Month: February 2019

The question of whether Trump was abducted by aliens may seem strange, but it would fall in line with the other stupid questions congressional democrats are asking. This would be Paul Trifthauser as a congressman. Trifthauser: “Mr. Cohen, I have several questions that I believe must be entered into the record that my colleagues have […]
Are you kidding? Nothing is illegal here. Anyway, we have digitized language use, noun and verb use, and linguistic devices and created an algorithm that we use to tell us a person’s socioeconomic status.
Sanders reported his trip to Russia many years ago. It was filled with “wondaful” tidbits about the tranquil life of the people who lived in peace and harmony in socialist utopia.
There are 100 reasons to tax wealth, and only one reason not to, but the reason not to is the only one that matters. Wealth taxes destroy wealth.
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