5 Ways to End White Supremacy NOW!

5 Ways to End White Supremacy NOW!



1) Stop mowing your lawn.

Mowing your lawn makes your house look superior. In fact, don’t paint your house or clean your gutters. Take all the junk food wrappers, plastic and pizza boxes you use and throw them on your lawn.


2) Encourage your kids not to study for exams.

Studying raises a child’s SAT and makes them appear superior. Teach them to disrespect authority, kneel for the pledge of allegiance and smoke pot.


3) Stop working.

Working makes you appear superior. If you must work, as soon as you get a paycheck, call in sick the next three days.


4) Get a psychology degree.

Take out a huge loan and use it to get a degree in either psychology or human sexuality from a poorly rated community college. Spend most of the money on drugs, booze and spring breaks to Aruba. Then, claim you’re an expert on climate science, biology and economics on your blog.


5) Stop going to church.

Churches breed superiority worldwide. People who regularly attend church are happier, healthier, have more sex and make more money, making them appear superior.





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