Month: September 2019

The media is ignoring a major bank crisis to sell more Viagra, light beer and junk food. Sorry, but somebody has to say it.    Scottie: We have the ship set up so even a monkey could run it. Kirk: I’ll try not to take that personally   Sorry, but I have to say it. […]
The Dems are walking off a cliff. In an impeachment both sides have discovery rights. Donald Trump, as chief law enforcement officer in the US not only has the right to investigate Hunter Biden, he has the responsibility.  Pelosi knows this.
    If you’re puzzled by the Hunter Biden story, join the crowd.     My main puzzlement of the Hunter Biden saga, (Still hunting for a career in his 40’s) is the total lack of any attempt to think morally or legally about what Biden did.   Hunter Biden Bio: Perfect loser, Biden married […]
Liberal Demonstrator
  The jack-booted commies of the University left are at it again with Global climate change.   One really must wonder how they do this in broad daylight and get away with it.   Here, in Germany, global climate change isn’t even debated. It’s fact. I have a German friend who says she carries a […]
39 Down