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  Hollywood lurches to the right.   The internet is buzzing this morning about Ricky Gervais’s opening remarks at the Golden Globes yesterday.   Of course, the sheep that follow these things will tell you Gervais said this and Gervais said that.   Gervais was reading a script on a teleprompter.   The most telling […]
Was World War 2 a waste of American lives?   Saying world war 2 was a waste of American lives is sure to piss off most people, but probably not the wives of those who died fighting it.   Looking at the world today though, has World War 2 changed anything?   The world had […]
Is England finished?   In the song 50 ways to leave your lover, Paul Simon says,   Slip out the back Jack, make a new plan Stan, You don’t need to be coy Roy, just listen to me. Hop on the bus Gus, you don’t need to discuss much, Just drop off the key Lee […]
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