CNN and MSNBC are being flushed down the toilet.

The numbers are unreal, as can be seen by this article by John Nolte.


524,000 viewers? There are housewives in Oklahoma that have more twitter followers than CNN viewers.

“On Tuesday, the last place network managed to attract only 762,000 primetime and 586,000 total day viewers.

On Monday, the Deep State Colluders attracted just 780,000 primetime viewers and 579,000 total day viewers.


BUT!!!!! Be careful of RINO’s


Jake Tapper has not topped 670,000 viewers all week. Wolf Blitzer and Erin Burnett are not doing much better. Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon aren’t even close to averaging a million viewers.

One of CNN’s standard gimmicks to attract MSNBC viewers is its left-wing town hall events, but Tuesday’s town hall with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) was a catastrophe that attracted only 491,000 viewers.”


The gig is up. Turn off the lights, the party’s over.






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Most people think the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah(3) is a myth, but if it is, it’s being played out today in the west. And when the pillars of the earth collapse, we will all collapse with them.


One doesn’t have to be flying on the wings of eagles to see this. A friend of mine, a Hindu told me that when he left India to come here, his father said, “my son, you are going to a land of sin. Do not lose your integrity. This will not be easy. You must always remain a man of character.”


Learning character from a Hindu is a tough nut to swallow but how can I criticize him? Would he convert to my religion? What lines in the bible would he listen to when our “Christian nation (2)” has become a land of sin?


To survive the apocalypse, you have to come to grips with the fact that they’ll be one.


Our leaders today, or at least the wannabee’s, are in a constant state of identity politics and shape shifting. Mayor Pete is a liberal who believes God created him to be gay? Leaving aside the mantra that liberals think creation science is for idiots, do the democrats really believe that a man’s rectum was “created” for sex?


We have a wasp pretending she’s a Comanchero, an Indian who thinks she’s the daughter of slaves, and a Hispanic who thinks everybody needs to listen to her, presumably, because she can talk. These are the people that the powers that be, (billionaires) think should LEAD THE NATION.


What used to be the seven deadly sins are today, marketing tools, (5) a big sign of a coming apocalypse.


Our major media outlets, always on the other side of honest are today pillars of deceit, lies and slander.(1)Anchors today are paid based on either their ability to lie and slander, or to help government offices to lie, cover up, murder, slander and traffic children in sex.


Almost every major thinker is sure an apocalypse will come.


The United States has two deficits that MUST equalize. The budget deficit and the trade deficit. These twin deficits were the primary topics in the Reagan – Carter debates. Today, they aren’t mentioned.


Our trade deficits use to scare the crap out of us. We understood that by gutting our manufacturing base, we are opening ourselves up to our enemies. Now, even weak nations laugh at us. They all have our money, and they buy us as if we’re running a nationwide whore house. They control our universities, our think tanks, own massive amounts of real estate, and controlling interests in our corporations. Our social media companies laugh at our government and grovel in front of the Chinese.


In the 70’s America had two key problems. Social Security was hopelessly under-funded, and the US was getting its ass kicked in the cold war. Reagan and Congress solved the first problem by imposing a 6.2% payroll tax, paid by corporations. They added a 2.9% Medicare tax to fix that. Reagan then, with Cap Weinberger bankrupted Russia.


But those days are over. The great men and women, Reagan, Pope John Paul, Lech Walesa, Weinberger, and the Iron Lady are all dead. They’ve been replaced by circus clowns, Sodomites, bench warmers, shape shifters and morons.


Read: Was Obama really the Preasident. (Link) 


The apocalypse will come because, as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah the world is ensconced in sin.


The world is consumed in Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Wrath and Sloth. Lazy elderly people criticize hard working youths. Billionaires pile money into “charities” that will never give the money away. People cheat incessantly on wives, often during the wife’s pregnancy. People greedily piss away money they don’t have and millions of people lie like beached whales on easy chairs screaming at their televisions, while their children roam the streets looking for something to do.


It’s rare that a person or society gets tough on itself. The wests will not. They will have toughness thrust on them when the money spigot runs dry.


Then, they’ll realize that the “myth” of Sodom and Gomorrah wasn’t a myth at all. It was a lesson. A lesson we ignored. We don’t need the Bible… that is, until we do. And by then, it’s usually too late.


Just like it was in Sodom and Gomorrah.


(1) Should journalists be replaced by computers. (Link) 

(2) Pedophila – The Catholic Church’s History. by Helena. (Link) 

(3) Story of Sodom and Gomorrah, Wikipedia (Link)

(4) Ronald Reagan & Pope John Paul, C-Span. US Ambassador Vatican City (Link) 

(5) The Seven Deadly Sins as Marketing Tools. (Link)  






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Trump versus mayor Pete?


People seem to forget the last time the Democrats ran a mayor Pete against a conservative. It was Walter Mondale.


Interestingly. Mondale wasn’t really that bad of a candidate and not a bad guy. He was an attorney general in Minnesota, a vice President and a senator. But like mayor Pete, he ran the gambit of (at that time) liberal media issues. He was for forced bussing, a nuclear freeze, expanded welfare, the equal rights amendment and massive tax hikes.


In other words, in 2020 it’s Trump versus a Mondale called mayor Pete.

Was Obama really president?


Keep in mind, in 1984, the media had FAR more power than it has today. Then, the average daily news reach was 40 million, among 4 news channels. Today, it’s 20 million among 11 stations with Fox news alone drawing 1/4th of that.


Like all leftist candidates, mayor Pete shows his empathy for all the manufacturing jobs lost in the Midwest by stepping up to the podium and ranting about his sexuality. This is what Mondale did, only it wasn’t sexuality. Mondale wasn’t a candidate he was a tent preacher. To him, and clowns like mayor Pete, you had to be told what to do, since, in their eyes, you obviously can’t do it yourself.


As you probably know, Mondale suffered the worse election defeat in US history, carrying only Washington, DC and his home state of Minnesota. He garnered 13 electoral vote and lost the popular vote by an eye popping 17 million!




A Trump versus Mondale fight is a near guarantee in the next election.


The main reason is that to get nominated, a candidate has to raise money and to do that, they have to beg the San Francisco leftists. This is why Hillary Clinton raised money in lunatic Saudi Arabia. Because she knew moving to the left is a deal killer. Hillary Clinton may be a snake, a crook and a liar, but she isn’t an idiot. Hillary’s only campaign issue was hating Trump. Any other issue would have cost her votes.


At the time, Mondale’s LGBT bathrooms debate was forced bussing, which the liberals called “desegregation.” It was a policy that was arguably, even stupider and more oppressive than health care reform. It was also a political nightmare for the democrats. The people hated bussing with a passion, and in fact, the anti-bussing movement was more potent than the antiwar movement.


Add to that the fact that Mondale promised to bring back confiscatory taxation and you have a recipe for election disaster. Like Trump, Ronald Reagan was a PROTECTIONIST. He protected the US auto and chip industries. Like Reagan, he tried to balance the trade deficit. In the end, he passed the largest corporate tax hike in history, hiking the corporate payroll tax by 120% in one year. Today, corporations pay more in social insurance taxes they do in income taxes.


Todays democrats are like the Mondale democrats of 1984. Forced bussing has been replaced with mandatory LGBT training, complete with new bathrooms. The strong America policy has been replaced by a policy of Obama going to Europe and mocking his home country. Massive tax increases and unlimited welfare for Mexican and Guatemalan refugees is the on the table. All of this coming through the lips of an aggrieved victim of racial or sexual discrimination.


Like 1984, the Democrats seem oblivious to the world around them. They are so ensconced in their leftist community college educations that they can’t see past their noses. If these people think mayor Pete’s sexuality is a priority, they’re toast. Their candidates look like a list of the people who missed out on a flight on the Hale Bopp comet.


If the Democrats run this as their agenda, they’ll be looking back fondly at Walter Mondale.






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Have you noticed how Tucker Carlson is taking swipes at Trump? Why?


Every psychologist knows a concept called Argumentative theory of reason.” What it means is that the purpose of “debate” is to win. Once one tries to win a debate, reason goes out the door. We throw our principles out the door to win. Then we lose.


No one is a better Rino spotter than Carlson. He’s been at this a long time and has no intention of going over the cliff like Rachel Maddow. No intelligent person will ever believe Maddow again. No multimillion -dollar payday will ever make her respectable.


The easiest way to way to spot a Rino is to ask yourself a simple question. Are they a politician?


To be a politician today is to be professionally two-faced. I had an old friend that was literally guaranteed a congressional seat if he ran. Why didn’t he run? He had no intention of being a two-faced prostitute.


Lobby money runs Washington.  I know lobbyists. They don’t give a flying shit which party wins. Their job is to pay bribes to get money. This is why one must be a Rino spotter and a big reason to be non-partisan. Be like a lobbyist. Your job is to get the government to do what you want because they’re two-faced. The only important fight is YOUR FIGHT. Not the politician’s job. YOUR job.


Schumer was for a border wall until Trump won.


Bush said read my lips no new taxes, before he raised taxes.


Clinton said a marriage is between and man and woman, Then, it was same sex, then said her position never changed.


Bush said no new wars and no nation building, before invading Iraq.


Obama said your premium would go down, you’d keep your doctor and your insurance, before you lost your doctor, your insurance and your premium went up $7,000.


When people ask me who I support, I say no one. I’m a Christian. Aside from that, I believe people when they do things and ignore them when they talk. I don’t want televised debates, speeches or campaign commercials. I’d like to believe I’m smart enough not to be suckered in, but my track record is otherwise. Know thyself, is the saying I live by.


I like Tucker Carlson because he isn’t an ass-kisser. Can he survive and not be a pathetic, butt-smoocher like Maddow, Mathews and Hannity? Time will tell.


In the meantime, I remain a Rino-spotter. I remain non-partisan.