Is there intelligent life in England?

Is there intelligent life in England?


The question, is there intelligent life in England, (or anywhere) is the basis of the belief in British Democracy.


I write this tongue in cheek. Since Michael Bloomberg announced he is campaigning for the US presidency with a fake judge, one might ask if there’s intelligent life anywhere.


Was there intelligent life in Brexit?


The short answer is a profound fuck no.


To be sure, Brexit might be the best thing to happen to England since the clipper ship, but the fact is, nobody knows this. But more so, the very first inklings of what Brexit might look like have been profoundly disturbing.


The first was Ursula Von der Leyen’s announcement “…our partnership cannot and will not be the same as before. And it cannot and will not be as close as before – because with every choice comes a consequence.”


The very first shot across the bow was fishing rights. Prior to the EU, countries with coastlines were using their Navies to stop illegal fishing. Boris Johnson campaigned for taking back England’s fisheries. Fine, but as Miss Von der Leyen said, there are consequences. Any move to shut down UK fishing rights to the EU will have immediate back blast, as EU nations protect their own assets.


Miss Von der Leyen has continually said that free trade is impossible without an equal playing field. In this, Johnson is a child among grownups.


The UK is not leaving the EU in a position of strength, but of relative weakness. They’re 24th in per capita GDP, dead last in debt to GDP and near the bottom in efficiency. This is the playing field in which Johnson plans his free trade bonanza.


Britain has never been a free trade nation. It’s been a nation of predatory capitalism. This is why countries have continually sought independence. They created a worldwide collection of tax havens and used their navy to bitch-slap the indigenous population into submission.


Hong Kong wasn’t a city of free traders it was a city of smugglers. They trafficked in opium, illegal weapons and humans. They sold missile technology and the materials to make nuclear weapons to the Chinese. They trafficked weapons and illegal prescription drugs to America’s enemies during both the Korean and Vietnam wars. They balanced the trade in Chinese tea by trading opium for silver. The city was crawling with whore houses.


After 5 million Indians joined the army to fight in WW2 under the promise of freedom, Churchill rammed the old broomstick up their asses, causing the rise of the communist, Nazi sympathizers Nehru and Gandhi.


Amazingly, this is the very historically revisionist neverland the bloviating Johnson is promising them.


Of course, you wouldn’t know this reading the UK media which is apoplectic about Harry and Megan’s great adventure. If you’re wondering who could possibly give a fuck about the royal plans for a man who’s 6th in line to the throne, welcome to intelligent life in England.

Intelligent life is what people read.


Some of the ideas for solving Brexit problems belong in a Dickens novel. One is to create a points system for immigration. That is, only let in those people “we need.” This is lack of intelligent life 101.


Leaving aside the fact the US created the wealthiest nation on earth by specifically letting in shoeless castoffs and Australia became just as rich per capita starting out with convicted felons, the UK wants to only let in “smart people.”  


Think about it. A nation that continually tells us how great they are is IMPORTING smart people. (Importing intelligent life into England?) The UK doesn’t need smart people, by their own admission, they need people who show up for work!


Another insane idea for intelligent life is the visa issue.


This one also is taking a media back seat to Harry and Megan’s great adventure.


The UK has 3 million German citizens and Germany has 1.5 million Brits.


That means in a hard Brexit, England loses net 1.5 million workers. There are 1,000 ways to solve this problem, but if they’re going into a pitched battle over something as simple as fisheries, how are they going to solve visa issues?


Another “great idea” they have is to create… seriously, you’ll bust a gut at this one… a nationwide Airbnb system where a Brit can rent his job to a foreigner and live off the rent!!!! In a normal world, lazy people get fired. In England, where being lazy is a virtue, you sell your job (forgetting the fact that the employer really owns it) and go live in Spain!


Under Johnson, England is becoming more socialist.


This is another sign of a lack of intelligent life. Within weeks of winning a majority in parliament, the UK has announced massive increases in NHS funding and the nationalization of Northern rail. Johnson announced plans to plow government money into rural neighborhoods. Hmm, let’s see.


A free trade socialist country with the world’s largest per capita trade deficit.


The fact is England has always had a socialism problem. It’s had and has a serious communism problem. For decades, the British parliament as well as its top universities and even MI6 have been laced with communist insurgents.


Since the collapse of the royals in the 20’s, England has battled to maintain it’s imperialist system of wealth inheritance in the face of unrelenting public pressure. This can be seen in the media’s obsession with Harry and Megan.


The search for intelligent life in Democracies is futile.


People will always revert to the irrelevant. Megan is a B-actress. Harry is a spoiled brat who can’t handle the fact that he’s not as special as his mommy told him he was. The couple is going to break out on their own and make a living as plastic media icons.


Maybe they could join up with the Kardashians. They’ve already stated that they’re getting help from Oprah.


One can only wonder how this ends. Queen Elizabeth was an ambulance driver who braved the battle of England. Her husband spent more than a decade in combat before giving his life to a country he was not even a citizen of. Their grandson is a spoiled mall rat who is still crying because he misses his mommy, and tens of millions of Brits think that’s the most important thing in their lives.


Maybe Harry’s right.

























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