beginning. Language recognition technology is just waiting to be commercialized. I guess this takes our love of petroleum products to the next level.

We in America aren’t even referred to as people anymore. Politicians call us ‘taxpayers’, doctors call us ‘patients’ and advertisers call us ‘consumers’, as if the United States was nothing but the garbage disposal of the world. The next generation feels this. They don’t want to be taxpayers, patients or consumers.

They want to be people. Sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and friends. The tide is turning and as time goes on, it will be more focused. The old world is dead. RIP. What rises from the ashes, nobody can predict, but one thing is certain.

It probably won’t be made from plastic.

My favorite AdMan… The Brit CEO of Ogilvy… Rory Sutherland

Things to Hang on Your Mental Mug Tree

Rory Sutherland [7.10.17]

I don’t think there’s any huge amount of intelligence required to look at the world through different lenses. The difficulty lies in that you have to abandon four or five assumptions about the world simultaneously. That’s what probably makes it difficult.

RORY SUTHERLAND is Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy London; Columnist, The SpectatorRory Sutherland’s Edge Bio page


On a list of ten things that matter in terms of how you look at the world, satisficing would be number one, along with the whole business of decision making under uncertainty. This opens up the idea that something which may seem at first glance to be completely irrational may in fact be a useful and highly effective non-catastrophic heuristic.

At around the same time as Herbert Simon was doing his work, David Ogilvy was talking to someone who ran the Chicago office of Ogilvy called Joel Raphaelson [Joel, who is still alive and as quick-minded as a 25-year-old, is the son of Sampson Raphaelson, scriptwriter for The Jazz Singer and Heaven Can Wait]. David agreed with Joel’s idea that people bought brands to avoid badness rather than to maximise perfection. They bought brand A over brand B not because they thought it was better, but because they were more certain it was good.

The idea is that when you make decisions in an uncertain setting, you have to care about not only the expected outcome, but also the possible variance. We’ll pay a premium not only for “better”, but for “less likely to be terrible”. That seems to be an important thing to understand when analysing decision making.

Human decision making is also pretty path-dependent. In one case in my life I’ve been able to profit from this. I live in a house, which in the UK is something called Grade 1 listed. It’s by the great eighteenth century Robert Adam, and the grounds are by Capability Brown. Im in a four bedroom flat on the roof of a house built for the doctor of George III in about 1785. For a time it was the home of Napoleon III.

I didn’t pay anything extra for the architecture or the genius of the landscaping because nobody places that very high on their list of priorities when they buy a house. I asked our next-door neighbour, an economist, how much he thought we paid for this property relative to a property in an identical location of the same size by an indifferent architect. In other words, what’s the premium we pay for the Robert Adam-ness of it? He said somewhere between zero and about 5 percent.

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Will Trump play us for fools…. yet again?

As I wrote in my thriller book series, Joseph Schneider Traitor-Patriot, the “elites” continually play us for fools.

Suspend your thinking for a minute….

Imagine that Trump never thought he’d be elected. (In fact, on election day he thought he’d lose) If he thought he’d lose, why did he run?

Trump runs Trump Inc, a company that basically “plays the Trump card.”

The whole idea that Trump has been a disaster as President ignores his entire existence as a businessman. Trump has ALWAYS made ridiculous, bombastic claims. It’s his life.

The attacks on Trump for “collusion” with Russia to rig the election are hilarious.

This is what politicians do all the time. In fact, the entire complex, the media, organizations like factcheck.org and Media Matters, as well as the parties themselves are designed around digging up dirt on opponents and slandering them. The Clinton Global Initiative wasn’t a charity as much as it was a shadow government that used foreign money to rig the Democrat primary. This is why the Wikileaks emails were so devastating.

The attacks on Trump feed the Trump machine.

The reason he continually Tweets asinine comments is that it works. It’s ALWAYS worked. This fact can be clearly seen by the media reaction. Most of what Trump Tweets vacillates between the outrageous and just plain dumb. Like every politician, he’s going to balance the budget and cut taxes, end all wars and give Americans unlimited free pizza and Bud Light. The narrative could have been written by the creators of the Simpsons.

CNN and MSNBC have been able to prop their collapsing ratings based on Trump and Trump continually stays the outsider by Tweeting more.

As we sit today, Trumps chance of being a successful President are zero. Even if he had the God-like powers he claims he has, the problems the world faces are simply not solvable without the kind of pain that turns politicians into pariah’s.

Trump’s only hope is to be impeached.

In 1978, 45 million Americans watched 4 television news stations. Today, with 100 million more Americans, only 20 million watches 11 stations. The media is keenly aware of this. They can’t lay off any more people. They gets sexually aroused fantasizing about another Nixon style impeachment trial.

Impeachment would be the ultimate reality show…

a combination of Family Feud, Judge Judy, dozens of NFL pregame shows, Super Bowl commercials and comedy show reruns. Trump will win as his popularity explodes, the media will win as a river of ad money rolls in, the parties will win as a river of political money will flow in. In the end, every media in the country will lead with the same line.

“You’re fired.”

And Trump will leave with 60 million rabid followers who were just cheated out of the Presidency. In the end though somebody has to lose.

That loser will be us.

The next robot could be you…

I find it rather comical that people believe that Artificial Intelligence will produce person like robots. Maybe as sex toys but never as robots.

The dirty little secret…

of robotics is that the big problem is not making it think like a human. The biggest problem is getting it to MOVE like a human.

Human physiology is mind numbingly complex.

Imagine trying to design a machine that can step off a curb and cross the street, while gauging the speed of oncoming traffic which may change at any time, all the while talking on the phone and reading the paper. Even if it could be done, one of these creatures would cost as much as a moon launch.

It’s much cheaper to simply retool the brain.

People are cheap. They take nine months to build and are born with brains that go into total emersion mode. A new born, within two years, in the right environment can speak a dozen languages. By the age of 12, they have staggering mathematical capabilities. 95% of their metabolic function is controlled by a series of internal clocks and chemically triggered software that updates itself constantly and all of this can be run on a daily equivalent of a one half pound hamburger without the fries.

Many sci-fi movies have already figured this out.

The Cyborg has a human metabolism and a computer brain, but I don’t believe that’s how it’ll play out.

I think the next generation of robots will simply have sensory overrides.

Something like a combination of Google glass and headphones, but permanently implanted at birth so they grow symbiotically with the organism. If you’ve ever seen a teen who loses their cell phone, you’ll understand. They go into full stress mode.

By implanting at birth (for obvious health reasons, like vaccines) they will become permanentized as the organism grows and learns. As long as the implanted software, which would be based on beliefs and values, is the same for a large enough group, the brain, evolved through tens of thousands of years of group living, will accept it as reality.

In a warped way, we are almost there, although todays robots are randomly generated by chance. It is absolutely staggering how blindly obedient people are. The logic in things like biology and geology have been vanquished from society and replaced with belief.

For example, the old rules for eating, culturally derived from hundreds of years of experimenting with finding, raising and cooking food and propagated through society by this thing we call “culture” have been replaced with a perfectly loonie science we call “nutrition.” Lethargic people who sit on their asses all day and consume 3X the calories of their grandfathers believe they’re fat because they haven’t yet discovered that magical combination of Yak steak, organic fungi and kale that will keep them thin and allow them to live 300 years.

People are stunned today to find themselves pregnant after sex.

The same people who will not eat a vegetable that was grown with a pesticide smoke pot, a plant whose effective ingredient, THC, is a pesticide.

Half the people in America believe we should abort babies in the womb and flood the country with poor Mexican kids and the other half and build a wall to keep out Mexicans and flood the country with poor Americans.

This is a group that is ripe for robotics. They won’t know what hit them and like the last terminator, won’t even know they’re no longer human. You won’t have to buy a sex toy.

You’ll be a sex toy.

Which might not be so bad.