Is there intelligent life in the NFL?

Is there intelligent life in the NFL?

One can only wonder.






Is there any other entertainment outlet as absurdly run? In a span of one week, the NFL allowed three of its most recognizable stars to go into witness protection.


Sending Antonio Brown to the Raiders is, from an advertising perspective, like asking George Clooney to wear a sign and stand in front of a hot dog stand.


Of course, the Raiders are scheduled to play in Las Vegas in 2020, which will give Brown just enough time to demand a trade.


That said, nothing compares to sending Odell Beckham to Cleveland. What’s next, Brady to the Bills? If the Raiders are witness protection, the Browns are like being incarcerated.


In light of this, we have Le’veon Bell going to the Jets. The last time the Jets had a watchable football team the minimum wage was $1.85 an hour, Lyndon Johnson was president and people were bragging about those newfangled color television sets.


Every year, the NFL has a draft, and Bill Belichick insures none of this “talent” will ever play in the Superbowl.


The NFL is so screwed up that to ensure your team might have a good year, you have to guarantee they’ll have five bad ones. Look at the Buffalo Bills. After paying their big-time defensive tackle $100 million he came in the next season, basically retired. Sixty pounds overweight, he was so fat he had to special order a $3,000 toilet.


Welcome to money ball, a game that people watch but can’t tell you why.


I’d feel bad for Goodell. Somehow that $25 million annual salary makes it difficult.

The Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot.