Admissions scam? No, College is the Scam

The admission scam is masking the fact that College is a scam.


The purpose behind an education is to learn something of value.



But Colleges don’t give away knowledge, they sell it to you.


When I was in college, my major was Geology. We had 43 in my freshman class and we graduated 5, plus a few with master’s degrees. This is the case among the hard sciences, Physics, Geology, Economics, Math and Engineering. Graduations rates of 15-40% are common.


In Geology, we had our own BUILDING.


In fact, we had as many professors as we had graduates. We had a mineral lab, a rock lab, a mass spectrometer and fossil collections. In other words, it cost a FORTUNE to run a Geology department.


What does it cost to teach Psychology?


In most colleges, Psychology is the biggest major. Students are often crammed 250 to a lecture hall. The “professors” teach from books and they make you buy the book!



So, why is it that everyone pays the same tuition?


In fact, Psychology, history, accounting and education majors are subsidizing the sciences. People all over America are up to their eyeballs in debt paying for the education of an engineer they’ll never meet. This is the true scam in education.


Why does it take the same amount of time to get different degrees?


I learned accounting in three months of self-study. In fact, if you gave me a pocket calculator and six months, I could teach accounting to a monkey. Accounting was invented by Luca Pacioli in 1500 to make financial reporting simple enough for illiterate Italians. Only a college could make it complicated. Colleges add dozens of courses in business, something they know nothing about.



Then there’s the ultimate scam. Electives.



Why do college students need to take gym? Are they 12 years old? How about Poly-sci? The only place on earth where a person could call politics a science and not get laughed out of the room is a college. These electives don’t educate anybody. They’re there to keep you imprisoned in jail we call college.


The VAST majority of what they teach in college is a total waste of money and time.


Does anybody out there really think an employer cares about a psychology degree? History?  Business. In fact, if you go to a top 50 college, you can take basket weaving and get hired. Below that, you’d be better off spending the money on a truck, trailer and lawn mower and cutting lawns for a living.


Al least then, you could pay the loans off.






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