The author

Paul Schwartzmeyer is a former Marine Corp radio man. After graduating from college, he worked on oil rigs in the bayou’s of offshore Louisiana and in Saudi Arabia. For eight years he worked as an engineer in the Saudi Desert where he was given the highest level security clearance to work with radioactivity and explosives. He also worked in Dubai as well as in the Al Rub Al Khali, one of the most desolate places on earth.


Paul has traveled, predominately alone, to over 30 countries, including Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Bahrain, The Philippines, India and most of Europe.


He has contacts worldwide that are soldiers of fortune, oil industry executives, combat veterans, hostage negotiators, madams and pub owners. He was once a member of the infamous “Lucy’s Tiger Den”, the American Legion China Post One in Bangkok.


He has extensive knowledge in the workings of international banks, trade cartels and the civilian military complex. His books are metaphors for a world few people ever see.