Five questions nobody asked about Peter Strzok

There are so many non-asked questions one has difficulty knowing where to start, so let’s start at the top.

1) Why does (or did) Strzok have a security clearance?

Adultery is absolutely not allowed among people with high level security clearances. In fact, it’s a 100% loss of clearance. For a rank and file agent, this is a serious issue. For the third in charge, whose job is to manage agents and ENFORCE security clearances, this is a head shaker. To those who may think that the FBI didn’t know, it’s the FBI’s job who know who is banging their agents. It’s not like there’s a shortage of hot Russian KGB agents that have a master’s degree in oral. To have a high-level security clearance is to know that every time you sit down to take the morning crap, a camera is looking through the water and up your butt-hole. The FBI knew.

 2) What was Lisa Page’s motivation for doing the boss?

Let’s not bullshit ourselves. Page has her own agenda.  The other side of “abuse” in the #metoo movement is women using their pussies as a stepladder. Page and Strzok are not horny co-eds. They are high powered, happily married lawyers. They know the drill. (Or, at least, the consequences of getting drilled.) I guess at least now we know what a happily married lawyer is.

3) Why does the Press continue to say the Russians leaked Hillary’s emails?

This is absurd. Hillary’s emails were published by Judicial Watch from a freedom of information act request. They were exposed as part of the pedophilia investigation of the hubby of Clinton’s closest aide and confidant, Huma Abedin. If Weiner wasn’t sending wiener shots to 12-year-old’s on Facebook, he’d be mayor of New York city right now and nobody would have ever heard of the server.

4) Why does the media continue to ignore the fact that the Steele document was originally commissioned by the REPUBLICANS.

The Republicans had a plan to take out THEIR OWN CANDIDATE? Hahahaha… And after that failed they decided to give it to their opposition? Or maybe there is a power bigger than government!!! Oh, don’t listen to me, I just write conspiracy theory novels. Give me a minute to reposition the aluminum foil on my head.

5) Why hasn’t Christopher Steele been extradited to the USA?

The key witness in an investigation of Russian tampering on a US election will not come to the US and testify?  Can somebody explain to me why England is an ally? We spent twenty years during the cold war trying to rat out Russian agents in MI6. Now we’re back at it.

This case stinks to the high heavens. Yesterday, DURING A PRESIDENTIAL VISIT TO ENGLAND, the DOJ goes on television to announce they were indicting Russian spies for …. Get this… SPYING!

What’s next? Are they going after the milkman for delivering milk? How do you indict a foreigner for breaking an American law? Can there possibly be anybody that’s that bone-head stupid that they buy this? This is nothing but governmental ass-cover.

On the other hand, if this works, we can balance our budget by handing out speeding tickets on the German Autobahn. Our speed limit is 65 mph and their cars go 150. We’d be swimming in money.



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