I can’t believe this guy is falling for it.


Joseph Biden was born in 1942, DURING THE ROOSEVELT ADMINISTRATION. He’s from an extremely small state. He’s never been popular and, although I don’t really think he’d be that bad a President, it’s highly unlikely he’d be a good one.


For all his years in Washington, Biden has surprisingly few accomplishments. As a senator, his plan for the partition of Iraq sounded great, until people realized that nobody in Iraq would agree to it. Having voted to put troops in Iraq, he then voted against stabilizing the country. In other words, he makes safe political bets without giving a shit about the results.


Biden is weird.


He’s six-feet tall but because of his penchant for fondling people, her appears a lot taller. Touching a person’s head in many cultures is considered an insult, but not in Biden’s, given his relish for petting, grabbing, holding and stroking the faces of pretty much everyone within reach. Touching the face is a form of dominance, since by holding someone’s head, you can control what they look at and therefore, what they focus on.


I used to have a friend that was “touchy” with kids. He wasn’t a paedo, but, as I said, it’s weird.


Biden has three things that will probably cost him the democratic nomination.


First and foremost, his breathtakingly corrupt Ukraine decision. He forced the resignation of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating a corrupt natural gas deal that was funneling money to Biden’s son. Then, he bragged about doing it in front of cameras at a live event given by BANKERS! Think, “I’m with stupid.” tee shirts and you get the gist of it.


Second, the Obama health care policy was, as even the neophyte son of Trump said, “A complete disaster.” Few pieces of US legislation were ever as badly crafted as the Affordable Care Act. It destroyed the health care plans for millions of Americans within months of being enacted.


Finally, the liberals will never accept him. Although my guess is that democrat party will toss a few dollars to Sanders, a pathetically stupid demagogue, and buy him off like they did last time, Biden will not carry the Sanders voter. He will also not carry Blacks or Hispanics. He most certainly won’t carry the Jews.


Biden would be forced to nominate a woman or a black person, relegating women and minorities to, as usual, second class status. It’s hard to imagine this being a vote getter.


The Democrats have long abandoned their bread and butter voters, Catholics, in favor of lunatics, screamers, pathological liars and weirdo’s in pink hats. As Bill Maher said, “our side are the educated ones.”



Good luck with that one, Bill.





In 2020, Biden will be 78, six years past normal life expectancy and 22 years older than Barack Obama when he LEFT OFFICE. People will be talking about dementia the first time he makes a gaffe. SNL will call the White House a nursing home.


My guess is that Biden would draw support from 3/4ths of the democrats, very few blacks, a few women and 100% of the comedians. In this race, Trump would take 40 states.




The level of pure hate between Hindu’s and Muslims is insane. 


I have several friends that are Hindu’s and Muslims. They all appear to be good, honest, hardworking men. Unless they’re talking about each other.


(My Muslim and Hindu female friends are all very sweet, but some of the nicest women you’ll ever meet are from cultures that are overtly paternal. Spending your life being brow beaten by men will do that to a woman.)


The base, banal hatred that exists between Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan is as severe as the hatred between Muslim Palestine and Jewish Israel. If you asked me what the chances are for a nuclear war between the two countries, I would say, highly likely.


My Hindu and Muslim friends have said things about each other to me that are so breathtakingly vulgar, I won’t say them even on my blog.


The latest diffusing of tensions between Pakistan and India was the work of the Pakistani PM Imran khan, a former cricket player who spent most of his life in England and is married to a British model. Khan is a lot of things, but Muslim is not one of them, although he likes to play the part. What ever convinced this guy to run for Prime Minister of Pakistan is anybody’s guess, but given Pakistan’s history, one can only hope he makes it to age 70.


When I worked in Saudi Arabia, one of my employee’s was a man named Mohammad. We called him “little guy.” He was the best worker I ever had. He once said to me, “Mr. Paul, we are needing nuclear weapons so we can kill the Indians.” This sums up the love lost.


Of course, the USA is already being asked to babbysit these two “countries.”


The recent violence in Sri Lanka should come as no surprise to Catholics. Expect it to increase radically as more Muslims work to exterminate Christians worldwide. Whereas attacks against Muslims tend to be lone lunatics, attacks against Catholics are organized and financed through a network of well financed madrassas. Since western governments refuse to protect Catholics or Christians, Christianity could for all intents and purposes, disappear in Asia as well as the middle east.


There are 5 Catholic Universities in Pakistan and 86 in India. Most of India’s wealth has been created by Catholics and it’s richest province is Catholic Goa.


In the meantime, as China invests more and more money in Pakistan, look at that situation to become a boiling point. The next world war could very well be in Asia, and as WW2 cost 70 million lives, this war will cost 5X as many.


The era of western dominance in Asia is likely over, and like Europe in the 20th century, the end of empire dominance will open old wounds and old hatreds. In my opinion, the future of Asia has never been this bleak. 




Sorry, but since only a fool would have believed the Steele Dossier, that leaves the press a ship of fools.


Why? Think this through. Christopher Steele has ultra-high-level contacts in the Russian government from his days at MI-6. These contacts are so high that he has information on an American president that would have been high level and highly classified under Putin.


So, if I’m understanding this correctly, when you retire from MI-6, they let you keep embedded contacts in the Russian government as part of the MI-6 retirement plan? BRAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


You can’t make this shit up! Imagine your job interview with MI-6.


“Besides your monthly pay, our pay package includes health insurance, term life insurance, a 401-k and upon retirement we’ll allow you to SELL CLASSIFIED INFORMATION TO POLITICAL PARTIES TO RIG ELECTIONS.”


In America, when classified information is leaked, we have a debate about the first Amendment. In Russia, they notify the next of kin. They kill all the suspects and sort them out later.


Of course, American media “elites,” with the possible exception of Glen Greenwald and Tucker Carlson have all the intelligence and insight of a 7-month-old cocker spaniel. They’re actually waitresses. They don’t care what’s on the plate, they just carry it from the kitchen to the table and bitch when the tip is too small. So, don’t expect much.


Amazingly, during the last election, their predictions weren’t as accurate as taxi drivers, red necks or women in quilting parties.


I have a simple rule that I follow with politicians. The only real difference between a politician and a prostitute is prostitutes get mad when you call them whores. As to the press, I wouldn’t believe a reporter if he was reading my drivers license back to me.





Bret Easton Ellis tells ‘spoiled children’ liberals to deal with Trump: ‘He was elected president. Get over it.’

Thank God, somebody fically said it. 

Now middle-aged, the enfant terrible novelist Bret Easton Ellis, has turned to nonfiction to mock the “childlike fascism” and “demented narcissism” of American liberals that helped put President Trump in the White House and left them facing “mental and emotional collapse.”