Iran attacked Saudi Arabia? Seriously? Hahahahaha


In my first novel, “39 Down,” Paul Trifthauser knows that the cartels are gunning for him.







So, he uses his contacts to create a terrorist strike in the Strait of Hormuz and uses the oil options market to make money. He does this to show the cartels that like his grandfather, Joseph Schneider, he can hit them where they hurt. The wallet.


Okay, let’s play 20 questions. (But we won’t use 20.)


First, the installation at Abqaiq is deep inside Saudi Arabia and VERY heavily guarded. Why hit deep inside the country when you don’t have to?


Second, Abqaiq is a gas-oil separating plant, not a refinery. In other words, why hit a low-tech facility relatively easy to rebuild.


Third, Saudi Arabia’s main export terminal is Ras Tanura, in the Persian Gulf. Iran can probably see it from their shores. Why would they launch a missile attack across three countries, Iran, Iraq and Jordan to hit Abqaiq when they could fire short range missiles to Ras Tanura?


In fact, the Saudi’s already said they’d be up and running in a few weeks. No country on earth has built more redundancy into their system. They can re-rout in days. But they couldn’t rebuild Ras Tanura in days. That would take YEARS. They have pipeline across Suez to Egypt and Tunisia.


Fourth, why didn’t Saudi Arabia retaliate? They have the second largest F-16 fleet in the world, some of the worlds most sophisticated air defenses and the AWAC reconnaissance planes.


Fifth, why would Iran help Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia doesn’t have to produce oil to sell it. They have the shit staged all over the world, in storage facilities as well as most of the world’s unused tanker capacity. They have hundreds of thousands of barrels in the friggin Gulf of Mexico!  A $10 a barrel rise in oil makes them $90 million A DAY.


If Iran hated them so much, why would they give them $90 million a day in boobie prizes?


Finally, do we really think the Iranians are that stupid that they don’t know what I just said? They know Saudi Arabia’s backup systems.


In 39 Down, a Saudi terrorist friend of Paul Trifthauser launches his attack from a park near the strait of Hormuz with a Russian built missile.


Don’t you find it even a little amusing that 100% of the media is expecting TRUMP to hit Iran, yet nobody is expecting Saudi Arabia to? Saudi Arabia, a country that supposedly has the world by the balls sits back and watches Iran, a country with 50-year-old fighter jets bomb their country and do nothing? Their multi-billion dollar “iron dome” doesn’t do anything?


When Tulsi Gabbard said Trump was Saudi King Salman’s pimp, she was egging him on, but Trump is caught like a rat in a trap. He put himself in this trap by shooting off his fucking mouth all the time.


Doesn’t anybody find it interesting that this “attack” came just days after the resignation of the war mongering John Bolton. The clock is ticking on hitting Iran because Iran is now trading freely with China. Once their relations come to fruition, they won’t give a rat’s ass about US sanctions. Iran’s oil can reach China by pipeline and they also won’t give a rat’s ass about the Strait of Hormuz.


Iran knows that regardless of who fired those missiles, they’ll be blamed. The media narrative was dictated way before the bombs flew.


So now, the great wind bag sits in the White House batting his dick back and forth as the cartels press his ass against the wall. Maybe he can float a few more tweets about fat Rosie. If he was smart, he’d invite Tulsi Gabbard into the white house and make her secretary of defense.


In the meantime, the question as to who sponsored this is easy. Just look at who was holding worthless oil futures contracts the day before the strike. A $120 investment was worth $24 million in one day. That might give you a hint.


As to Paul Trifthauser… he has no idea who did it. (Tongue pressed firmly into his cheek.)











39 Down