The Hyperinflation of Stupid Media Content.

The Hyperinflation of Stupid Media Content.



One of the big LIES the media-industrial complex tells us is there is no inflation.


This is, to anyone with eyes, ears and a functioning brain, the biggest lie. Inflation is and has been rampant and it’s especially true with the hyperinflation of stupid media content.


One area VERY few people see as inflationary is media content. To see this, you have to take your “price” hat off and think of cost.


What does “paying attention” mean?


The words have a meaning and a reason. There’s a COST to paying attention. Even though psychologists have dabbled in the idea, advertisers know it well. They have a concept called shelf space. That’s the area of your brain they own, and they use it to sell you shit.


The media USED to be a medium you learned from. Today, it’s a medium where you have your beliefs aped back to you.


It’s been probably three decades since the media abandoned its quest for quality content. In the era of Disney and Harry Potter for grown men and women, what’s the point?


If you look objectively at content, 99% of media content is useless. This parody courtesy of YouTube tells the story perfectly.


To see this, don’t look at the content you disagree with. You’ll automatically think its bullshit. Look at the content you AGREE WITH. You’ll notice something inflationary. The majority of “news” is obvious, he said, she said bullshit.


One of my favorite media bullshitters is Tucker Carlson.


I truly admire Tucker. He’s carved out a great niche and is a smart businessman, He lost me though when he started charging $10 a month for “Patriot content.” Does this guy really think sending him ten bucks makes you a Patriot? YES!!! He does!!!


These guys have the gall to position their $10 patriot pledge next to images of Normandy! Let’s get real. The only way one can really honor the fallen is to take their place in the cemetery. All the obligatory patriotic bullshit on earth can’t compensate for having your son or daughter’s life snuffed out at the age of 19 simply so Charles De Gaulle, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin don’t lose their seats at the bridge table.


Very little of what Carlson says has any real intrinsic value. Donald Trump is President. He has, constitutionally, little authority to do much, other than bomb countries and tariff imports. In the time one spends as a “Patriot” reading Carlson’s content, you could learn a foreign language, plant a garden or become a heart surgeon.


THIS is hyperinflation. The high cost of “paying attention” to bullshit news that has zero value.


The media, in its entirety has pretty much fired all the real content creators they used to have and now create he said, she said bullshit. Not only don’t I give a shit what Rosie O’Donnell has to say, I resent having it tossed in front of my face every time I turn on a media source.


The good news is that now that social media channels have set new terms of commercial stuffing, we will have incentive to turn it off and read content blogs. You can learn more in a single article by Helena, or Nassim Taleb (as an example) than a week of mainstream media.

Economists have a concept called hedonic adjustment. That’s where a person switches from a high-priced product to one with similar benefits but a lower cost. The cost of “paying attention” has grown too high.


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