The curse of Joseph Schneider

The only real difference between clowns and men is the manner of their dress.

People appear intelligent but only when compared to animals, or to each other. To the vast universe of what’s knowable, we are all ignorant.

Grown men blow their wealth on large breasted, blond haired women who could care less about them, their minds controlled lustily by inner compulsions described in detail by Charles Darwin. They apishly copy the habits of ‘winners” for reasons they can’t comprehend. Top hats, pocket-less waste coats, cigars, massive autos lavished in chrome, top floor offices in buildings, ingeniously designed to resemble phallic symbols.

It’s the clown that understands. Dressed in his multicolored costume, with his big shoes and red nose, he plays the fool. Devoid of pretense he says what wise men won’t. Lacking in social graces, he reveals our humanity. Oblivious of stature, he gladly takes the bottom rung of the ladder… and looks us in the eye.

It is the clown that runs the world. And all the while we are laughing at him… it is he that has the last laugh. You know this David. Better than any other living man. So, I ask you, ‘Supreme Leader of the World’.

Who is it that is laughing now?

Taken from a letter to Dwight David Eisenhower, June 15, 1952 entitled “Happy Birthday Ike.” NSA Archives.


Excerpt frlom Joseph Schneider, Traitor-Patriot. Volume 5. The Curse


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