Germany is going full MAGA

Germany is going full MAGA.

Only in Germany, it’s not MAGA, it’s MGGA

The forces of MAGA are what propelled Boris Johnson in his win over the leftist Labor Party.  


This week, AFD was king maker in Thuringia.


AFD, Alternative for Deutschland is called a “far right” political party in Germany that came about as a result of decades of changes. Click To Tweet


First there was reunification, something Germans were against. 15 million East Germans were added to social welfare programs even though they came in flat broke. After the creation of the EU millions of eastern Europeans flooded into a country that was already 17% Turkish.


Angela Merkel, the German chancellor is Bernie Sanders without the personality.


The daughter of an East German pastor, she has finally come to the realization that the Syrians she and Barack Obama flooded into their country aren’t going to assimilate. They also aren’t going to work or learn German.


Contrary to what people think, Germans are not liberals.


In fact, the country is insanely conservative. They waste very little of anything, be it food, water, energy or time.


The country is considered socialist because of its cradle to grave social programs, but their tax structure is only slightly different than anyone else’s. They’re just better at running social programs.


In fact, all the Germanic countries are going MAGA.


That would include Austria, Switzerland, Germany and South Tyrol, in Italy. The Austrian prime minister, 33 year old Sabastian Kurz is routinely called a NAZI by Europe’s “elite” for enacting powerful anti-immigrant policies.


But other things are happening that American’s don’t see. (Because of their fake news channels.) Click To Tweet


In Tyrol, the alpine area between Austria and Italy, they’ve just created a greater Tyrolian zone that includes Italian and Austrian Tyrol as well as an area to the east that includes part of the Dolomites. This is a geographically isolated mountainous area that aside from being one of the most beautiful places on the planet, is home to a unique Alpine culture.


They’re not creating a new country they’re protecting a cultural identity.


In Poland, the government is fed up. Leftist reparations legislation that would allow Israeli Jews to get compensation from Poland for the lost property of their dead relatives has the country is an uproar. This is because ALL POLES lost their property after WW2 when the Soviet Communists took over.


The loss of Thuringia has Angela Merkel screaming from the rafters.


But the fact is, the AFD party is no different from MAGA. (Though they won’t admit it.) Thuringia borders Germany’s most prosperous states, Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg and Hesse. It’s a relatively poor state but geographically, it’s distinct from the Catholic South.


Thuringia is Lutheran. One of Germany’s dirty little secrets is that Martin Luther was the father of German antisemitism. In fact, many people argue that he hated Jews more than he hated Catholics. In the south, in Bavaria, the ruling family was anti-Nazi.


The current head, Franz Herzog von Bayern was imprisoned by Hitler in Sachsenhausen during the war, along with his father and their families. They were moved to Dachau and finally liberated by the American Army.


The point is Germany is being divided culturally.


It’s hard for Americans to imagine how strong German culture is. Many tourists go to Bavaria for Oktoberfest and get shit faced, but across Germany there are hundreds of festivals. From my apartment in Nuremberg last fall, I could sit on the balcony and watch two straight months of festivals, everything from their version of Oktoberfest, to the fish festival, to Celtic festivals, to fall fest to music festivals.


The Germans are obsessed with trains, cars and high-quality products, everything from leather shoes to 20,000 Euro wristwatches. Their beer laws are stronger than American banking laws. Jaywalking is almost a capital offense. This is a strong culture.


When you ship in a million Syrians and they assault the population, rape women, trash the parks and refuse to work, that creates division. Click To Tweet


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Yet for some reason, leftist German politicians don’t seem to understand why their citizens don’t want it. That’s because German fake news is even worse than in the US. The media in Germany is tightly controlled by government. Their main media outlet, Deutsche Welt is like CNN. It’s totally politically controlled.


But in Germany everything is controlled. I once asked a bartender to play a song from the band Bohse Onkelz, a rock band of former skin heads. They were skinheads 30 year ago! He refused. He said the government would close his bar.  


Bohse Onkelz plays to HUGE crowds in Germany. Imagine a country where the government is so draconian that a bar owner is afraid to play the songs “A good friend, Only the good die young and Beautiful new world.” In America, bars play COP KILLER RAP!!!!


Talk about a huge political disconnect.


Losing Thuringia was especially tough on Merkel because that’s her home state. Kinda like when Al Gore lost Tennessee.


Angela Merkel has been a disaster for Germany.


Like Obama, who believed following the left was more important than his own voters, she’s running her party into the ground. Like Obama and the Republicans who created Mr. Trump, Merkel created the AFD.


Now she’s screaming antisemitism from the top of her mountain.


She doesn’t get it. She never will. Cultures DO NOT assimilate. Assimilation means destroying a culture and replacing it with another. The Germans have no interest in having their cultures destroyed. But Merkel grew up in the East, in an area where the Soviet Union destroyed her culture.


She has no cultural roots.


Angela, who the moron Chris Matthews once described as the world’s best leader, is getting trounced.


Of course, what do we know? We’re just deplorables.


People are not logical, they’re biological. Politicians never get that. This is why, in the end, they always fail.




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