5 Quick ways to stop Global Climate Change.

5 Quick ways to stop Global Climate Change.

Everyone agrees that we must stop Global Climate Change. The first and most immediate steps would be things we can do right now, that eliminate unnecessary CO2, today.


1) Put down all pets.

The US has 253 million dogs and cats. They put out, in food and other CO2 related problems, the equivalent of 13.6 million cars. No one NEEDS a pet.



2) Cut per capital caloric consumption in half. 

No one NEEDS more than 1,500 calories. This would mean all foods with low nutrition densities would be eliminated. All fast food, snack foods, cereals and restaurants would have to go.


(Why do we compulsively eat so much shit?) 


3) Make air conditioning illegal.

No one needs AC. People lived in Louisiana. Florida for hundreds of years before AC was invented. The fact is, virtually all net CO2 emission growth in the last twenty years is due to AC.


4) Immediately stop importing all unnecessary products from China.

That would include appliances, tools, rugs, wire, Christmas ornaments, food, tile: I could literally write items all day long. China uses 7X more coal than the US and half the coal used in the world. Nothing we do can offset China’s coal use.


(Should we import food at all) 


5) Kill everyone at their normal retirement age.

As loony as this sounds every socialist dictator in history has done it, though not necessarily at retirement. Communist China and Russia both eliminated people that were not economically viable as did Abraham Lincoln, right here in the USA. Hitler, Pol Pot, Castro, the Turks, Germany, even the British. They may have starved to death or died of malaria or dysentery, but it got the job done.


As absurd as this sounds, it’s necessary.


In fact, it’s a tiny first step. All these, in their entirety would barely budge the CO2 emissions needle. To cut CO2 back to 1995 levels would require eliminating half the world’s population.


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