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“Nationwide, the FDA said that last year it rejected nearly 16,000 food-related shipments out of more than 10 million that arrived in more than 320 ports.” FDA   This quote seems harmless enough. This means that about 2 one-thousandths of what is shipped in is bad, but it’s misleading. Only 2% of what comes in […]
The federal government couldn’t even provide safe drinking water for Flint Michigan, a protective border for California or drug crime protection in Chicago and they’re going to bail out entire states?
There’s ZERO evidence that getting rid of Bashar Assad would stabilize Syria. Did getting rid of Saddam Hussein stabilize Iraq?
  It seems like Harry and Megan continue to step in it, again and again. One can only wonder how much damage the Royal Family will put up with.   The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have indicated their support for a Californian migrant charity that opposes what it calls Donald Trump’s “shameful” border wall […]
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