Europe’s Bullshit Democracies

The Eurozone is constantly lecturing us on how great their “Democracies” are.


Yet today, Mario Draghi, without a vote in ANY country unilaterally drove Europe’s interest rates FURTHER into negative territory.


What this means is interest PAYERS, that is, banks, get to pay less interest and interest RECEIVERS, that is you, get less or in Germany’s case, you PAY THE BANK TO BORROW YOUR MONEY.


Draghi just stole billions of dollars from Europe’s savers and pension plans, gave it to the banks, and nobody in their “Democracies” said a word.


Name a single problem the Eurozone has solved in the last 5 years.

  • Refugees? Not a chance.
  • France’s MASSIVE deficit? Nope.
  • The Greek and Italian dept problem? non una possibilita’
  • The labor and brain drain from Eastern Europe? Nada.


Europe’s prime ministers and chancellors are sporting approval ratings that would make people like Beto, Marianne Williamson, Mike Dukakis and Jeb Bush cringe.


They can’t even drum up the balls to stop a former Goldman Sachs bank crook from fleecing their citizens.

This is why in my novels I create Joseph Schneider Luneburg, the head of the house of Luneburg and heir to the house of Hanover.


Royalty is coming back. It’s either that, or a dictator.





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