Harry and Megan step in it again!


It seems like Harry and Megan continue to step in it, again and again. One can only wonder how much damage the Royal Family will put up with.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have indicated their support for a Californian migrant charity that opposes what it calls Donald Trump’s “shameful” border wall plan.  The Daily Telegraph


These two may be the biggest gaff machine the Royals have had since Andrew.


Look at Harry’s constant whining about the media.


He continually claims the media was responsible for his mother’s death. When Diana died, she was in a car being driven by a man with 4x THE LEGAL LIMIT OF ALCOHOL IN HIS BLOOD!!! That was their DRIVER.


Imagine you’re out with your girlfriend and decide to get in a taxi. The taxi driver shows up so drunk he can barely walk! Were that not enough, the driver was on drugs! In a car with NOBODY wearing a seatbelt he drives TWICE THE LEGAL SPEED LIMIT in a tunnel.


And it’s the MEDIA’S fault? You can’t make this shit up.


Harry is showing he’s every bit as spoiled rotten as his mother. He wants to be a royal when the checks are rolling in and a regular guy when they’re not.


Harry and Megan’s attacks at Trump are not only mindless, they’re dangerous. If Brexit succeeds, a rift with the USA will destroy England. A break in trade and/or defense with the USA will leave England small, poor and without a backstop.


Obviously these two nits haven’t thought that through. At least William and Kate have the good sense to keep their mouths shut. In fact, one can’t help but wonder why Harry seems to be shifting so much attention to himself at the expense of his brother.


Maybe, instead of Duke and Duchess we could call them Daft and Daftest.


Harry and Megan’s support of illegal immigration in the USA is even more brainless when you look at it through a British lens. One of the biggest or perhaps the biggest reason for Brexit is unconstrained immigration into ENGLAND.

Contrary to what people believe, it was the royal family, Elizabeth and her husband who saved Britain after WW2. In a poll done prior to WW1, Americans were asked, “In a war between England and Germany, who should the US support?” Germany got the majority. Even after WW1, it was hard to make the case for the USA to defend England.


In my opinion, had Elizabeth not been chosen as queen, England would today be communist. Like the US, the English were tired of endless war, endless sacrifice and spoiled wealthy elites who used them as fodder.


The same is true today. If Harry and Megan wanted to REALLY help England, Harry could go out and get a fucking REAL JOB!


I’m kidding. The idea that Harry would WORK is absurd.


British elites are above work just as American elites like Mitt Romney are against joining the Army.


They’re better than us.









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