Month: May 2019

    Nigel Farage is a typical Brit.   There’s nothing he enjoys more than to listen to himself talk. For a man like Farage, the world is simple. Do what I say, and good things will flow from it.   Europe has democracies, the US does not. The founders designed our government to be […]
    Theresa May’s biggest mistake was inviting Trump to England.   Want to hear a dirty little secret? The British hate Americans.   They look down their nose at everybody but save their hatred for Americans, and Donald Trump’s visit will expose that.   Every nation’s cohesiveness is based on their ability to create […]
Yesterday, with little fanfare, one of the greatest writers in history, Herman Wouk, died at the age of 103. With him, a little piece of America died.   Wouk’s parents, like many Jews, emigrated from Russia to the USA in the early 1900’s. They battled abject poverty as well as racism and grew to love […]
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