Was he really the president or was he the PINO. (President in name only?)


There are two things that struck me as odd having read hundreds of Clinton and Podesta emails on Wikileaks.


  • Hillary Clinton was TOTALLY engaged in her job as Sec of State.
  • There are few if any references to Obama. In fact, his name is rarely mentioned.


Sid Blumenthal did not have security clearances.


“Barack Obama forbade her from employing Sidney Blumenthal at the State Department, so she employed him at her family’s foundation instead.” Atlantic Magazine.


What this means is that the Clinton Global Initiative wasn’t a charity, it was a shadow government.


I talk about these NGO’s in my novel “Formula One,” in fictionalized form, but they’re very real.


If Obama was really President, how could he not know this?


Then there’s Sandy Berger. Sandy Berger faced criminal penalties for destroying classified documents at the National Archives, but that didn’t stop Clinton from informally employing him as an adviser on sensitive Middle East peace negotiations. Same Atlantic article above.


Wikileaks is a treasure trove of information. The real conspiracy is not how they were leaked, but how the press, after all this time, continues to cover them up. If Obama really was President, why did allow the Clinton Global Initiative to run it’s own information gathering and money raising foreign policy behind his back?


If Obama really was President, how were his March Madness picks so accurate?


Did you ever stop to think how much basketball a man has to watch to be able to rattle off the names of programs, players and their coaches on live TV? But Obama did it every year with incredible accuracy. This is on top of golf, vacations and the public appearances a president must perform. He did this all while we were in FIVE WARS!!!


Was Barack Obama really the President of the United States?






Things that are illegal under Sharia law.


Religious freedom


Non-religious education


Freedom of thought








Having a Clitoris. (I used to date a midwife in Saudi Arabia. It’s not a lie. It’s barbaric.   




Being in public with a member of the opposite sex you are not married to.


Female custody of children




Non-Imam approved science


Showing Israel on a map.


Showing any part of a woman’s body in public.


And many many more things.

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.


Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. Christie McVie. Fleetwood Mac

The truth! You can’t handle the truth! Colonel Nathan Jessup. A Few God Men



The Customer is always right. Marshall Field. Founder, Marshall Fields


“Reasoning was not designed to pursue the truth. Reasoning was designed by evolution to help us win arguments.” Hugo Mercier, Cognitive Scientist.


Is Rachael Maddow a liar? Or is she simply filling a marketing niche?


As Tucker Carlson explains, it’s a marketing niche. If one can make money lying, who go through the trouble of hiring a staff and searching for actual news? It’s a business. News costs money. Lies are free.


This may seem strange, but please follow me for a moment. Why do they play classical music in subway stations? Because certain types of people, most notably vagrants, can’t stand listening to it. I didn’t say, don’t like it, I said, can’t stand it.


Liberals believe lies because they can’t stand admitting they are ever wrong. This is why they listen to sweet little lies. They have state college psychology degrees. They’re right, you’re wrong, end of the story.


So, if we know they believe lies, know they are looking for more lies, and know the leftist media will continue to deliver those lies so they can make more money, what possible use is outrage?


Should Journalists be replaced by computers? 


Or “Chicken Little and his gang of cam-pussies invade whats-ammda-U.”


First there was chicken-hawks, pro war politicians that dodged the draft. Then, we had Chicken Little, (Henny Penny in the fable) the chicken that believed the world is coming to an end.


Now we have college students who find your chicken sandwich offensive.


There are several foods I find offensive, like boiled red cabbage, bull’s balls and duck blood soup, but I never had a demonstration against them.


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Today, in our testosterone free areas we call “campuses” people are afraid of chicken sandwiches.



If you’re not familiar with Chicken Little, in the tale Henny Penny believes that the sky is falling when an acorn falls on her head. She is hysterical over this and causes mass panic.


Being afraid of falling acorns is actually more logical than finding your chicken sandwich offensive.


Political action groups are being formed around the offensive nature of your chicken sandwich.



Chick-filet is under constant attack by leftist groups that fear the beliefs of young people will be adversely offended by fried chicken on a bun, because it can shape-shift. In the fable, Henny Penny continually changed names, to Hen Len, Ducky Lucky and Goosey Lucy.


But one name Cam-pussies could agree on is Cocky Locky.


Chickens are offensive on campuses unless they’re cocks. Then they have entire curriculums based on the them. So, a word to the wise to Chick Filet.


Change your name to Cock-Filet. The campuses will give you free rent.


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