Why is Mayor Pete a presidential candidate?

Why is Mayor Pete a presidential candidate?



Most people believe that being gay should not preclude a person from being President, but should it be the only reason?


If not, explain to me why Peter Buttigieg is a candidate?


Buttigieg is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, one of America’s most utterly decrepit cities. A person in South Bend has a staggering ONE IN SEVENTEEN chance of being a victim of a crime.


The city I am currently in, Buffalo, has a staggering crime rate. The city is blanketed in garbage, everything that can possibly be stolen, is stolen and there are vagrants seemingly everywhere. Yet Buffalo is not even close to South Bend in crime.


Has the democratic party fallen so far that being able to raise money is the only requirement for being a Presidential candidate?


Buttigieg has so far shown that he has zero ideas on how to turn around America’s ghetto cities. Aside from blaming white people, what does this man have to offer?


I have been to cities all over the world and guarantee, America’s ghettos are as deplorable as any in Bombay, Bangkok or Bogota. In fact, Colombia’s ghettos are the Ritz compared to America’s. Few are as bad as South Bend. Tourists describe the people of that city as “mean.” No one in America, or anywhere should have to live in places like South Bend, yet liberals like Mayor Pete seem to relish in them. It’s as if they really don’t give a rat’s ass WHAT they lord over, so long as they’re in charge.


The other thing that is disturbing about Buttigieg is his brand of “anything I say is a fact” liberalism. “I said so” liberalism is killing the democrats. The mall rat university leftism that they aspire to is nothing more than “the customer is always right” retail advertising in drag.


The solutions to the problems facing America’s ghetto cities require a form of brutal honesty that you will not find in Buttigieg’s brand of mall rat liberalism where we all have a circle jerk while singing “I’m so happy.” 


Buttigieg believes that God “created him” as a gay. Leaving aside the simplistic idiocy of creation science, which isn’t science at all, the Bible is adamant in its treatment of gays. Sodomy is a mortal sin. You cannot be a Christian sodomite unless you invent your own Bible.


Catholicism, as everyone knows, has never been a Bible based religion, but a religion based on Roman laws, Roman festivals and a belief that civil laws govern people, and religious laws guide them. In other words, Buttigieg didn’t have to say anything about being a gay Catholic and he would have been fine. The fact that he felt compelled to invent theology is pure mall rat liberalism at its finest.


To me, Buttigieg is more of a circus clown than a serious candidate. He fits in perfectly with the rest of the Democrat field.







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