Okay, help me out here… I’m a bit slow…

Having failed to accurately predict such things as

– the overthrow of the Shah of Iran,

– the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

– and 911. (Even though bin Laden said he was attacking… Sneak attacks are a sin in Islam.)

Having failed to find a Somali war lord even AFTER he was interviewed by Tom Brokaw.

And taking six years to tell us the anthrax attacks were not only from our own labs in Fort Deidrick, but the same labs where they SENT TO SPORES TO BE TESTED!!!

And finally concluding that the scare that sent us to war in Iraq was a sorority club prank by an insane scientist that was dissed when he asked for a prom date 30 years earlier. (Crazy but apparently sane enough to work in an GOVERNMENT ANTHRAX LAB.)

And get this… He died from an overdose of EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL!!

And even this catch was only after spending three years trying to convict Steven Hatfill, a man who couldn’t produce weapons grade anthrax if his life depended on it.

(I could go on all day.)

New, we’re supposed to believe they are experts in Russian hacking?


… sorry, like I said… I’m a bit slow.

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