In light of BREXIT and Trump’s stance on the less than transparent UN, Juncker is making a bid to find alternate states to bring under the EU umbrella. Is the EU the neqw Ottoman Empire? 


Macedonia:   With a population that is roughly 64% Christian and 33% Muslim, Macedonia is a fitting choice to add to the debt of the EU.  


It’s unemployment rate is 27-30% and its poverty rate is in excess of 22%.   It’s newly elected Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev of the Social Democrat Union, is mired in more than a bit of controversy as he was charged with conspiracy with ‘a foreign intelligence service’ in initiating a coup against the previous Prime Minister. His squeaky election win was further underscored by the fact that the previous PM was part of the VMRO-DPMNE Party which is considered ‘nationalist’.


Albania:   Roughly 60% of the population is Muslim.  


It has the 10thlargest reserves of oil, and is the worlds leading exporter of chromium which is used as an anti-corrosive in steel plating. Albania is considered a prime tourist destination for southern Europeans and US citizens. Unemployment is roughly 15%, it operates a trade deficit of -9.7%. It’s PM, Edi Rama, is a member of the Socialist Party.


Bosnia:   Cited as 51% Muslim, the country is loosely defined as a liberal democracy.


Despite this tag, “…the highest political authority in the country is the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the chief executive officer for the international civilian presence in the country and is selected by the European Union. Since 1995, the High Representative has been able to bypass the elected parliamentary assembly, and since 1997 has been able to remove elected officials. The methods selected by the High Representative have been criticized as undemocratic.   International supervision is to end when the country is deemed politically and democratically stable and self-sustaining.


In essence, the country is ruled by the EU.


It’s infrastructure and economy have yet to recover from the Bosnian/Croatian war that ended in 1995. Main industries include steel, coal and iron ore.   Its unemployment rate is near 40%, and it requires IMF loans simply to survive.


Kosovo: Approximately 96% Muslim, Kosovo’s status as a nation is subject to controversy.


Like Bosnia, it has yet to sustain itself since the Yugoslavia war that ended in 1995.   Rich in agriculture, the country boasts 53% of its land use for the production of agri-products, and 41% a forestry. The current PM, Ramush Haradinaj, served in the Kosovo war and although he was indicted for war crimes, no charges were implemented.


Montenegro: The newly elected Prime Minister, Dusko Marcovic, is a member of the Democratic Socialists, not unlike Macedonia’s political metamorphosis.


A tiny nation that was also created as a result of the Yugoslav war, its main industry is tourism. While in need of major investment within infrastructure to increase the revenue basis of this industry, Montenegro is a recipient of Climate Change funds with the approval of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.


The Baltic State Region, recognized as developing countries who are at the greatest risk of global warming, have been targeted for Climate Change funding according to the Paris Accord in order to mitigate these potentially catastrophic events…


In essence, all of this means that we have a bunch of Baltic countries whose nominal GDP per capita is low. 


From a ranges low $3,200 to about $6,200, these economies are in desperate need of a boost in monetary investment. This would come preferably free. Their ethnicities are largely predominantly Muslim, and they belong to the Socialist/Communist leaning political spectrum.


Their land is fertile, wherein a solution was concocted in which a fake moral and ethical agenda of climate change was created. This  funded with private and global government money via the Paris Climate Accord and the UN, would then be diverted to these economies for rebuilding and infrastructure spending.


This would supposedly reinvent viable economies to be integrated into the EU, with the ultimate goal of recreating a New Ottomon Empire. 


Coincidentally, this was the stated goal of ISIS and Al-Nusra.


In the meantime, the citizens of the EU extend welcoming arms, unaware that their own ethnicities will soon become the minority and their lives uprooted and displaced.


All of this under the guise of Merkel and Juncker who seemingly are aglaze in a false belief of arrogant power, indoctrinated into trusting that they will be tasked with a leading power role over this New Ottoman Empire. 


Childishly unaware that they are mere puppets who are ultimately quite expendable…


Of course, none of this matters if the world is stoned. @paulschwartzmeyer

The bizarre tale of Khashoggi has arisen again with a new twist. 

None of this matters

if the country is stoned. 





He was not the true author of the journalistic pieces written for the Washington Post, the author was Maggie Mitchell Salem, Executive Director for Qatar Foundation International, LLC based in Washington, DC as an adjunct of the Qatar Foundation.  Their quoted mission statement is:  

“We engage a global community of diverse learners and educators, fostering global competency and 21st-century skills through the exploration of the Arabic language and the Arab world’s societies and cultures.”


Basically, that means they have entered school systems across the globe, notably the US and UK, for the purpose of spreading Arabic culture.


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Khashoggi was merely a puppet.


Is America growing or decling like Rome?


His name and background lended credibility to an entirely fake series of articles in the Washington Post.  He created himself as a Saudi exile, looking for refuge in the US.  At least that’s how Salem created the bio.


In fact, Salem, a mouthpiece for Qatar, chose what Khashoggi would write, what information he would state, and how it would frame Saudi Arabia particularly the new Crown Prince bin Salman.  Text messages have been accessed that reveal this alliance.


Time Magazine put Khashoggi on the face of its cover, Man Of The Year, for his excellence in journalism.


Although, like the disgraced CNN journalist, it would appear Khashoggi was a fake too.   At least in his writing for The Washington Post.


Why would Khashoggi allow that tarnish?


The Washington Post is owned by Bezos, founder and CEO or Amazon.


In 2013, the CIA awarded Amazon a $600 million contract – 4 months after Bezos bought the Washington Post.   The contract offered advanced, high tech cloud infrastructure within that was stated to allow greater information sharing among all 17 intelligence agencies.


The contract award was challenged by IBM which had also bid on the contract and despite coming in $54 million less, was not awarded.   IBM’s CEO, Ginni Rometty, has emphatically stated IBM is ‘apolitical’ which may have undermined her ability to secure the CIA contract – in favor of the very liberal Bezos despite underbidding.


The CIA has been a regular contributor in the Washington Post, either through intermediaries, or directly as a source.  The Post effectively prints what they are told to say.  While the Liberal Swamp was in control, that alliance was necessary. Tit-for-tat.


So what was Khashoggi’s role?


Perhaps the CIA Swamp paid him for the use of his name.  He had several prominent alliances including Erdogan and Alwaleed bin Talal. Alwaleed was a Clinton Foundation contributor and was a part of the Saudi purge initiated by bin Salman in which over 500 arrests were issued for money laundering, bribery, embezzlement, and extortion.


In the days before Alwaleed’s arrest, he contacted Khashoggi.  Alwaleed and Khashoggi were both prominent members/ and/or contributors to the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s affiliates including CAIR, CCNU, and ISNA.


Before Osama Bin Laden became the defacto leader of al Qaeda, he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Human Abedin, Hillary’s right hand man, is a Muslim Brotherhood member.  These links are the critical core of the outrage over Khashoggi’s death.


Ties go back many years to Obama:


In 1987 Bill Ayers solicited Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour (a.k.a. Donald Warden) to raise money for Obama’s Harvard Law School education.


Al-Mansour is an orthodox Muslim, a black nationalist, an outspoken enemy of Israel, and mentor to Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton and his cohort, Bobby Seale. At the time al-Mansour associate Percy Sutton was raising money for Obama’s education, al-Mansour was the top financial advisor to mega-billionaire Prince Alwaleed (Alwalid) bin Talal of the Saudi royal family.


The CIA released a statement for the Washington Post claiming that Crown Prince bin Salman was responsible for the death of Khashoggi.


The CIA declined to comment further and no names within the CIA were revealed other than ‘a person briefed on the CIA’s assessment’.


During the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird which lasted decades, beginning in the 1950’s.


Various Washington Post and New York Times reporter’s were on their payroll.   It was a decidedly Liberal, anti-Soviet agenda and would seem that contrary to reports it was eradicated in 1976 under then Director, George Bush, it has morphed into an ever larger mass media manipulation.


Despite the Church Report in which the CIA vowed to not enter into any ‘paid or contractual relationship with any full-time or part-time news correspondent accredited by any U.S. news service, newspaper, periodical, radio or television network or station’, it would appear that vow was circumvented.   And their infiltration is accepted.


If Khashoggi was actually on the CIA payroll through the Washington Post, that would explain their distraction in blaming Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman.


It would explain the immediate guilty until proven innocent reaction from numerous other CIA outlets, liberal businesses, and the bizarre Republican factions that are known Swamp: Graham and Rubio.


It is important to note who is aligned with whom. 


The fact that Khashoggi’s journalistic aptitude was actually written by Salem, a Qatari aligned Director, and that the newly appointed Prince bin Salman is not aligned with the Liberals of DC, and that Qatar is in a deep riff with Saudi Arabia over their sponsorship of The Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim Brotherhood has deep swamp connections in the CIA, and that the Muslim Brotherhood link is being down-played and even deleted from some sites, play back to the Washington Post-CIA-Mockingbird Agenda.


Paul Schwartzmeyer Bio


When  you’re stoned, nothing matters.








If there’s a strategy, I’m not seeing it.


Why are the Democrats shooting themselves in the foot? Why do they continue to do things that destroy their own people?


Six in ten illegal immigrants are in areas the Democrats already have large voting majorities.


Why are the democrats shooting themselves in the foot by increasing the number of supporters where they don’t need them?


It’s simple. White flight.


It’s no secret that the Democrats are following a policy of white hate. This can be seen here, here, here and here.


This policy shields the obvious fact that their strongholds are on life support. Inflation in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago is so high that only the richest of the rich can live there. The cost of services has also exploded. Today, almost all major cities have government pensions and health care plans that are insolvent.


Middle-class whites are leaving California and Illinois faster than you’d leave a burning hayloft.


This flight means the states will lose congressional seats. In 2020, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania will all lose seats. Texas, Montana, Florida, and Arizona will gain. Do you see the pattern? People are moving from states with high tax and regulatory burdens to states with low tax and regulatory burdens.


This is one reason why the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot.


The other obvious reason is that their key bundlers and fundraisers are a loose collection of perverts, socialists and foreign dictators. It’s hardly a secret that people like Soros and Koch, countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and perverts like Harvey Weinstein finance their party. In return, they provide valuable ass cover for people like Weinstein, the Saudi Royal family, Matt Lauer, Bill Clinton, and Anthony Weiner.


The Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot because the gun is on automatic and has no safety.


This is why they have, at last count, 15 presidential candidates of which only one, Tulsi Gabbard can actually make a claim to clinical sanity. The average Democratic candidate is so far into left field, they’re in the $3 bill seats.


The Democrats could probably hold their debates in a zoo.


They have one candidate who wants to spend $93 trillion on energy projects, seemingly unaware of what $ 93 trillion is. Their biggest hero thinks communism works because he was ushered through a Potemkin Village where girls in pink dresses learned math with abacuses. One changed her name so no one would know she was a tobacco lobbyist. Another slept her way to the top. Then, of course, there’s the one who claims she’s related to Geronimo.


Forget for a moment why the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot.


What does this collection of “candidates” tell you about who the average voter is?


Contrary to what they tell you, studies show that the most closed-minded bigots on earth are University educated liberals. They also dominate the media and almost all of the media venting is targeted at Donald Trump. What this has done, is shield Congressional Republicans from the obvious fact that they also HAVE NO PLAN!


Of course, in the US, the government is more of a nuisance than a solution to any problem. It only “works” when it’s so small it’s dwarfed by the private sector.


Don’t tell that to the Democrats, while they’re shooting themselves in the foot.


It’s unlikely they’d listen anyway.


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The media is advising Theresa May… The media is advisingTrump… The media would seem to think they ARE Congress… The Guardian is ‘warning’ Theresa May to… The Independent is telling May to push for a US-UK trade deal… 

When did the media become our government?

Who are these people that have elevated themselves to the role of Executive Advisors of Presidents and Prime Ministers?

Politicians owned by Soros.

And the free speech rhetoric has descended into death threats and go kill yourself and let’s blow up the White House – and somehow that’s okay?   It boggles the mind when a death threat is allowed, but a cross is considered perverse…?


It would appear, that since Soros lost, the big money shadow government is ramping up the chaos agenda exponentially telling the media what to say.


They are telling the Democrats what to do and not to do, and creating an alternate world using their mind/media subliminal manipulation.


Soros, the puppet, is all but willing to comply.


And more politicians owned by Soros.


French President, Hollande, whose approval rating is a meager 3%, would have us believe he speaks for his people in denouncing Trump despite the fact that the populist movement which he abhors, continues to gain ground. The fact that The People are speaking seems irrelevant, and it is exactly why…


the current EU leaders are collapsing like a House Of Cards.


In Germany’s newspaper, they have an article which takes issue with the ‘fake news’ problem in the US, Russia and Turkey… as though Europe is somehow immune. But then, the article is filled with ‘fake news’ calling Trump a ‘failed businessman’, claiming Black Lives Matter is perfectly legit, and that ‘fake news’ is actually just a bogeyman that Trump invented to disqualify news he doesn’t like. Tch, tch.


Hmmm. The article was written by Ethan Zuckerman, a US citizen who is director of Center For Civic Media.


A little research and we find that this organization was initially funded in 2007 by The Knight Foundation which is heavily entrenched in Open Society collaborations including ProPublica.


ProPublica has ties to The Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times and Chicago Tribune – all backed by Liberal funders including Soros Open Society Foundation. OOPS!


So that would indicate that the German newspaper,, is undeniably entrenched in the same propaganda and ‘fake news’ that they claim is ‘a bogeyman’. Oh My Oh My, it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!


But it get’s worse. Apparently, this same Ethan Zuckerman has another new liberal quasi journalistic agenda, a newly founded organization called Global Voices which purports to give voice to ‘global online communication’. Formed in 2008 and registered in The Netherlands, they operate through Harvard.   Of course, that would be the same Netherlands where Billy boy Clinton housed billions in another Clinton Foundation that was a political cash for play…  hmmm.


TV: Geniuses with dumb followers? 


Global Voices would thus appear to be another propaganda machine. Unabashedly funded by Open Society Institute, Georgie Soros, as well as Pierre Omidyar, founder of Ebay who has been infiltrating into the media most recently with First Look Media and The Intercept founded in 2014, just in time for a Hillary win!   YEAH!


Global Voices claim to fame is their help in raising the awareness of voices that contributed to the rise of King Obama in 2008.


The Spin, to coin a phrase, is to inundate our media outlets with Liberal Voices who say what they are told to say while spinning that the conservative news is all – FAKE – Propaganda.


Which means – Soros now effectively owns, and the German media…