Month: April 2019

The level of pure hate between Hindu’s and Muslims is insane.    I have several friends that are Hindu’s and Muslims. They all appear to be good, honest, hardworking men. Unless they’re talking about each other.   (My Muslim and Hindu female friends are all very sweet, but some of the nicest women you’ll ever […]
  Sorry, but since only a fool would have believed the Steele Dossier, that leaves the press a ship of fools.   Why? Think this through. Christopher Steele has ultra-high-level contacts in the Russian government from his days at MI-6. These contacts are so high that he has information on an American president that would […]
  It’s amazing how much you can promise when your budget is not an issue. This is what gave us the rise of the Disney-crats.   We have Dopey – Bernie Sanders. This is the guy that thinks the Soviet Union had a great economic system.   Grumpy – That’s Elizabeth Warren, a woman that […]
39 Down