I have a friend that is a former FBI agent that was assigned to Chicago for drug interdiction. I’m not making this up.


I asked him this question about sanctuary cities.


“I heard Guzman (former head of the Mexican cartel) say that Chicago was the main drug import city in the USA. Is that true,” I asked


“If he says it publicly how can (Then President) Obama not know?”

“He knows. This is why the area is a sanctuary city.”

“What?” I asked. “You’re telling me the government made this a sanctuary city so you couldn’t arrest foreign drug dealers?”

“Yes,” he answered.

“Who did it?” He didn’t answer. He just shook his head.



People cannot really image how corrupt their government is. They think the world thinks as they do. The fact that sanctuary cities are here because they need a place to safely ship drugs would never occur to them. They think and believe what others believe which is why few people see the obvious.


But the conversation about sanctuary cities went on.


“I have another question. Is the murder rate really falling?” I asked.

“No,” he answered. “We had about 800 murders, but we had 22,000 shootings. The murder rate is down because they have ex-combat doctors working in the hospitals.”

“MY God,” I said. “It must be like a combat zone!”

“It is a combat zone,” he answered. “It’s worse than Afghanistan.”


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The conversation went on and on, but I’ll save that for later blog posts. In my novels, I write about the massive trading cartels that run the world. Some sell guns, some drugs, and some canned soup. They don’t care as long as they make money. Many operate through or with the aid of NGO’s, (Non-governmental organizations) which I highlight in my novel “Formula One.”


And, as I mentioned in this blog post, I’m not sure we should even be against them. Having worked on both ends of the civilian military complex, I do not believe the world would be a better place if American Imperialism wasn’t there.


But the more I learn, the more Christian I become. The best book on the subject is an old book by the former prison psychologist Scott Peck, entitled “People of the lie.” (click to see on amazon)


Why do we have sanctuary cities? So the cartels have a place to ship drugs. Duh.







The question, “should journalists be replaced by computers?” may me rhetorical. Many already have been.


If one steps back and looks dispassionately at the media, a few things are obvious.


1) The media is beholden to politicians


2) Journalists are anti-intellectual, largely social or political science majors.


3) You really don’t have to read their articles or watch their TV shows to know what they’re going to say.


On reason to replace journalists with computers is a concept called confirmation bias.


Confirmation bias is the interpretation of new evidence as confirmation of a person’s existing beliefs. It is considered anathema to any scientific analysis.


Scientists spend years trying to design studies that eliminate confirmation bias, more often than not, not succeeding totally.


When was the last time you saw a journalist attempt to eliminate confirmation bias?



Not only do journalists ignore confirmation bias, they seem to embrace the mirror opposite. The idiotic regurgitation of political niche-based confirmation. The major issues of the day are not analyzed dispassionately. They’re simplified to the point of nonsense and sent to ever smaller groups of sycophants.


In today’s intellectual climate, it’s not important to know anything. What better reason is there to replace journalists with computers. 


People judge intelligence by what we believe in. This can be seen in many areas. For example.


– It’s important that we believe in global warming yet the solutions to the problems proposed by our environmentalists do little more than send money to political campaigns.


– It’s widely known by food producers that certain buzz words can create demand or stifle it. By giving a food a chemical name, people will stop eating it, even if the chemical is a natural ingredient. On the other hand, adding the word ‘organic’ makes it healthy. Eating has become largely political. In many cases among ‘intellectuals, it’s a belief-based identity. Gluten affects about a tenth of a percent of the population, but 100% of leftists and people who shop at Whole Foods.


– Whether something is legal or illegal is based on who is charged. When Trump was accused of using Russia to rig the election, it was illegal. When it was found Clinton did it, it was a non-event. When Bill Clinton passed legislation that was conservative, the contract with America, it was liberal. When Ronald Reagan doubled the social security tax, it was conservative.



This absurd confirmation bias is best typified by our politicians who have embraced hypocrisy as if it was a badge of honor. The same people who were ranting about illegal immigration 15 years ago are for it today.


The real problem with confirmation bias and why journalists should be replaced by computers, is predictability.


In nature, predictability is weeded out by natural selection. If an animal is predictable, they are typically another animal’s dinner. In modern society the same is true. Advertisers, use todays insanely intrusive devices to play people as if they are Pavlov’s dogs.


I recently had a conversation with a friend that, while feeding her dog an extremely expensive dog food from a health food store, ordered a pizza for herself. Another, after ranting on for 10 minutes about the evils of Monsanto, excused himself to go outside and smoke a cigarette.


Even more disturbing though, are advances in cognitive sciences.


Advances in the understanding of cognition are moving along at a breathtaking pace. What confirmation bias does, is cause people to focus on things that confirm not just what they believe, but what they know. A few months ago, the stock market fell 666 points, an ominous number. Leftists blamed Trump and right wingers blamed the democrats. Many evangelicals blamed the antichrist. Very few people blamed the real culprit. The collapsing market for treasury securities.


Few people see global warming for what it is, which may be the #1 reason journalists should be replaced by computers. 


It’s a  distraction. By focusing on warming, we ignore the real problems we face. Global environmental degradation caused by exploding third world populations and unrestricted money printing. In the twenty years between 1997 and 2017, as the US was reducing coal use by 200 million tons per year, China increased theirs by 3 ½ billion tons. During that time, India added the equivalent of ½ of the US population.


As long as our media is controlled by journalists, confirmation bias will dominate the dissemination of information.


As long as mass market advertising determines the complexity and relevance of what is discussed, content will be stupefied. As long as we are led by greed-based politics and businesses, we will be played as fools.


When will computers replace journalists? Unfortunately, not soon enough.


PS: Many people reading this will find their political opponents victims of confirmation bias. Few will see themselves that way. 


My short trip throughj the Soviet Union. 




This exoneration of Trump may be more than it seems.


As usual, you have to look at the motivations of the participants to get a clear picture of why people do what they do. Why would Mueller exonerate Trump? To this, you have to go back to the investigation of Steven Hatfill.


If you recall, Hatfill was the man Mueller and Comey tried to frame for the anthrax attacks.


When it was clear that Hatfill wasn’t going to kill himself under pressure, they paid him off and went on to Bruce Ivins, who “killed himself.” (right)  In the case of Trump, whether he was guilty hardly matters. The CIA can invent evidence.


But they couldn’t roll Cohen and couldn’t roll Stone so there was only one thing left. They played their cards thinking Trump would resign, rather than watch his business empire implode. He didn’t.


So, cover your own ass.


It’s clear with this exoneration that Comey and Brennan will face indictment, along with Peter Strzok. Once Lisa Page decided she wasn’t going to lie for him, his future behind bars was guaranteed.


The amazing thing about Mueller’s report wasn’t that it showed no collusion.


There was none. It was that it was released on Friday afternoon, during March Madness and Barr’s four-page analysis, just before the Duke game. Dead hours for news.


Mueller made the only decision he could make that keeps him from being tied to Comey, Strzok, Brennan and the FBI. Tell the President that, under no uncertain terms was Mueller his enemy any more. 


Now, let the real battle begin.






Should American ban Nike?


I have been back here in New York for more than a year, so when I went on Google maps and a shoe store popped up on West Ferry Street in Buffalo, I said, “Whaaaaa?”


West Ferry isn’t ghetto, but it’s close. The street generally looks like a tsunami hit it. So, why ban Nike? 


There is garbage, literally, everywhere. There are boarded up homes, a Rent-a-Center, a dollar General and yes, a store that sells Nike.


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The Nike store is right across the street from a Salvation Army store.


People that buy their clothes in the Salvation Army and Dollar General and buying $200 Nikes?


Every year, 1,200 people are murdered over sneakers.



Let that sink in for a moment. 9% of all US murders are over sneakers. Only 660 are killed by ALL LONG GUNS. That is, shotguns and rifles. What idiot would ban a gun responsible for maybe 300 deaths yet not even look at sneakers responsible for 1,200?



The fact is, people are dying to get sneakers.


Yet sneaker companies are some of the biggest advertisers in the US. Their contracts with professional athletes run in the tens of billions.


We live in a country where you have to carry a gun to protect your sneakers.


And the left wants to ban those guns. God help us.