Hillary Rodham Merkel

Hillary Rodham Merkel



One can only laugh. Normally, when you think of a spoiled, narcissistic, bloviating mall rat you think of Hillary Clinton, but Angela Merkel is her stunt double.


When she announced she was, (gasp!) leaving the chancellorship, the (leftist) world was stunned. I wasn’t. I knew her planned two-year retirement date was bullshit. Liberals cling to power. Witness the most recent stint of victory laps Hillary has been taking after losing the election and you get a sense for Merkel.


Germany is a horribly run country. Their banks are near insolvent, they have, effectively no Army, they have to pay retirement benefits to millions of poor east Germans, are being flooded by refugees and have trade surpluses with bankrupt trading partners.


If the US had to balance its budget, it could slice a half a trillion and nobody would notice. Germany has no flexibility. 50% of their GDP is government expenditure and it’s almost all social welfare spending. What’s worse is if NATO were dissolved and they were forced to defend themselves, the EU would cease to exist.


Germany has some of the worse energy security in the west, which was exasperated by Hillary Rodham Merkel’s getting rid of their nuclear reactors. They need Russian natural gas, but the middle eastern countries have bribed the piss out of US leaders to the point where that is almost impossible.


Consider the repatriation of refugees. Why are they in Germany, a country with the highest standard of living in Europe? You could settle them in Romania, Lithuania, Latvia or even Sicily at 1/10th the cost of putting them in bloody Wiesbaden. In fact, you could put them in Sinai and they’d be in a Muslim area that virtually uninhabited.


Germany needs freedom, not to be part of a massive bureaucracy. They need a government that’s not run by Goldman Sachs, George Soros and 1,000 leftist NGOS’s. They won’t get it as long as Merkel is chancellor. They need to stop being so PC, shed their war guilt and emerge as a country again,


They need to become a monarchy.









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