Let me start by saying, that to beat Soros at his own game… well, you won’t. Why?


You have morals. The Bible says what? THOU SHALT NOT TEMP THE DEVIL. Why would Jesus say this? Because the devil is pure evil, and you’re not. (Here is a good book on the subject by Scott Peck.) To see evil you must remember, the devil is smart. To see evil, you must look at the pattern of destruction that lies in its wake.


The other reason is, you must understand why he’s doing what he’s doing. As a MORAL Christian, you’d assume he’s trying to destroy your religion. He isn’t. He’s trying to MAKE MONEY. He’s done this his whole life. He destroyed the British Pound and the Thai Baht just to make money. He called the economic collapse of 2009 the crowning achievement of his life.


You won’t beat Soros at his own game because his game is morally repugnant, and you aren’t morally repugnant. Let’s look at how they attack you.


George Soros’s game is moral equivalence. Islam is a religion of peace?


Who could ever say anything so absurd? (Besides Obama.) There are tens of thousands of madrassas spread out across the Islamic world. They’re in Saudi Arabia (all around Mecca) In Pakistan, Qatar, Bangladesh, Iran, India, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey. What is their slogan? Death to the infidel.


Can you imagine the Catholic Church operating madrassas in Rome?  

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