People think of the UK as a commonwealth.


Wealth is not that common in the UK.


The vast majority of the UK’s income, in fact 22%, comes from the area around London, but a much bigger piece comes from South England and northern Scotland.


In fact, wealth distribution in the entire Eurozone is bad.


Here in Germany, half of their GDP comes from 3 states. Bavaria, North-Rhine Westphalia and Baden-Wurttemberg. But England is not Germany. Whereas Germany is a juggernaut in manufacturing, especially high-end products, chemicals and drugs, the UK is a financial services center.


When you get outside London, the UK is poor.


Per-capita GDP in Scotland, Wales and much of England is third world.


Germany has very high taxes, but those taxes are funneled into social programs that make the areas outside their three primary states livable. Also, the economy of their capital, Berlin, is quite small. In fact, Brandenburg is poor. London is one of the richest cities on earth.


But here’s the problem. London has a Muslim mayor. He was elected by Muslims who dominate the city. London has most of England’s wealth but very little of England’s PEOPLE!


One might argue that New York and London are similar, but New York controls far less, 8-9%, of America’s GDP. 


After Brexit, the UK will not be a country, they’ll be a city-state, much like Venice was.


Venice was powerful because it controlled the trade in Italian olive oil as well as the trade in tea, spices and silk through the Sinai and the silk road. They remained powerful until the Dutch invented the three-mast cutter and were able to sail around Africa. After this, Venice became a tourist attraction.


What trade routes will the UK control?


They could control the Strait of Gibraltar as well as the Suez Canal, but that assumes these are worth controlling. As I said in an earlier piece, these COULD be jewels, but what is England if they succeed? Are Wales and Scotland better off? Would Brits die fighting to protect London’s Muslims?


A countries currency is only valuable if it can be used in trade. That is, reserved by banks. Why would anyone want to hold Pounds after Brexit?


All nations fantasize about their histories. In fact, 99% of history is pure bullshit. We love to think that our founding fathers were smart guys with no self-interest and that JFK was a good president. The Russians yearn for Stalin and the Indians are deifying Gandhi.


I’d like to say, “you can’t make this shit up,” but the fact is WE DO MAKE THIS SHIT UP!


History isn’t about what happened, it’s about what we want to believe happened.


It’s only important though, when you ACT on it. The British fantasies about empire are just that. Fantasies. They still believe getting their asses kicked in Singapore, abandoning Australia and running away in Dunkirk were victories. Whatever. But in the end of the day, during the height of England’s power, 12 million Brits out of a population of about 40 million, left the country.


As a free trade empire, the place was unlivable. 


In 1900, in the Empire, over 90% of England’s land was owned by 400 men. In trading empires, the rich get richer and the poor die protecting their wealth.


In 300AD Rome had 2 million residents. By 500AD, they had less than 100,000. This is what being a trading empire buys you, and when that empire fails, as it did in Venice and Rome…


You become a tourist attraction.









Being gay shouldn’t preclude anyone  from running for President, but should it be the only reason a person is qualified?


If not, explain to me why Peter Buttigieg is a candidate?


Buttigieg is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, one of America’s most utterly decrepit cities. A person in South Bend has a staggering ONE IN SEVENTEEN chance of being a victim of a crime.


The city I am currently in, Buffalo, has a staggering crime rate. The city is blanketed in garbage, everything that can possibly be stolen, is stolen and there are vagrants seemingly everywhere. Yet Buffalo is not even close to South Bend in crime.


Has the democratic party fallen so far that being able to raise money is the only requirement for being a Presidential candidate?


Buttigieg has so far shown that he has zero ideas on how to turn around America’s ghetto cities. Aside from blaming white people, what does this man have to offer?


I have been to cities all over the world and guarantee, America’s ghettos are as deplorable as any in Bombay, Bangkok or Bogota. In fact, Colombia’s ghettos are the Ritz compared to America’s.


Few are as bad as South Bend.


Tourists describe the people of that city as “mean.” No one in America, or anywhere should have to live in places like South Bend, yet liberals like Mayor Pete seem to relish in them. It’s as if they really don’t give a rat’s ass WHAT they lord over, so long as they’re in charge.


The other thing that is disturbing about Buttigieg is his brand of “anything I say is a fact” liberalism. “I said so” liberalism is killing the democrats. The mall rat university leftism that they aspire to is nothing more than “the customer is always right” retail advertising in drag.


The solutions to the problems facing America’s ghetto cities require a form of brutal honesty that you will not find in Buttigieg’s brand of mall rat liberalism where we all have a circle jerk while singing “I’m so happy.” 


Buttigieg believes that God “created him” as a gay.


Leaving aside the simplistic idiocy of creation science, which isn’t science at all, the Bible is adamant in its treatment of gays. Sodomy is a mortal sin. You cannot be a Christian sodomite unless you invent your own Bible.


Catholicism, as everyone knows, has never been a Bible based religion, but a religion based on Roman laws, Roman festivals and a belief that civil laws govern people, and religious laws guide them.


In other words, Buttigieg didn’t have to say anything about being a gay Catholic and he would have been fine. The fact that he felt compelled to invent theology is pure mall rat liberalism at its finest.


To me, Buttigieg is more of a circus clown than a serious candidate.


He fits in perfectly with the rest of the Democrat field.







One doesn’t even have to set foot in Germany to see that culture matters.


I flew Lufthansa. The plane took off on time and arrived 18 minutes early. There was a 747 from Bejing with at least 300 people in front of me and three people working at passport control. They all had visas. It took less than a ½ hour to get through.


It took 5 minutes to get to the train station. The train to Nuremberg came 15 minutes later, was on time and I arrived 2 hours later. Can anyone imagine this happening in the USA?



Many of the Germans on my flight originally had a flight the day before with United. The plane was delayed, then the flight canceled. One woman had to stay in a hotel, at $250 a night. The airline offered no help, no apologies and no discounts. You fly, you lose.



Germans aren’t kind of efficient, sometimes. They’re efficient almost all of the time. It’s their culture and it’s NOT because they’re German.


The guy I bought my sim card from waited on 5 people simultaneously.


The man who cashed me out at Aldi was the fastest human I’ve ever seen. It was maybe a minute. He had my change before I opened my wallet. All I could imagine was that he had psychic abilities.


Both of these men were Turkish.


Culture matters, people don’t. This is why the New England Patriots always win. Culture.


We love to tell ourselves that after WW2, the Germans rebuilt their country exactly as it was before.


That’s pure bullshit. These German cities have been upgraded centuries. There are old buildings but even the oldest, (I’m in an Airbnb with a post and beam ceiling built in the 1800’s) are ultra-modern.


Every parent knows, you get out of your kids what you expect of them. It’s the culture you bring them up in.


Culture matters.





“Free Trade doesn’t work. It doesn’t work anywhere it’s ever been tried.” Paul Schwartzmeyer. The Daily News,” July, 2007


Free trade is Disney Economics. It’s like howling to cool corn moon, shaking your sword at windmills, or perhaps even imagining you have superpower skills.


It’s pure bullshit.


I recall many years ago going to Hong Kong and Singapore trying to buy software for my old IBM computer. You literally COULDN’T BUY LEGAL SOFTWARE. Everything was stolen. And it wasn’t just software. Every imaginable brand was stolen, in clothing, wristwatches, electronics, you name it.


The whole idea that you could trade freely with people that steal is so loony, frankly only a banker or politician could believe it.


If there’s one thing that both yuppies and red necks agree, they are stressed. They’re overworked and underpaid. This is the legacy of free trade.


And now, the enemy of free trade is coming from the most obnoxious bastard one could Imagine. Donald J Trump.


The powers that be have attacked Trump on sex, taxes, tweets, immigration and collusion, but have been totally silent on the main issue that unites America. The fact that they’re being totally FUCKED by the banks.


When Barack Obama was elected President, the Iranians described him as “the house negro.”


Can anybody seriously argue that the Iranians assessment is incorrect? Not a single banker, among the thousands that broke the law, was convicted of a crime.  


His own attorney general was a lawyer-lobbyist for big banking. After he was elected, one of his first visits was to the God of banking, Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs and beg for guidance. His entire 8-year term was a diversion.

The democrats need to change their tune. If they don’t embrace Trumps agenda, it’s game set match for their future. Their base is just as frustrated as the millions of people who voted for Trump.


The Chinese have corrupted everything. The media, the think tanks, universities and even high schools. Now the shine if off the apple. The uprisings in Hong Kong were the black swan. Now, Taiwan will move decisively to protect themselves from China, as will their key trading partners, Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam.


All the while the left is carping about Russia, the American people are giving them a collective ho-hum. “Explain to me why Russia is our enemy?”


Free trade, like Santa Claus, is a fantasy. Now the shit has hit the fan. Get ready for the fireworks.