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Action Thriller series Joseph Schneider, Traitor-Patriot.

Finally, Paul Trifthauser’s life was stable, predictable. After years of drifting around the world and a half-dozen jobs… the Marines, the oil industry, he finally settled down into small town life in Austria. He met a woman, Arianna, a sexy, smart banker from the Ukraine and was off the bottle.

But then, Joseph Schneider dies.

Schneider was the bane of Trifthauser’s existence. He was his grandfather. An unflinching tyrant and a brutal disciplinarian, Trifthauser had spent his youth in Schneider’s tutelage, freed only by a stint in the Marines and a decade working on oil rigs in the most brutal desert in the world. The Al Rub Al Khali.

But when Schneider dies, Trifthauser unknowingly inherits his legacy.

Buried in layers of code, hidden in 3,000 crossword puzzles in an old barn are Joseph Schneider’s secrets.  An espionage network so secretive and so lethal that even the CIA is afraid to confront it. Suddenly it’s thrust upon Trifthauser to figure out the code before his grandfather’s enemies, the world’s massive trading cartels, realize he doesn’t know it. Armed with nothing but intuition and a twenty-nine-year-old Indian prostitute named Alejandra, he races against time to stay alive.

The series entitled “Joseph Schneider, Traitor Patriot” should be read in order from volumes one through four. The series, which originates in Switzerland, takes you through most of Europe, the Middle East and parts of south America as well as the USA. In it, Trifthauser battles against the massive international trading cartels that run the world. You’ll meet prostitutes and priests, smugglers and spies, princesses and presidents and an interconnected web of Royals, Sheiks and ordinary people thrust into his world.

You’ll also meet two extraordinary Indian girls; Vaidehi, a gorgeous 14-year-old, trained to be a courtesan who can flip men’s hearts with her eyes and her sister, Priya, an orphan Trifthauser snatched from a Calcutta orphanage.  His adopted daughters, they become the catalyst for Volume 5, “The Curse of Joseph Schneider”, to be released in 2018.