In my first novel, “39 Down,” Paul Trifthauser knows that the cartels are gunning for him.







So, he uses his contacts to create a terrorist strike in the Strait of Hormuz and uses the oil options market to make money. He does this to show the cartels that like his grandfather, Joseph Schneider, he can hit them where they hurt. The wallet.


Okay, let’s play 20 questions. (But we won’t use 20.)


First, the installation at Abqaiq is deep inside Saudi Arabia and VERY heavily guarded. Why hit deep inside the country when you don’t have to?


Second, Abqaiq is a gas-oil separating plant, not a refinery. In other words, why hit a low-tech facility relatively easy to rebuild.


Third, Saudi Arabia’s main export terminal is Ras Tanura, in the Persian Gulf. Iran can probably see it from their shores. Why would they launch a missile attack across three countries, Iran, Iraq and Jordan to hit Abqaiq when they could fire short range missiles to Ras Tanura?


In fact, the Saudi’s already said they’d be up and running in a few weeks. No country on earth has built more redundancy into their system. They can re-rout in days. But they couldn’t rebuild Ras Tanura in days. That would take YEARS. They have pipeline across Suez to Egypt and Tunisia.


Fourth, why didn’t Saudi Arabia retaliate? They have the second largest F-16 fleet in the world, some of the worlds most sophisticated air defenses and the AWAC reconnaissance planes.


Fifth, why would Iran help Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia doesn’t have to produce oil to sell it. They have the shit staged all over the world, in storage facilities as well as most of the world’s unused tanker capacity. They have hundreds of thousands of barrels in the friggin Gulf of Mexico!  A $10 a barrel rise in oil makes them $90 million A DAY.


If Iran hated them so much, why would they give them $90 million a day in boobie prizes?


Finally, do we really think the Iranians are that stupid that they don’t know what I just said? They know Saudi Arabia’s backup systems.


In 39 Down, a Saudi terrorist friend of Paul Trifthauser launches his attack from a park near the strait of Hormuz with a Russian built missile.


Don’t you find it even a little amusing that 100% of the media is expecting TRUMP to hit Iran, yet nobody is expecting Saudi Arabia to? Saudi Arabia, a country that supposedly has the world by the balls sits back and watches Iran, a country with 50-year-old fighter jets bomb their country and do nothing? Their multi-billion dollar “iron dome” doesn’t do anything?


When Tulsi Gabbard said Trump was Saudi King Salman’s pimp, she was egging him on, but Trump is caught like a rat in a trap. He put himself in this trap by shooting off his fucking mouth all the time.


Doesn’t anybody find it interesting that this “attack” came just days after the resignation of the war mongering John Bolton. The clock is ticking on hitting Iran because Iran is now trading freely with China. Once their relations come to fruition, they won’t give a rat’s ass about US sanctions. Iran’s oil can reach China by pipeline and they also won’t give a rat’s ass about the Strait of Hormuz.


Iran knows that regardless of who fired those missiles, they’ll be blamed. The media narrative was dictated way before the bombs flew.


So now, the great wind bag sits in the White House batting his dick back and forth as the cartels press his ass against the wall. Maybe he can float a few more tweets about fat Rosie. If he was smart, he’d invite Tulsi Gabbard into the white house and make her secretary of defense.


In the meantime, the question as to who sponsored this is easy. Just look at who was holding worthless oil futures contracts the day before the strike. A $120 investment was worth $24 million in one day. That might give you a hint.


As to Paul Trifthauser… he has no idea who did it. (Tongue pressed firmly into his cheek.)













“Predictions are always hard, especially about the future…” Yogi Berra.


I used to get a kick out of the “economists” on MSNC.


They’d display them on your TV screen like the Brady Bunch, poised to give their prediction on the soon to be released GDP number. They did a count-down to the release and each economist would bark(f) out a prediction. 3.2%… 2.9%   1.8%… the count down would end, Becky Quick would announce the number, one of the guys would be right and the light would shine on him… THE GREAT PREDICTOR!!!


Of course, in a month the number would be revised. Then again and again. No matter. He was still king for a day.


“They shall have wars and pay for their presumption.”  Shakespeare, Henry VI


Like the economists on MSNC, the current prognosticators are shit salesmen, trying to convince us of things they cannot know. They’ve been wrong on every war since Cain killed Abel. The only thing Churchill ever got right was that Hitler was coming and bringing guns. Everything else that meat head said was wrong.


Yet rather than an idiot who sounded intelligent, we have in Trump the mirror opposite.


Trumps attack on the Danish Prime Minister over her nastiness in negotiations (there weren’t any) on selling Greenland were as baffling as they come. But in Trumps sea of rather moronic twitter feeds, he seems to have the big things right.


As in 1915, the world’s political and military institutions are not aligned with anything other than historical power and trade structures.


In other words, chess on acid.


Here in Germany, the feeling is the only reason the US has troops stationed here is for a place to launch global war from. Can anyone doubt the truth of this? The whole idea that we need to defend Germany from Russia is so absurd, it’ll make you spit up your schnitzel.


(For a view from Germany)


But the Germans put up with it, because in return, they get “occupied.” This allows them to launch a global trade war without having either a Navy or Air Force. They get free trade routes literally for free.


The US walked into this when Ronald Reagan dollarized oil and put King Fahad of Saudi Arabia under his wing. This led to a rebirth in capitalism and the defeat of communism. But, like a chess game on acid, this structure is rudderless.


When Tulsi Gabbard called Donald Trump a pimp for King Salman, what rational human could argue that she’s spot on!


Trumps silence tells us all we need to know.


The world’s acid trip though is far more complex than it seems.


China may be an enemy of the US, but it has a lot of enemies to go through before it gets to us. After their utterly moronic assault on Hong Kong, any question of their motives is over. Taiwan will fight to the death to keep them out. Japan, South Korea, India and a thousand universities, think tanks are now wiping egg from their faces. Another Yogi quote comes to mind…


(How to destroy China.) 


“I never said half the things I said.” Yogi Berra.


But if the only problem we had was a repositioning of chess pieces, even on acid, that would be doable.


The problem the world has today, is that the basic fabric of the worlds international financial system is in tatters. When this thing unravels, like it did in the 1930’s, people with normal middle class lives will know poverty like the can’t image.


The way out of this is the market mechanism. Markets have a “natural” tendency which is to maintain stability by being robust. Robustness comes from having risk spread across their entire domain, having all market participants having skin in the game, and by allowing the system to correct itself through a million little failures.


But, the west’s “consumers”, who have spent their entire lives being told they were right because they’re customers are going to be told they can’t have things. Then, they’re going to vote and every flim-flam, easy money Bernie Sanders on earth will start looking intelligent.


People forget that men like Caesar Chavez, Fidel Castro, Mohandas Gandhi, Joseph Stalin, (Roosevelt’s uncle) Hitler and Nelson Mandela were all popular in their times, especially with the intellectual elite. They all, in turn, turned their countries into ash heaps.


And, as a reminder, many are STILL considered great men. Mandela and Gandhi destroyed their countries for generations causing untold misery but are still beloved in the world.


In my series, Joseph Schneider, Traitor-Patriot, Paul Trifthauser stumbles up his grandfather’s (Schneider) spy web, ten years after Schneider’s death. A series of events leads the powers that run the world to think Trifthauser is stepping into his grandfather’s shoes. But Trifthauser is clueless, and learns how the real world works in order to stay alive.



His accomplice is the high end French-Indian prostitute Alejandra who knows the world from it’s underbelly. In the end, Trifthauser realizes that the only solution to the cracking of the world is surviving to see what’s left when it’s over, just as his grandfather did as a cryptographer in WW2.








As Gandalf said, we are witnessing the turning of the tide. As a predictor of the future I can only be sure of one thing.


Denmark isn’t selling Greenland to Donald Trump.



As Yogi once said, when asked by his wife where he should be buried. 

“Surprise me.”










Terrorists did more last weekend to affect climate change than all the windmills, plastic bag legislation and native American protests have ever done. 


They took 7 million barrels of crap oil off the market. 


So, will these terrorists be lauded as pioneers for climate change? 


Fact: Most Saudi oil goes to climate destroying dictatorship of China. 


So now, Donald Trump is “locked and loaded.” 



Our military is locked an loaded to protect the FINANCIAL interests of a dictatorship that sells oil to the world’s biggest destroyer of the environment, China. 


Gosh, this calls for true American patriotism. 




The Eurozone is constantly lecturing us on how great their “Democracies” are.


Yet today, Mario Draghi, without a vote in ANY country unilaterally drove Europe’s interest rates FURTHER into negative territory.


What this means is interest PAYERS, that is, banks, get to pay less interest and interest RECEIVERS, that is you, get less or in Germany’s case, you PAY THE BANK TO BORROW YOUR MONEY.


Draghi just stole billions of dollars from Europe’s savers and pension plans, gave it to the banks, and nobody in their “Democracies” said a word.


Name a single problem the Eurozone has solved in the last 5 years.

  • Refugees? Not a chance.
  • France’s MASSIVE deficit? Nope.
  • The Greek and Italian dept problem? non una possibilita’
  • The labor and brain drain from Eastern Europe? Nada.


Europe’s prime ministers and chancellors are sporting approval ratings that would make people like Beto, Marianne Williamson, Mike Dukakis and Jeb Bush cringe.


They can’t even drum up the balls to stop a former Goldman Sachs bank crook from fleecing their citizens.

This is why in my novels I create Joseph Schneider Luneburg, the head of the house of Luneburg and heir to the house of Hanover.


Royalty is coming back. It’s either that, or a dictator.