Oh yea Chris, you are definitely Fredo.

Oh yea Chris, you are definitely Fredo.



It pains me to see Cuomo called Fredo, only because for me, John Cazale’s portrayal of Fredo in the Godfather made the series for me. Who can forget Cazale’s famous line, “People tink I’m stupid. I’m not stupid, I’m smaat. I can do tings!”



If there’s a brainless son of a mafia Don, it’s Chris Cuomo.



Mario Cuomo was one of the biggest crooks in the history of New York politics. During Cuomo’s “reign,” NY politicians had an income source called “honoraria.” Honoraria were paid speeches, much like those politicians do today after they leave office.  The difference was Cuomo’s were WHILE HE WAS IN OFFICE!


Mario Cuomo made hundreds of thousands of dollars on these quid pro quo’s (bribes)  over his tenure…


money he used to pay the law school tuitions of his idiot sons Chris and Andrew.


Chris is a worthless wanker sucker, who hides crime for a living, which is why he’s at CNN. Whitewater, the Rose Law Firm billing fraud, Castle Grande, Cuomo’s firing of the anti-corruption task force, the fact that Sheldon Silver still hasn’t done a day in Jail, Bengazi, the rape of Juanita Brodderick, the email scandal, Uranium One,  Fast and Furious, the illegal shipment of weapons and now the coverup of Epstein are not crimes to the grease ball who was weaned on honoraria.


The Cuomo family is the key reason why no New Yorker other than Trump has gotten within 100 miles of the White House since Roosevelt, and why 1,000’s of NY companies have bolted the state.


Oh yea, Chris… you are definitely Fredo. Your problem is you’re not John Cazale.


Oh, and while we’re at it, in the movie, Michael Corleone joins the Marine Corps and fights in WW2. You aint him either. 


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