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There’s a reason I write spy fiction and it’s because I understand George Soros.


This is why I understand that Ocasio-Cortez is winning and nobody on the right (or left) sees it.


Imagine your daughter comes up to you and says…

“Mommy, can I have a thousand dollars for makeup?”

“Are you crazy! Of course not. That’s all I make in two weeks!”

“But Mom, everybody at school has it,” she says, a tear in her eye.

“I don’t care, YOU’RE NOT GETTING A THOUSAND DOLLARS and that’s the final word!”

“Okay,” she says, sheepishly, wiping away the tear. “So, can I have Twenty dollars? I’ll get the cheap stuff.”

“Here, honey,” you say, guiltily give her the twenty.


The puppet master Soros knows how Congress works even more than Congress does. He knew the idiotic green new deal plan wasn’t going to pass, but he also knows that the compromise will be a mile to the left of what America wants.


Do you know why Socialists countries have revolutionary governments after they have already revolted? Iran’s revolutionary government is over fifty years old? After world war 2, the Soviet Armies thought all of Europe would be communist. Why?


Food rationing. This is how Ocasio-Cortez is winning and nobody on the right sees it.


When you ration food, you control people by controlling hunger. The Soviets food plans were calculated on a calories per person basis. Ocasio-Cortez’s green new deal will create energy rationing which means the will have created a communist distribution system.


By “failing” at the first try, they guarantee the next try will be a compromise.


From there, they’ll go to step two.



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Her name is Alexandria Ocasio-CORTEZ.


And she’s serious about calling WHITES racist.


Ocasio-Cortez is not an Inca. She’s not even a mestiza. She’s not only SPANISH but bears the same name as the man who was responsible for wiping the Inca’s off the face of the earth. Cortes.



Few people in the USA study the Spanish invasion of South America but, suffice to say slavery was five-star treatment compared to the conquistadores. They had one purpose and one purpose only. To ship gold and silver back to Spain.


One of the best examples is the city of Potosi in Bolivia.


Over centuries Potoí’s wealth was exported to Europe or to other Spanish colonies. When Bolivia achieved independence in 1825 its silver mines were nearly exhausted and Potosí’s population had decreased from 200,000 to 10,000. To make matters worse, the fall in silver prices hurt Potosí’s economy such that it could never completely recover. Today Potosí’s mythical wealth is evident only in the expression “un potosí” for someone unbelievably rich. Source: Cultural Survival. 


At it’s peak, 56,000 men worked there and all either died from inhaling noxious gasses or were disabled. It is said that no child born near the mines lived past the age of two. 30,000 African slaves were shipped there and had the same fate as the indigenous miners.


Of course, history doesn’t matter to communists like Ocasio-Cortez. They just scream RACIST and they’re serious.


Of the 14 million slaves brought to the new world, only 500 thousand came to the continental US. The rest were shipped to areas controlled by Ocasio-Cortez’s relatives. The Antilles, Bahia, in present day Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. In fact, by 1865, all African slaves in the continental USA were born in the USA. This is why Lincoln could not deport them, as he suggested. Under the US constitution, they were Americans.


The USA had few if any slave riots, but riots were common in the areas where Ocasio-Cortez relatives controlled. Conditions in the Spanish territories were similar to those in NAZI concentration camps. Slaves and conscripted workers were worked to death, or shot if they refused to work.


But unlike the northern United States that were northern European Christian and didn’t employ slaves, the Spanish territories were shit holes that didn’t really progress economically until after the Spanish had left.


Ocasio-Cortez is screaming racism because she’s a communist.


Her relatives CHOSE the name Cortez which means they respected the mass extermination of the Inca’s. If she was interested in freedom, she’d change her name to Alexandria Reagan. Fat chance that’ll happen.


TV: Geniuses with dumb followers?





The question, “did America leave troops in Vietnam,” is a multifaceted question.


The reason is, its really many questions rolled into one. For example, why would Vietnam want prisoners after the war? Why would we abandon them? What did the Nixon impeachment have to do with it? How far had the Soviet Union entrenched itself into the Democratic Party?


My opinion is, yes, we did leave troops behind in Vietnam.


In the 80’s I used to belong to Lucy’s Tiger Den, a little bar/ American Legion post in Bangkok. I went there looking for a hangover cure and was talked into becoming a member by Tiger Rydberg, the proprietor.


Lucy’s, back in the day had a lot of customers but less than 100 members, as I recall. The vast majority of the people who came in were tourists and journo’s and 99% of them were totally full of shit. They came in, bought tee shirts, took selfies and went back to the states and told everybody they were “near Vietnam.”


But the members were different. Many, if not most were Veterans and many lived in Bangkok, or Pattaya. Some had businesses. One I remember ran a salvage company that sold old Huey parts. Lucy’s figures prominently in my first novel, 39 Down.


The time to go to Lucy’s was not whenever you felt like it. It was the annual American Legion meeting held there. It was a real American legion post.  I went to two meetings and both were surprisingly well attended.


What I’m getting at is, THEY believed America left troops in Vietnam.


So did two defense secretaries. But…


“John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home.” The Nation Sept, 18, 2008 


Contrary to you might believe, the United States doesn’t give a flying shit about its soldiers. To this day, they lack adequate medical care. The VA hospital system is as corrupt as they come. I almost froze to death one night in Camp Lejeune, but I was lucky. I had a friend that almost froze to death in Que’ Son. I had another that was air dropped into Cambodia alone for a month. Go to the death ward at the VA and you’ll see dozens of men who are falling apart from Agent Orange.


Most civilians never see this because the Pentagon and its butt-buddies have created this concept called “conspiracy theory.” If you question them, you become an aluminum foil hat wearer.


In the 80’s at Lucy’s, John McCain wasn’t talked about. As I said, most of the journo’s that came there were total assholes. They’d actually try to film the inside of the bar, as if Vietnam kept prisoners there. Of course, Tiger, being an ornery old bastard would threaten to kick their asses and throw them out.


His arguments with Bo Gritz are legendary! Gritz would make a big splash about going in and rescuing them, get 20 miles outside Bangkok and go home. This bullshit behavior is what made the troop issue seem like conspiracy theory. But…


“The sum of the secrets McCain has sought to hide is not small. There exists a telling mass of official documents, radio intercepts, witness depositions, satellite photos of rescue symbols that pilots were trained to use, electronic messages from the ground containing the individual code numbers given to airmen, a rescue mission by a Special Forces unit that was aborted twice by Washington and even sworn testimony by two defense secretaries that “men were left behind.” Ibid, above.


Did America leave troops behind in Vietnam?


Yes. Why? Read the evidence and make your own conclusions. In the meantime, don’t expect the Pentagon to care as much about your kids as you do.

















You are about to enter the liberal twilight zone.


For the record, the liberals I know are very nice people. They tend to be friendly, generous and very civil. I really don’t mean to offend but….


Twelve tomato plants isn’t a farm. It’s not even gardening.  


In the summer we have the “farmer’s market.” The “farmers” sell organic soap, organic honey, flowers, dream catchers, bongs, gay pride flags and wine… lots of wine.


There are kid’s games, a yoga class, a few guitar playing singers that suck to the high heavens and, of course, old people doing Feng Shui. I always thought Feng Shui looked stupid, but oddly, it fits right in at the farmers market. Usually when I do something that looks stupid, like going through my old Salsa dance steps, I do it in the privacy of my home, but for some reason, Feng Shui-ers feel they need to do it next to a table full of onions.


Oh, and then there’s the vegetables. This is where I really laugh. These people actually think that farmer’s market farmers sell vegetables that are different from the ones they sell at Wegman’s.


One thing that’s interesting about liberals is they don’t know a fucking thing about anything. Think about it. To these people, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez make perfect sense. (I wonder if Cortez is aware of the fact that her great-great grandfather massacred the Inca’s?)


Like I said, though, they’re nice people. Most of them are in great shape since they’re young. The older ones, after a lifetime of eating vegetables look like those pictures you see of internment camp survivors. Skinny legs with big knees and deep set, droopy eyes.  


One overriding theme though is the fact that, “my vegetables are better than your meat.”


The two things the libs can garden, though, are pot and flowers. Garden walk weekend in the city is spectacular. But even here it’s odd. Last year they caught a guy who would go through people’s gardens in the dead of night with one of those mining helmets with the light and steal his neighbor’s flowers. They caught the idiot on film. It was a scream.


The “my vegetables are better than your meat” crowd also has another peculiarity. They smoke an enormous amount of pot.


I neither smoke pot or eat pizza, so I stand out here like Queen Elizabeth at a bowling alley. My thinking is that vegan food is really a plot by the pizza and pot dealers. After a week of vegetables, their bodies are screaming for calories. So, they smoke pot and pound down pizza like a starving Rottweiler with a fresh can of Alpo.


In fact, on garbage day we have piles of pizza boxes as high as Chichen Itza.


For people who profess to be environmentalists, they produce an extraordinary amount of garbage. In the city there are people, mainly blacks and people from Burma (there’s a cell here) that make a living rifling through garbage cans for RETURNABLE bottles. It’s not uncommon to see old, oriental women with 4-5 Hefty LEAF bags full of bottles and beer cans.


But, in the end though, they’re better than you because their vegetables are better than your meat.


Unless it’s Friday night and they’re stoned.