Helena: Migrant Birthright?


Posted by Helena Glass


Trump wants to overturn the automatic, unconditional birthright status that the US has offered to illegal immigrants in the past.  And of course the media is all a frenzied because, well, that’s what the media does any more – they get angry. 

So, a bit of common denominator sense:

Countries that have no such unconditional status include:

+China, Japan, Europe, Africa (with one exception), Middle East, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, Columbia, Malaysia, Chile, Peru, and Greenland.   In other words – most of the world, with the exception of Canada and the US.

Whyno migrant birthright status?

Maybe because they are ‘nationalist’ and believe that citizenship is not an entitlement, but something earned because of your desire to work and support your newly adopted country.  Maybe because they believe that the hard earned benefits that working citizens reap should not be shared with those who hate the country and have no desire to work or support its laws.


Or maybe it’s because the country has no desire to support passels of illegal children who don’t even attempt to gain rightful immigration status.


It is always odd when Human Rights are applied in a fashion that is hypocritical at best, and destructive at worst.  In fact Europe and Australia have some of the most stringent laws in place regarding gaining citizenship.  No one complains.


So Deutsche Weil took it upon itself to chastise Trump’s stance on unconditional birthright status by highlighting ‘all the other countries’ which mimic the US, including:  Honduras, Ecquador, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.  In other words, all of North America and partial countries within South America adhere to similar unconditional status.    Germany’s law states that the birthright of children of illegal aliens is only granted when the unlawful aliens apply for naturalization.


Why is the wolf lecturing the Eagle?  Because it furthers an agenda of polarizing a viewpoint without explaining or analyzing the data and facts.


The 14thAmendment to our Constitution references naturalizationand legal immigrants who have a permanent residence in the US and are thus subject to US jurisdiction.  An illegal by definition of being illegal is not subject to our jurisdiction – which is why we ‘deport them’ instead of putting them in jail for their crimes!


As Germany tries to tout the benefits of immigration they site ‘a study’ which indicates that “migrants from within the EU have contributed to Germany’s economic growth”.  A.   the migrants they reference are European, and B.  they claim that all the migrants in this study emigrated when they were young, highly trained, well educated and looking for jobs, and C. their contribution to GDP growth was estimated at .2% per year.


We can imagine if these were well educated, highly skilled laborers, and the entire estimated contribution was .2% – what does an uneducated, unskilled migrant contribute? COST.


The study was relatively small covering a period from 2011 thru 2014.


Skilled craftsmen make up 1/8 of all of Germany’s jobs, and there is currently a tremendous shortage of workers, and a 40% drop in those wanting to train, hence Germany’s Merkel thought to fill the void with immigrants from Eritrea, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, and Sudan.   Bring in millions and hope they can learn German and a skilled trade without bombing, looting and raping, was the plan.   Except that training takes 3 – 3 ½ years, and completion of an exam – in German.


So now, if you need a plumber, the wait time is roughly 3 months…


Part of the problem when trying to assess the percentage of immigrants who have found employment, is that statistics provided by Germany include EU migrants who are highly skilled.  So the statistic is relatively worthless.


Making the matter more complicated is the fact that a part of the Syria brokering deal was that all refugees be returned to their country.  Thus the pool is reduced.


So Germany instituted a plan to train those who already had command of the language and threw over $300 million toward helping refugees obtain jobs with a projected 100,000 employed.  Merkel recently nixed the project after less than 25,000 gained employment.


How many refugees are in Germany?


No one really knows because they aren’t calculated until they are processed and the backlog for processing can be years.  In addition, migrants that are illegal aren’t tallied.  A fair guestimate would be about 2.5 million, with Germany hailing the success rate of 25,000 employed – 1%.


And the cost?


By 2020, the annual cost is projected to be over $20 billion, which is most likely rather low.  Maybe if they spent that money encouraging Germans to procreate again they wouldn’t have to give away Germany just as Sweden has given away it’s country, Norway has given away its country…


Birthright means someone who ‘wants’ to be in this country, who would defend this country, who values the freedoms this country provides, and someone who does not leach off benefits.  If someone is born in this country to illegal parents, they can attempt to gain naturalization – if they wanted to.


But like everything else, the caravan is supposed to take our attention away from the voter fraud that is hailed by the democrats who liberally give illegals identities so they can vote illegally and usher in more Democrats who have no intention of giving them status or jobs unless they need someone to take care of their children… but even then, they prefer nanny’s from Sweden…


If there was a door to door solicitation for money to pay for all the illegals in the US, for managing the caravans, for replacing facilities that they burn down and destroy, how much would the Democrats raise?


What if instead of raking in donations for Hillary – or her Party of Progressives – the entire funds were given back to the US government to pay for the illegal immigrants that the Liberals defend?


In essence it would reduce our taxes – a tax rebate in the making!  Clinton alone raised $1.2 billion…


The Book of Eli movie image Denzel Washington






Lust – Sloth – Gluttony – Pride – Greed – Wrath – Envy


A friend of mine from Russia asked me, last week, “Do you think America will break up into pieces like we did?”


Obviously. The breakup of the union is inevitable.


As much as environmentalists try and tell us our environment is unsustainable, the fact is, the USA is unsustainable. This is how America ends.


First, let me note that I know that no one believes me.


The model I use was created by Yohan Galtung, the man who predicted the demise of the Soviet Union and the Iranian crisis but I use different data sets. Keep in mind, this may not happen any time soon.


But, like shit, inevitability happens.


The Soviet Union was a system that was unsustainable. An evolutionary biologist would argue that all systems (environments) are unsustainable. Species spread into niches until the niches are filled. As the environment changes, large numbers die off.


Even the most ardent biologist doesn’t really believe in science.


They don’t get it. They all believe we can “think” our way out of this. The seven deadly sins are in all religions for a simple reason. They destroy society. They are sins because they are the devil incarnate. As the bible teaches, do not tempt the devil. Even an atheist can see this. If the seven deadly sins were never written, they would still be real.


Like the Bible’s myths they’re in our genes. They never needed to be written down.


But few people believe the bible either.


Certainly, the hierarchy doesn’t. Over 50% of preachers cheat on their wives. The catholic church is crawling with pedophiles as are synagogues. But the advertising industry is not so easily fooled. Using powerful algorithms, images, sound and star power, they tantalize us with sin after sin, which we chase like Pavlov’s dogs.



One of my favorite movies is “The Book of Eli, which starred the academy award winners Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman as well as the amazing Mila Kunis.



Obviously, any movie that doesn’t portray the bible as evil will get massacred by the hedonistic trash that dominate the film critic business. (Witness the hysteria over the Passion of the Christ) The movie was about Eli, a man who had the last copy of the Bible, written in brail which he was carrying across a dystopian America that had been ruined by nuclear war. Sin had destroyed the world and the only thing that could save it was the Word.


But the world has no grand plan and no control. What is left is the detritus called survival bias. Luck of the draw.


Few people see this because their focus is being controlled by the huge trading cartels that I talk about, in fiction, in my series Joseph Schneider, Traitor-Patriot. They’re the evil empire and they control all media sources. To understand this is an exercise in discovery, which is what Paul Trifthauser experiences.


The current owners of the media realm are the banks, the Chinese and technology companies.


The use their awesome power to control the sources of data that eventually become news articles. These are the University studies, think tanks, web sites and “fact check” organizations that keep up entertained, though not educated.


What used to be sin are now corporate marketing tools.


Let me add that I don’t see how America ends as a bad thing.


Not any more than an Italian sees the end of the Roman Empire as a bad thing. The USSR didn’t so much end as it broke up. Russia was very poor for a while, but Russia was communist and non-competitive.


America will end for a hundred reasons but the primary one is that free trade doesn’t work.


The words free and trade, in fact, shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. The US is not trading, they’re simply buying things they don’t pay for. This “debt,” (which isn’t really debt at all) is overconsumption and it is worldwide. Its unsustainability can be seen in the following data.

  • The US balance of trade deficit, which is, for structural reasons, the same as its budget deficit is $1 trillion per year.
  • Every year, the planet adds about 180 million new people; roughly a new Europe every 2 years. Most of these people LITERALLY don’t have a pot to piss in. They piss in rivers, gardens and streets. The world is being drowned in shit.
  • The majority of our so called “trading partners” do not have currencies that can be used to trade without us.
  • The US University System is absurd. College degrees like accounting that should take two years, take 6. (Most graduates don’t graduate in 4 years.) Other degrees like political science, psychology and history are based on complete bullshit. Most of what they teach is neither true or relevant.
  • Many, if not most college students, lack the education or motivation to learn, even if the colleges were functional. What this means is that the USA has $1.5 trillion in college debt and must import skilled labor.
  • The US has a legacy military force that protects the world while we run deficits. We are paying people to sell to us.
  • The US health care system is drowning in people that simply refuse to as much as pay lip service to the health.
  • These phenomenon’s are being played out worldwide, as “rich” nations are flooded with refugees.


Taken in entirety, the world does not have an economic or an environmental system that can sustain the explosion of people and it’s starting to crack. One must remember that when the Soviet Union collapsed, all of its affiliated nations felt the pain, especially vassal countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Cuba, India and Vietnam.


As Fernand Braudel teaches us, economies don’t collapse for a reason, but for several reasons working simultaneously. In nature, a species may survive even though a large percentage of its members do not.

In the end though, it will not be economics that ends America. It will be sin.

And you know this, deep down inside, where the trust hides.




A simple idea to revolutionize schools? Teach applied meteorology. Or better yet, learn it on your own!


Why applied meteorology?


First, applied sciences are more interesting because a child can use them.


Second, because the National Weather Service provides hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars in free study materials on their website.


And finally, because applied meteorology would make other sciences more interesting and accessible.


This is what Penn State says about the courses necessary to get a job with the NWS.


In high school, students should take earth sciences, physics, chemistry and mathematics through at least pre-calculus. Generally, students who have completed a course in calculus and/or a course in computer programming will have an advantage when starting their Meteorology and Atmospheric Science studies.


Throughout my life, I learned a lot of Geography by traveling, but most people, especially children can’t travel. Meteorology is travel without leaving your house. The NWS maps show international patterns, as the weather knows no borders.


Every year, the NWS studies and tracks the El Nino effects.


El Nino, as a subject, encompasses geography, oceanography, physics, and a host of minor subjects. It determines far more than just weather. It affects travel, farming, heating and air conditioning demand, safety…


100 years ago, before Accuweather, people were far more connected to the weather than they are today.


For many businesses, like fishermen, farmers and builders, the weather was a major factor in their livelihoods. Today, we listen to a bunch of junk food selling TV stations telling us that if it’s 2 degrees below average we’re going to freeze to death.


What got me obsessed with the weather is that I ride 5,000 miles per year on a bicycle.


Most people would probably imagine that to a cyclist, rain is your biggest problem. It’s not. If you think you’re going to ride a bike and not get wet, your delusional. Rain is a given. The two factors that most affect a cyclist are wind and humidity.


Humidity is an even bigger problem than temperature. You can dress warmer, but you can’t dress dryer. When the humidity gets over 80%, it’s like being under water.


The point is, cycling connects one to the weather.


But just as cycling connects one to weather, weather connects a child to nature. Once a person gets connected to nature, be it cycling, hiking, skiing or even leaf collecting, they become addicted and want to spend all their free time in nature.


There are few places I have ever traveled that have so much accessible natural beauty than New York.


And few places have as spectacular weather as western New York. This is, our course, downed out by people I call “weather wimps.” I’m sure you hear their nauseating whine where you work. These are the people that buy $1,000 worth of groceries every time the “weatherman” tells them we’re getting 3 inches of snow.

Guest Post: Helena: A Green New Deal. 


To be sure the Rockies are spectacular, but can you get there in an hour? New York has woods, rivers, water sheds, waterfalls… and all can be accessed every day! You haven’t lived until you’ve ridden a bike side by side with a herd of deer through Tift Farm at 4 AM and you don’t even have to leave the city!


If you do this every day, you’ll see how small changes in the weather affect how deer live.


If the wind is blowing off the lake, the doe will go up towards the lake. If it blows from the south, they don’t. As it warms up, fawns appear and as it cools in the fall, you see huge bucks that come up to claim their harems.


There’s a buck that comes up to the lake that we cyclists call ‘Bambi’s father.” He’s a MONSTER!


When the lakes thaw, lake loons come down from Canada and then, Canada Geese by the thousands. As it warms in the spring, you see hawks, rabbits, skunks, gulls, ducks, and muskrats.


Walking through Chestnut Ridge park in October is like walking through Hobbiton with Frodo Baggins. It’s surreal. Southern NY has hundreds of acres of Girl and Boy scout camps with marked trails that aren’t used after August. Do you know we have an Audubon park? You don’t know what you’re missing. New York has more parks than any place on earth.


If you want to make the next generation environmentalists and addicted to clean air, clean water and stargazing, teach them meteorology in school.


You won’t have to help them find nature. They’ll be drawn to it.

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