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Ronald Reagan was the last lion. He radically changed the tax system, defeated communism, cut the price of oil by 60% and made the US the most powerful country the world has ever known. As much I loathe Winston Churchill, at least he wasn’t a pussy without a clue. The guy at one point carried […]
In the human mind, the fact that things that are easy to understand aren’t worth knowing is spelled out in a human trait that is the death of intelligence. Belief.
When I tell people that large swaths of New York have more poverty than Medellin, Colombia, they think I’m full of it, but this is essentially why I believe New York is finished. Large tracts of NY are total squalor. Entire towns are falling apart, populations are being decimated and schools are closing. No one seems to see this.
Global Climate Change is just one thing. (1) explained below. Our biggest problem is pollution. We can beat pollution. Here’s how. Eliminate all take-out food containers. Pizza boxes, cups, all of it. Too much of it ends up on the sides of the road. Trash day where I live looks like a tsunami hit. We […]
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