Could Prince Harry destroy the Democrats?


I must admit, the question “could Prince Harry destroy the democrats” is a thigh bone connected to the ankle bone, but it’s intriguing.


My only actual subscription to a newspaper is the Daily Telegraph of London. Aside from being perhaps the world’s best newspaper, for $17.95 a month, it gives me the skinny on the Royals.


For Prince Harry, the gloves are off.


And now that the gloves are off, the truth is coming out. As it turns out, Harry wasn’t a pilot in Afghanistan, he was a copilot. Not only that, he was a copilot on a helicopter that had no chance of ever being shot down. Were that not enough, during Harry’s 4 month “tour” he was surrounded by armed guards all the while being in Afghanistan’s most secure facility.


So much for the average soldier.


For his grandfather, I’m sure Harry’s four months of heavily guarded “combat” was a bit underwhelming. Philip spend 6 years aboard a dozen ships and submarines in WW2. Philip was an officer before he was engaged to the Queen. His military record is beyond reproach. I can just imagine them swapping “war” stories.   


As Piers Morgan has pointed out, his little honey has ditched literally everybody in her life. She ditched her father, sister, all her friends and, of course, her President.  


But the ditching of Trump was what cost the Queen. Sensing the disaster of losing the US in the wake of Brexit, the Queen appeased Trump by giving him a state visit.


Thou shalt not dis the Queen.


The woman is a goddess. Most Brits (as well as yours truly) would lay over a mud puddle so one of her Corgi’s didn’t get wet, forget dying in her service. She is one of the few women I, as well as millions of Brits and almost every combat vet on the planet, idolize.


What’s disturbing about this couple, who was given a three-million-dollar wedding on the British taxpayer dime, is that they’re ALREADY RICH. Harry inherited $40 million. They fly in private jets all the while the queen, unceremoniously often takes the TRAIN!!!!


Were that not enough, the crown pays all their bills!


Which is where Obama comes in. If you can imagine a person more tone deaf than Harry and Meghan, it’s Obama. The man who started 5 wars after winning the Nobel prize, Obama blamed Hillary Clinton for destroying his legacy.


Harry and Meghan’s plan is to team up with millionaire Obama, billionaire Oprah and Disney to cash in on their popularity. This rebrands Obama as a Disney character.


Since most sensible people already considered Obama a Disney character, this seals the deal.


The British are great at understatement.


Until you push them. Harry’s constant attacks on the press for “killing his mother” worked when he was 12. Now he’s 35, and the fact that she was on her 8th boyfriend and was killed with a rich Muslim in a car driven 40 mph over the speed limit by a man with 4X the legal limit is in the back of everybody’s mind.  


Harry and Meghan are also famous for treating servants like dogs, something that would be akin to a death sentence for both the queen and her husband.


The charges of racism against the British are absurd.


In fact, the opposite is true. In all my reading of English newspapers and talking to my English friends, (I have dozens) I never heard a single one mention race. In my conversations with Brits it was ME who said she was a bad match!


The Brits have totally rolled over for Meghan. If she is going to see racism, it’s far more likely that she’ll see it in the USA.


Which is probably why they’re moving here.


When the dream couple stayed in Canada recently, they lived in the house of one of the most crooked swindlers in the world, the infamous Frank Giustra. A friend of Hillary, this guy is perhaps the sleaziest businessman on the planet! Honestly, Harry would have been better off staying with uncle Andy.  


Given the fact that Bill Clinton has flown the Lolita express 24 times to orgy island and uncle Andy was accused of rape, why would this couple cozy up to the Clintons?


In fact, much of Harry and Meghan’s secret life in Canada has the stench of the Clintons. Ye shall know them by the company they keep.


The Obama’s have made a fortune on the race card. I assume so will the Windsor’s. But the real question is, what will it do to the democrats?


Imagine a convention of Pelosi, Harry and Meghan, Obama, Hillary, Bloomberg and Steyer. These are an array of the filthy rich.


These are the people that are complaining because Ocasio Cortez won’t pay union dues. Good luck with that one.


Everything Harry and Meghan have done since they got engaged has been destructive. They’re dissing of her father and then President Trump, to their utterly disastrous trip to Africa to their incessant complaining. Every day Harry looks more and more like Chelsea Clinton. And Meghan Markle looks more and more like a Kardashian.


Contrary to common belief, US cable news is tabloid media. This is the market that the Kardashians live in and that Harry and Meghan are  marrying themselves into. This couple that hates the tabloids is giving up respectable positions as political royals to join them. (I talk about this use of Royals in my novel, Formula #1, available here on Amazon) 


England is entering a time, Brexit from the EU, when the last thing in the world they needs is a headline defection. As much as I think Brexit is a bad idea, I certainly HOPE it works. The west can’t afford to lose the UK to economic malaise. 

That said, Harry and Meghan are coming into the US to team up with political players at a time when the Democrats are facing an existential crisis. 


Dissing the Queen is the final straw.


And in the end of the day, Donald Trump scores another victory. 




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