This exoneration of Trump may be more than it seems.


As usual, you have to look at the motivations of the participants to get a clear picture of why people do what they do. Why would Mueller exonerate Trump? To this, you have to go back to the investigation of Steven Hatfill.


If you recall, Hatfill was the man Mueller and Comey tried to frame for the anthrax attacks.


When it was clear that Hatfill wasn’t going to kill himself under pressure, they paid him off and went on to Bruce Ivins, who “killed himself.” (right)  In the case of Trump, whether he was guilty hardly matters. The CIA can invent evidence.


But they couldn’t roll Cohen and couldn’t roll Stone so there was only one thing left. They played their cards thinking Trump would resign, rather than watch his business empire implode. He didn’t.


So, cover your own ass.


It’s clear with this exoneration that Comey and Brennan will face indictment, along with Peter Strzok. Once Lisa Page decided she wasn’t going to lie for him, his future behind bars was guaranteed.


The amazing thing about Mueller’s report wasn’t that it showed no collusion.


There was none. It was that it was released on Friday afternoon, during March Madness and Barr’s four-page analysis, just before the Duke game. Dead hours for news.


Mueller made the only decision he could make that keeps him from being tied to Comey, Strzok, Brennan and the FBI. Tell the President that, under no uncertain terms was Mueller his enemy any more. 


Now, let the real battle begin.






Should American ban Nike?


I have been back here in New York for more than a year, so when I went on Google maps and a shoe store popped up on West Ferry Street in Buffalo, I said, “Whaaaaa?”


West Ferry isn’t ghetto, but it’s close. The street generally looks like a tsunami hit it. So, why ban Nike? 


There is garbage, literally, everywhere. There are boarded up homes, a Rent-a-Center, a dollar General and yes, a store that sells Nike.


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The Nike store is right across the street from a Salvation Army store.


People that buy their clothes in the Salvation Army and Dollar General and buying $200 Nikes?


Every year, 1,200 people are murdered over sneakers.



Let that sink in for a moment. 9% of all US murders are over sneakers. Only 660 are killed by ALL LONG GUNS. That is, shotguns and rifles. What idiot would ban a gun responsible for maybe 300 deaths yet not even look at sneakers responsible for 1,200?



The fact is, people are dying to get sneakers.


Yet sneaker companies are some of the biggest advertisers in the US. Their contracts with professional athletes run in the tens of billions.


We live in a country where you have to carry a gun to protect your sneakers.


And the left wants to ban those guns. God help us.



For an entire year, the media told us Donald Trump couldn’t win.


They told us repeatedly that Hillary would win by a landslide. And when they were proven wrong, the narrative changed to “he must have cheated.”


This narrative is common among teams that lose to the New England Patriots.


But this isn’t a football game. If someone was wrong for three solid years, what sane human would continue to believe them?  I never understood how Rachael Maddow maintained a following. Her “expose’” on Trumps tax return was the personification of pure stupidity. But in the media, one can make millions being a highly articulate moron.


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If it was just the Mueller investigation, I’d be tempted to give them a pass.


It runs deeper than that. Look at their candidates.


It’s hard to imagine any candidate that could possibly make Sarah Palin look like presidential, but the democrats have four. Ocasio-Cortez is a witless imbecile that thinks we can eliminate cars. She’s an economist that doesn’t know what a trillion is. Bernie Sanders thinks the Soviet Union had a great economic system. Kamala Harris’s FATHER thinks she’s an idiot. Then there’s Beto, an Irish-Texan who thinks he’s Hispanic. After getting an elitist education, he became a NANNY!


Between the four, they have taken in upwards of twenty-million dollars!


Should we, or better yet, is it our responsibility to question the mental health of people like this.


The truly sad thing about Liberals is that their heads are frozen in stone.


NOTHING is going to change their minds – EVER.


These people armed with their state college social science degrees and freakish diets lack the ability to think critically. The travel the cities carrying their Whole Foods bags filled with colorful, overpriced vegetables and look down their noses on everybody that walks by.


One might be tempted to blame the media, but they’d be wrong.


The media today is not what it was even ten years ago. Customer tastes are not estimated by marketing agents, but by complex algorithms created by mathematicians and run through social media outlets. It’s the AUDIENCE that demands stupidity from Rachael Maddow.

In other words, the cart is driving the horse.


If you look at the “media” that the left propagates, it’s pure hate. I used to belong to a liberal writer’s group. They would write articles that did nothing other than mock and then sit in circles grunting like apes at how funny they are.


Barack Obama was interviewed in the middle of a war on Comedy Central.


As Americans were dying in Afghanistan and Iraq, he was on ESPN doing his March Madness picks.

Have you ever watched Fareed Zacharia?


Is there a more revolting, insulting hate monger on earth. He would sit there, night after night, his nostrils flared, an expression of hate that resembles a member of ISIS, and rant on… middle class whites are racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, deplorables.

These people are so ensconced in elitist hate and so certain of their moral superiority, they are impossible to talk to.


It’s high time we question their mental health.


The seven deadly sins: Corporate marketing tools.


We are, in my opinion, in the early stages of a cultural revolution.


“The main reason Mao gave in China for the Cultural Revolution was that the government and the CCP were becoming too remote from the people.”


“He criticized the increase in the numbers of experts and specialists in the economy and the party. He also complained that in the Chinese education system preference was given to the children of urban families and to members of the party hierarchy. Mao stated that this was creating a privileged middle class in China.


Source: Dhahran English School curriculum, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.


Sound familiar?


“The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it… they are irredeemable.” Hillary Clinton


“Non-college educate white men will reject Hillary Clinton and vote against their own economic interest because of guns, because of gays, and because of God,” Nancy Pelosi


Is Hillary Clinton a psychopath?


What modern politician has ever called Americans “deplorables.” In fact, shortly after she said that, her advisors saw her poll numbers tank.


It’s hard to even imagine what level of elitist privilege goes through the mind of people who think their biggest enemies are rural Christians that run bake sales and work 50 hour weeks.


They’re evil because they OWNguns, even though they have no intention of ever using them to kill anybody. In the inner city, the gun and violence culture is perpetrated through music, dance and movies and results in a murder rate equivalent to wars, yet to our “elite” this isn’t a problem.


Why? Because the elite carry the minority vote.


The perfect example of this elitist behavior, ironically, is not Pelosi, or Hillary Clinton, but Hillary’s daughter Chelsea.


Born into a life of breathtaking privilege, Chelsea has been given elite jobs her entire life. She’s been a miserable failure in all of them, which is amazing given the fact that she’s gone to the best, most expensive, elitist schools on the planet. The fact is, Chelsea Clinton is a spoiled, talentless airhead. She’s spent her entire life with people telling her she’s wonderful. There’s talk of running her for the senate.


The cultural revolution in China was incredibly violent.


Tens of millions of people were rounded up and killed and hundreds of millions put in forced servitude, prison and slave labor camps. Will this happen in the west? Is this the direction history is taking us?


Of course, this is a world you won’t see, because the media, hand maiden of the elite will not tell you about it. It’s the world Joseph Schneider predicted, and gave as a legacy to his grandson, Paul Trifthauser.


The forces of evil are deeply hidden.


They manifest in humans as the seven deadly sins; hubris, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, anger and sloth. Unfortunately, few people believe tbhey exist. They believe we’ve evolved past them.