Godfather of GMOs Wants Consumers to Be Less Afraid of His Food

(My comments: I once had a guy grill me after I told him my daughter worked for Monsanto. Then he said, “I’ll be right back, I’m going out for a cigarette.” That pretty much sums up America’s understanding of biology. The irony was that the guy was sitting at the bar eating NACHOS!)

Most people believe that you can domesticate a wild animal by moving them inside, that America’s 7.5 million annual dog bites are because the dogs weren’t trained properly, that gender is determined by where you stick your penis and that “mother” birds teach their young how to fly.

Genetically modifying seeds is bad, but genetically modifying puppies so they look cool on Hollywood boulvard is okay. In this world, Robert Fraley has no chance.

article from Bloomberg.

(Bloomberg) — Three decades ago, Robert T. Fraley helped invent the genetically modified seeds that have become a $17 billion global industry and ushered in a new era of agricultural productivity. So it’s little surprise that this longtime Monsanto Co. executive doesn’t want the crops dubbed Frankenfood, which is what critics like to call them.

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