How to beat Soros at his own game.

How to beat Soros at his own game.

Let me start by saying, that to beat Soros at his own game… well, you won’t. Why?


You have morals. The Bible says what? THOU SHALT NOT TEMP THE DEVIL. Why would Jesus say this? Because the devil is pure evil, and you’re not. (Here is a good book on the subject by Scott Peck.) To see evil you must remember, the devil is smart. To see evil, you must look at the pattern of destruction that lies in its wake.


The other reason is, you must understand why he’s doing what he’s doing. As a MORAL Christian, you’d assume he’s trying to destroy your religion. He isn’t. He’s trying to MAKE MONEY. He’s done this his whole life. He destroyed the British Pound and the Thai Baht just to make money. He called the economic collapse of 2009 the crowning achievement of his life.


You won’t beat Soros at his own game because his game is morally repugnant, and you aren’t morally repugnant. Let’s look at how they attack you.


George Soros’s game is moral equivalence. Islam is a religion of peace?


Who could ever say anything so absurd? (Besides Obama.) There are tens of thousands of madrassas spread out across the Islamic world. They’re in Saudi Arabia (all around Mecca) In Pakistan, Qatar, Bangladesh, Iran, India, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey. What is their slogan? Death to the infidel.


Can you imagine the Catholic Church operating madrassas in Rome?  

When I lived down the street from Khobar Towers. 


How about the southern Baptists running one in Texas? Presbyterians in New York? Even the lunatic SCIENTOLOGISTS don’t run madrassas. Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Isis, Isil, Hamas, and 100 others all come from these “schools.” They teach not just hate, but to kill infidels. And they’re building these schools in the United States.


To beat Soros at his own game, you have to understand what he’s doing.


Ocasio-Cortez was not “chosen” to run for congress in spite of the fact that she’s a moron, it’s BECAUSE she’s a moron. All these leftists, Sanders, Jackson-Lee, Harris, Waters, are all morons. They say things that cause turmoil. Turmoil is what you want when your goal is to MAKE MONEY by shorting a currency.


Rather than trying to beat Soros at his game, just create the world you want, where you want it.  


First, let me say, you’re not going to do it with 50,000 bible churches spread out all over. These churches have to find a way to unify. In the last 15 years, the Catholics have signed letters of reconciliation with the Lutherans as well as the Eastern Orthodox. I guarantee they’re not doing this as an act of love. They’re doing it because they’re being beaten.


This is not to say Presbyterians should convert. In fact, they shouldn’t. Like any denomination, Presbyterianism is a CULTURE and that culture is a gift to be given to the next generation. Not tossed aside.


Right now, the right is unified STRONGLY behind Donald Trump. So far, Trump has delivered. He’s given you the first Protestant, conservative in the Supreme court in years. (Under Obama and Bush, the Supreme court was 6 Catholics and 3 Jews. I’m a Catholic and I disapproved of that. Protestants have a right to be represented on the Supreme court.)


He’s delivered on tax reform, is firmly anti-abortion and he’s hammering away at border security.


But even if elected again, he won’t be President forever. It’s time to stop asking politicians to create our world. It’s time to start treating them for what they are: contemptable money-grubbing liars. It’s to create the world we want.


There was a dream that was once America. They say, in 1900, you could feel it in the air. This is a dream we inherited. We owe it to God to make sure our children get to give it to theirs.


If you want to beat Soros at his own game, ignore his and play your own.








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