Embarrassment: Being slapped by Grandma in public.

Embarrassment: Being slapped by Grandma in public.



Prince Harry has made three mistakes that could be existential to his future.


1) He married a divorced American B actress that’s three years his senior.


2) He publicly befriended Barack Obama.


3) He attempted to disrespect the President of the United States.


Queen Elizabeth has spent her life covering for a family that has been an embarrassment. It’s as if the family is in constant self-destruct mode. Harry is the latest example.


Did the Queen threaten to take away Harry’s allowance?


One can only speculate on what the slap in the face conversation was like. “Who do you fantasize fights America’s wars? Transgenders? The military is almost by definition deplorables. It’s filled with people from rural areas that need jobs.”


In my opinion, Harry has done existential damage to the US-English alliance. The US is war weary. What idiot is going to join the army to defend a country that has a parade with the US President texting from a toilet?


England has always been a country that fantasizes about its power and its past. Contrary to the blather, they cannot project their military. Any attack on a British “interest” would have to involve the US. Had Reagan not intervened in the Falklands, the Brits would have lost the war. This their own commanders said.


Were that not enough, Harry may have split England in half. Trump is nowhere near as unpopular in the UK as the media tells us. There is a large percentage of Brits that are tired of being told they’re bigots for not allowing unlimited immigration.




It’s not only the fact that Harry has a black wife, he also refused to invite both the President as well as MEGAN’S FATHER to their wedding! This is because her father is a low life? Hmm, let’s see, Harry has an uncle that was in Epstein’s orgy island a few dozen times, another that dated a porn star, a mother that dated 8 different men while she was married, a grandfather that slammed into a woman’s car and wouldn’t stop to see if the woman was alive and a father that wouldn’t stop seeing his girlfriend while he was getting married.


No one has had a JOB in the Battenberg (excuse me, Windsor) family since the middle ages.


That’s because being a royal IS a job. Harry’s job was to be a royal, which for hundreds of years has been to NEVER APPEAR POLITICAL. This is why the queen has smiled through dinners with despots, pasha’s, emir’s, kings, tribal chiefs and Nazi’s.


Harry could have opted out and got a real job. He chose to marry an American, be a TV idol yet still claim he’s a royal. This was his choice and getting scolded publicly by grandma is the price.


It’s starting to look like in the queen’s wake, the only grown up in the room is Kate Middleton. IMO, she will be the defacto leader of the royals when Elizabeth passes on. She’s already had to child-slap her husband, who seems to forget he’s married.


As I said before, England’s best leaders are like it’s best rock stars.




Goodbye Harry. You lasted 34 years. That’s a long time for a royal.  


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