Most of the US news media violates the first Amendment.



A careful reading will explain this.

Though no one in the courts will agree, most US news media violates the spirit of the first Amendment.

The evolution of the first Amendment created a separation between selling and speaking. The first Amendment gave the “media” the right to call themselves the “press,” but when is a car not a car?”

When it turns into a driveway.

News is not news when it’s advertising.


Today, what the media calls news are advertising teasers. This is CLEARLY not a first amendment right. Today’s media operations are becoming more and more teaser driven. They employ hundreds of commercial techniques to goad, coax, compel and sublimate the “consumer” into biting.


This is especially true with online news. Stories are increasingly be written by machine using searched keywords, subliminal messages and advanced anthropological techniques. This obviously is NOT speech as envisioned in the first Amendment.


It’s also why people in the west are becoming increasingly violent.


Even small changes in the weather are treated as if they are cataclysmic. AI driven “news” today is click bait in drag. Many, if not most of the critical “must reads” typically either contain no real news or are flat out dishonest, and the media knows this.


Consider the outright lies we have gotten lately from characters like Adam Schiff, Rachael Maddow and Sean Hannity. All three engage in absurd sound bites knowing full well that their core viewers will cling to the click bait subliminally EVEN AFTER that click bait has been proven false.


The media tracks clickbait like you balancing your checkbook.


They know you FAR more than you know yourself.


Do you really know what cookies are?


When you go online, your computer is embedded with a code that’s used to create a personality profile. Every decision you make on what to view is sent to a central database and analyzed.


What makes this powerful is that advertisers know that people do know understand their own decision making. As Joseph Biden said, “We are concerned with truths, not facts,” as Al Gore said, “It’s a metaphorical war we fight.” And finally, as Oprah said, “Everyone has their own truths.”


bad carbohydrates and depression

Eating carbs leads to depression?


Once someone believes something, they will find new excuses to believe a belief that’s been debunked.



One of the great things about being liberated is you get to starve to death.


Many of the great icons of history destroyed their countries and caused widespread pain. Gandhi, Mandela, Churchill and a dozen others all lead their countries into freedom, followed by decades of poverty, starvation and death.


But our media treats them like hero’s! Why?


Because they drew crowds. Advertisers don’t give a rat’s ass if somethings true. They only care if it can be used. As a Clinton adviser once said, we can’t let a good crisis go to waste.


Politicians are increasingly using their government power to create mini crises that they use to fund raise.


This CLEARLY violates the spirit of the first Amendment. They could give a shit. If the Democrats vote to impeach the president, a river of money will flow to each party. They know this and so should you.


The first Amendment created the right of free speech.


By free speech, they meant PEOPLE speaking FREELY. But the lawyer driven, corporate media/government complex has bastardized this right and turned it into a weapon.


One might call it Satanic.


good and evil

The forces of good and evil


Purposely creating a lie violates another long-standing law. The 9th commandment. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Maybe we could develop a program that convinces Sean Hannity and Rachael Maddow.









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