An Italian murder mystery you will love.

An Italian murder mystery you’ll love.


An Italian crime story that will suck you in and keep you there.

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Non Uccidere: (Thou shalt not kill.) Starring Miriam Leone and Monica Guerritorre.


Available on PBS Masterpiece. Italian dubbed in English


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The series centers on the murder investigations of the inspector Valeria Ferro, a tough, conflicted, sexy, ballsy Italian crime inspector based in Turin.


Unlike more heady series like “Endeavor” or “the Sherlock Holmes” mysteries, Non Uccidere is passionate, emotional and extremely well acted.


To me, the thing that made the story addictive was its sub plot. The relationship between Valeria and her mother, Lucia. (played by Monica Guerritorre)


In the beginning, Valeria lives with her brother and his daughter, a girl Valeria is like a second mother to. But the story explodes when Lucia, in prison for supposedly murdering her husband is set free.


To be sure, Valeria is conflicted. Her affair with her boss, Giorgio, played by Thomas Trabacchi is perfectly done. One is never quite sure if Valeria is in love with Giorgio, using him or simply screwed up because of her relationship with Lucia. To be sure, there’s no shortage of heat! 


We learn as the story develops that Lucia has a dark secret that Valeria tries desperately to discover.


What amazed me though was as I watched it, I kept turning up the sound, even though I don’t speak more than 11 words in Italian! Leone, a former Miss Italy and Guerritorre, a well know stage and Shakespearean actress are that enticing!


The story contains two seasons and 20 episodes. I might suggest you find a free weekend and $100 worth of junk food. It’s hard to turn off!


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