What’s the Deep States next trick to take down President Trump.

What’s the deep states next trick to take down Trump?


Id-i-ot: noun – stupid person of low intelligence. One who thought William McCabe was going to be convicted. Similar words: fool, halfwit, moron, dunce, dolt, nincompoop.


They take care of their own.


I have repeatedly said this. The only way a deep state warrior can be convicted is if he does something against the deep state. Click To Tweet


The King of Saudi Arabia once said he financed 20% of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


Click here to read “Was Obama really the President


 He donated over 150 million dollars to Hillary’s (spitting my coffee across the table) “charity!”


Yes, that’s right. The woman who used to take tax deductions for tossing Bill’s old underwear in a Salvation Army box and tried to steal the furniture when she left the White House RUNS A CHARITY!!!! Click To Tweet


Yet the person convicted of illegal campaign contributions?  Danish De Sousa.


“Saudi Arabia has always sponsored both Republican and Democratic Parties of America and… the kingdom also provides with full enthusiasm 20 percent of the cost of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the U.S. presidential elections despite the fact that some influential forces within the country don’t have a positive look toward supporting the candidate because she is a woman,” the agency’s report quoted Prince Mohammed as saying.”


First, they claimed he didn’t say it. Then they said he misspoke.


President Trump pardoned this asinine miscarriage of justice.


Click here to read.

“In politics, follow the feed bag.”


When senator Charles Schumer said the deep state was coming after President Trump, what did the Department of Justice do?


They helped the deep state attack Trump.


In my novels, Paul Trifthauser fights a never-ending battle against the massive trading cartels that rule the world.


Most people don’t even realize the trading cartels exist.


This is because they are so adept at rewriting history. The entire history of the world has been rewritten to make you guilty and them innocent. Everything from slavery (your fault because your white), to the Holocaust, (your fault because you’re an anti-Semite) to global warming. (Your fault because you drive to work.)


You can’t see the deep state when you fantasize that government is your friend.


Paul Trifthauser inherits his grandfather’s spy network and learns of the existence of the deep state out of necessity.


The average person will never see it though. The media, government, even religions… the deep state controls them all.


Sheldon Silver was the head of the New York Democrat party. He was convicted four times for the same crime. Four separate juries of his peers found him guilty. He still hasn’t done a single day in jail.


Freedom is Christianity, your church and your business.


It’s not waiting for the government to clean itself up.


What’s the Deep States next trick to take down President Trump?


First, don’t even fantasize it won’t happen!


Second, remember, it will be timed with the election. 


Finally, don’t imagine they hate Trump. 


It’s you that hate. 









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