How do we deal with Iranians?

How do we deal with Iranians?


The average IQ of an Iranian is 84. IQ is Age – intelligence age x 100. That means if a 10-year-old can answer a question at a 10-year-old level, they have a 100.


In Iran, since the average IQ is 84, the one standard deviation range is 70 to 99.  This means about 20% of Iran’s population of people who went to high school can only solve problems (and read) as if they never got past the 9th grade.  


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In the west, an IQ of 84 is considered learning disabled.  That means, using a US standard, half of Iran’s population is learning disabled. 


Iran has a large group of intelligent people but as a percentage of the population, it’s tiny. In any country hoping to be a democracy, having 20% of the population being illiterate voodoo believers is tough to overcome.


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Most people in the west consider IQ to be an indicator of an ability to get high grades. It’s not. The number of high IQ people in any society is very low. Where IQ is important is in the trades. Plumbers, Electricians, home builders and what I would call non degreed engineers. That is, people who work in engineering processes that haven’t attended engineering colleges.  


In university degrees, the striation between IQ and subject matter is well known. The highest IQ’s are physicists, followed by mathematicians, economists, geologists and finally doctors. These IQ’s range from 160 to about 120. (Contrary to legend, John Kennedy had an IQ of 119, not 160 as revisionist democrats tell us. Not bad, but WAY below Ivy league.)


It’s nearly impossible to get a physics degree in an Ivy league college with an IQ below 145 and a perfect SAT score.


Having an IQ below 120 isn’t stupid, it’s NORMAL. Often, the trade off is that people with very high IQ’s are socially dysfunctional. The sweet spot for IQ is between 90 and 130. This is where you’ll find most managers, doctors, nurses, entertainers, professional athletes and politicians.   


The US has had nuclear power for 80 years. Russia has had it for 70 years. Iran still can’t develop nuclear power. The pool of students with IQ’s above 145 is tiny, even if the colleges weren’t run by witless, donut hat wearing Mullah’s. 


This is the western dilemma. How do you develop a relationship with countries that have assets but don’t have the people to exploit them?


And it’s not for lack of trying. The French in sub Saharan Africa have tried everything from religion, to public schools to impregnating African women with French sperm. Nothing has worked.


IQ is a pretty bad indicator of success, but it’s a VERY good indicator of learning disability. It’s possible for somebody with an average or below IQ to be successful in a liberal democracy, but it’s nearly impossible for even highly intelligent people to be successful in countries with large numbers of learning-disabled people.


There are no good solutions for Iran.


People with low intelligence always try to find simple solutions to complex subjects. This can best be seen in American liberals with low IQ social science degrees from state colleges.


The whole idea that someone would “believe” in global warming shows a total lack of understand of what a science is. You can’t “believe’ in a science. Sciences are evidentiary, not rhetorical.


I read an article recently in a liberal magazine where the author was attempting to sound intelligent when talking about climate change. All through the article were phrases like “you could argue,” or “what’s debatable.” It read like it was written by Barack Obama and was filled with what I like to refer to as half-witticisms. Obama was the world’s most famous half whit.


Climate change may very well be debatable among the 0.00002% of the world that are Climatologists, but for leftists with Psyche degrees it’s pure BS.


As the song goes, when you believe in things you don’t understand, you suffer. Belief has a strong evolutionary function, Effectively, belief is the process of borrowing somebody else’s intelligence. If you borrow from a crook, a politician or a psychopath, (that could be one person) you’re going to pay a heavy price. 


The Iran problem is the west’s dilemma.


How can you include in an incredibly complex market economic system designed by highly intelligent people a nation where half the population reads at the level of Hop on Pop? 


In the US, it would be unthinkable to issue a Fatwa (death sentence) against an author but it’s  common in Iran. Surely there are Americans that would issue Fatwa’s, but the number  is not large enough to gain widespread agreement.  In Christian countries, Bible laws are suggestions, In Iran, they’re death sentences. 


The Iranians want freedom to sell oil and buy machines using western markets and western currencies, but wants to use the money to create a medieval kleptocracy run by donut hat wearing nut jobs who beat the shit out of 12 year old girls who show too much ankle under their body covering sheets.


The Iranians know they can’t compete with the west.


This is why they “cling to religion,” to use the term Obama used to describe Christians. Mullah’s can’t compete with smart people, so they have no option other than to kill them. This is the legacy of communism and Iran’s dictators are communists.


This is also why all successful governments in the Middle East are intolerant dictatorships with draconian civil laws. As much as it seems evil, it’s less evil than the alternatives.


Trumps killing of the Iranian general and his aides was predictable.


Everybody just retreated to their happy place. Trumps supporters called him a terrorist and his detractors, a poet. In fact, he was endemic of what countries like Iran produces. Murderous poets.


Which leaves us with the problem we’ve always had. What do we do with these people?




























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