Bret Easton Ellis tells ‘spoiled children’ liberals to deal with Trump: ‘He was elected president. Get over it.’

Thank God, somebody fically said it. 

Now middle-aged, the enfant terrible novelist Bret Easton Ellis, has turned to nonfiction to mock the “childlike fascism” and “demented narcissism” of American liberals that helped put President Trump in the White House and left them facing “mental and emotional collapse.”


  It’s amazing how much you can promise when your budget is not an issue. This is what gave us the rise of the Disney-crats.   We have Dopey – Bernie Sanders. This is the guy that thinks the Soviet Union had a great economic system.   Grumpy – That’s Elizabeth Warren, a woman that whines more than a stripped transmission.   Happy – That’s mayor Pete. He’s happy! That’s because not...

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