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  People think of the UK as a commonwealth.   Wealth is not that common in the UK.   The vast majority of the UK’s income, in fact 22%, comes from the area around London, but a much bigger piece comes from South England and northern Scotland.   In fact, wealth distribution in the entire […]
One doesn’t even have to set foot in Germany to see that culture matters.
pschwartzmeyer   This is one of the many gates into Harvard. This neighborhood is super cool. On top of the dozens of Museums, there’s the Charles River, Leslie University (a really beautiful Presbyterian college), Harvard Divinity School, the Longfellow house and Longfellow Park, and several crew clubs.   Notable Alumni, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and […]
On a world stage, though, their navy is quite formidable. They have 88 combat ships, compared to the USA with 450, but the USA is clearly the elephant in the room.
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