Month: January 2019

Are processed foods actual foods or are they neurological stimulants? Research has shown a correlation between refined carbohydrates and an inability to control emotions. I think there’s a strong relationship between diet, lack of “skin in the game”, television and Americans becoming non-people, (consumers, tax payers, voters) and what can only be described as broad-based […]
Ioskeha and Tawiscara are complex figures in native American myth. They are first and foremost, brother’s. They are also polar opposites, Ioskeha the creator, representing life and growth and his brother Tawiscara, representing death, night and winter. Finally, like many Gods they are forces of nature and are depicted as good and evil.   In […]
Food is a drug, and we have to learn to say no.  (Link) Rosie Boycott Food is one of the most crucial issues of our time. In America, 13 people die every hour from food-related illnesses, but we have no real solution to the obesity problem – the issues are myriad, and too ingrained in […]
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