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Brexit and Impeachment. Dumb and Dumber.   Being in the US is like living in an episode of the Simpsons. The people seem like cartoon characters. All stereotype and no reality.   I’ve watched countless hours of the British parliament and the US congress as well as the Reichstag. They all have the same theme. […]
che guevara
In this era of hyper partisanship, Elizabeth Warren could easily win.
After Trump won the presidency, the Democrats and their SUPPORTERS were devastated. They just lost a rigged election to a reality show host.
  “Is Hitler the only historical character Americans have ever heard of?”   This was a quote from a German friend of mine. It’s so true. In America, everything bad is referenced to Hitler. Hitler did this and Hitler did that. So much of what we call history is absurd, uneducated, witless virtue signaling.   […]
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