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If you Google “Iran nuclear deal” and scroll down through the pages, all you’ll find are lies.   That’s because most the websites and news organizations are either click-bait news sites or paid political fact checkers.   Here are the facts:   The US froze Iranian assets because of the Beirut bombing where the US […]
  I must admit, the question “could Prince Harry destroy the democrats” is a thigh bone connected to the ankle bone, but it’s intriguing.   My only actual subscription to a newspaper is the Daily Telegraph of London. Aside from being perhaps the world’s best newspaper, for $17.95 a month, it gives me the skinny […]
To be sure, Brexit might be the best thing to happen to England since the clipper ship, but the fact is, nobody knows this
Iran has a large group of intelligent people but as a percentage of the population, it’s tiny. In any country hoping to be a democracy, having 20% of the population being illiterate voodoo believers is tough to overcome.
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