Al Gore: The Most Dangerous Man in the World.

Al Gore: The Most Dangerous Man in the World.


Well, we’ll still have POT.





Let me start by saying that I am not a global warming denier. In fact, far from it.


I can best sum up my position by saying, when the world doubles coal and oil consumption in 20 years, something MUST be wrong environmentally.


If you know anything at all about refining or mining, they are nasty businesses. Oil is nasty shit. The end-product of oil refining is really nasty shit. Rather than launch into a diatribe on Global Warming, this article by George Church sums it up pretty well.


   “Even for the ultra concerned citizens, almost all the suggestions are not about how to prevent an exponential release, but how to slow down the inevitable.”

The general problem with much of the political left is not that they’re wrong.


If they were flat out wrong, refutation of their positions would be easy. The problem with liberals is that they’re arrogant.


I’m sorry, but a university degree does not make you intelligent in anything other than that major. And, in fact, if you didn’t go to a top 50 college, or get solid A’s in a state college, you may not even be intelligent at all. The difference in entry level SAT (An indicator of preparedness, not intelligence) is simply too vast, in most cases 300-400 SAT points, to make top and middle tier universities equivalent.

Does the emperor really have no clothes? 


The thing that makes Al Gore dangerous is that he’s a politician and a capitalist. His motivations are to get elected and get rich. He failed at the former and was extremely successful at the latter.


The simple fact, as can be attested by George Church, (link above) is that there isn’t a rat’s ass chance in hell that the world is going to make meaningful enough dent in CO2 emissions to matter.  As the USA has cut it’s CO2 emissions 380 million tons in the last ten years, China has increased theirs 3 billion!


The only way the US could put a dent in China’s CO2 emissions would be to stop importing.


Yet much of the trade between the US and China was instigated by Gore. (and Clinton) It was Clinton/Gore’s free trade, banking and accounting rules changes that set off the race to destroy the planet.


Let me let you in on the world’s best kept secret.


Political parties intentionally pick unsolvable problems to promote.


For a political party, problems become industries. They build coalitions around them, including PACS, fund raising committees and university support groups. They hold strategy sessions and recruit well-meaning but increasingly dim-witted college students to support them.


For Al Gore, global warming is manna from heaven.


It gets him invited to film festivals surrounded by beautiful women invited for the free drinks. It allows him to make a killing hocking useless technology and gives him a permanent seat at the leftist bridge table. For university leftists, it gives them another opportunity to thumb their noses at the deplorables that they hate with even cell in their bodies.


How does this make Al Gore the most dangerous man in the world? For the world though, it shifts attention away from the breathtaking destruction of our planet that free trade and unlimited money creation has caused.


It’s distracts us from the single biggest issue since the 70’s; population control. It’s given the world’s biggest polluters of air and water a free pass, all the while turning our politics into toxic waste and dividing the electorate.


It’s been estimated that 1 in 4 Chinese will die of respiratory failure from inhalation of soot.


Global warming will remain the main political problem in the US until someone attempts to solve it. If that day comes, they’ll change the subject. This in and of itself makes Al Gore, and men like him, the most dangerous man in the world.


Thanks Al. Hope you’re enjoying that private jet of yours.


PS: Something to ponder.

This is a statement from Church’s artice, linked above.

“There’s more carbon in the Arctic tundra than in the entire atmosphere plus all the rain forests put together.”

If CO2 causes global warming, how can all that carbon end up in tundra?