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Ocasio-Cortez: CIA Groomed, Soros Funded


Numerous oddities and revelations are emerging from the very odd Ocasio-Cortez:


The apartment where she was supposedly living in the Bronx neighborhood that got her elected hadn’t been lived in for roughly ten years according to the postman and various neighbors. The postman claimed mail would sit for sometimes months before anyone picked it up.  Neighbors claim they never saw her.   And a neighborhood grocery store claimed they might have seen her once. Ocasio-Cortez refuses to provide her actual current address claiming her life is in jeopardy.

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She graduated from Boston University College with a dual major in international relations and economics.


Yet her bio describes her employment as “Educational Director” and “bartender” – after graduating.  An Education Director requires specific licensing and education requirements not attained by Ocasio.  Her bartending job was at First Fix in Manhatten, while she claimed to be living in the Bronx, a 40 minute commute.


Will Your Children Be CYBORGS?


Ocasio’s LinkedIn page lists NO JOBS.


However, on LinkedIn, she is endorsed by – Julian Jensen.  His resume is quite interesting.   He endorses the time spent together with Ocasio at Boston College, where according to his resume he received a degree in television and film.   Subsequently, his current resume is a parallel, albeit with extensively more intellectual gravity, to Ocasio’s ascribed “partner”, Robert Riley.  In contrast, Riley’s resume appears faked and simplistic and provides no picture, no contact information, and a website that is locked and blocked.


Jensen’s LinkedIn page highlights the ‘also viewed list’ which includes:


Ilhan Omar, Jared Kushner, Cory Booker, and Ariella Schwartz.   Ariella was an organizer for Ocasio’s campaign with previous experience at Netflix, Turner Broadcasting  and CBS.   Ariella’s viewed list includes Alexandra Rojas a coordinator with Brand New Congress. All viewed lists include a wide array of staff for Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, both of whom have been directed to embrace Ocasio’s Green New Deal.

The Republicans have filed an FEC complaint because a PAC,


created by the remnants of Bernie Sanders Socialists, representing Ocasio made secret payments to her ‘partner’ Riley Roberts which violated campaign finance laws.    The PAC, Brand New Congress, on its website advocates for the reinstitution of the Marshall Plan.


The Marshall Plan was instituted in 1947 under Truman to rebuild Europe after WWII.


It consisted of grants and a small amount of loans that ended up costing the US $44.3 billion.  That would translate to roughly $468.4 billion today.   It was the institutions of Socialism, Marxism and Totalitarianism that the Marshall Plan fostered and supported.  Much of this was done through the CIA whose Directors at the time included:   Rear Adm Sidney Souers, Lt Gen Vandenberg, Rear Adm Hillenkoetter, and Gen Walter Smith.


The largest recipient of the CIA funds under the Marshall Plan was Congress For Cultural Freedom.


This organization was founded by Melvin Lasky, Nikolai Nabokov and Michael Josselson in 1950.   Originally funded by the CIA, it was later funded by the Liberal Ford Foundation cabal.   “Its stated purpose was to find ways to counter the view that liberal democracy was less compatible with culture than communism. In practical terms it aimed to challenge the post-war sympathies with the USSR of many Western intellectuals and fellow travelors particularly among liberals and the non-Communist Left.”


In 1967, after the CIA involvement Congress For Cultural Freedom was discovered by The New York Times,


it rebranded itself as the International Association For Cultural Freedom under Shephard Stone.  Stone had worked in the intelligence division of the military and later for the CIA .  He became partner for the Berlin version of The Aspen Insitute and was a prominent Bildeberger.  Obviously, CIA involvement expanded rather than contracted.


The European Intellectual Mutual Aid Fund which operated as an affiliate of the Cultural Freedom organization was later merged with the  – – – Open Society Foundation.  Under – George Soros.


Cultural Freedom published numerous magazines including Encounter, based in the UK, which was funded by the CIA and MI6.  The editor of the magazine was Melvin Lasky who had also founded Culture For Freedom.


Encounter magazine was founded by Stephen Spencer, a German Jew who was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain,


a poet, and a ‘described’ intellectual.   The concept behind the CIA’s Cultural Freedom organization was to harness far left Socialist Marxist Intellectuals who could influence society toward a belief in a fake utopia amidst a Marxist ideology.  They were dispensed throughout Europe and the US.


These artist intellectuals included:  Bertrand Russell, Alfred Ayre, Arthur Schlesinger,


Ernst Reuter, Sidney Hook, Irving Brown, Tennessee Williams, Karl Jaspers, TS Eliot, John Dewey, James Bernham, Virginia Woolf, Richard Lowenthal, etc… 

Schlesinger worked for the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA.   A few of his closest friends included Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Henry Kissinger, various Roosevelts, various Rockerfellers, Kurt Vonnegut, Norman Mailer, Adlai Stevenson, etc… etc… etc.


Another notable ‘friend’ of Schlesinger was Ben Bradlee, Executive Editor of the Washington Post.


Bradlee worked in the information unit of the Office of Strategic Services/CIA which produced all the media propaganda materials.  His wife’s sister Mary Pinchet Meyer, was married to Cord Meyer, a CIA agent who was an operative instrumental in Operation Mockingbird under CIA Director, Allen Dulles.


What is being identified is an enormous power circle initiated by the CIA in collusion with a large House of Marxist Jews…


including George Soros to infiltrate and propagandize the US and Europe into a regime compatible with FDR’s vision for a New Deal that had yet to be completed, including Socialism and Totalitarianism, within the final phase of Globalization, Martial Law via impeachment, and The Marshall Plan reconfigured.


If an impeachment were to be successful and Pence eliminated, Pelosi would become the defacto President, and like FDR, have the Executive Power to put in place The Green New Deal.


If an impeachment is not attainable, the 2020 election will be rigged through the Electoral College elimination, Redistricting, which is already been tooled by Obama and Eric Holder, and illegal voting with the help of George Soros, or his son, Alex, should George die.


The manifesto was given rise by operatives in the CIA, MI6, and the use of ‘intellectual’ Marxists who cultivated a powered control via their writing, their music, and Hollywood.   


Ocasio-Cortez was likely groomed by Hollywood, and despite her looney-tunes image, is backed by the remaining CIA Marxist/Liberals, Clinton, and Soros.  As such, Revolution has always been embraced by these Marxists as the means for instituting their Ideology.  

My memories of the Queen go back to the 80’s.


I ran a remote engineering operation in Saudi Arabia and, along with my operators, Iqbal, Itbar and Helmuth, we spent our weeks in the desert, slept (at least I did) under the stars and worked ungodly hours.


In those days, 200 miles from Dhahran, the only radio station I got was BBC world…


which I could pick up on my German AM-FM-shortwave radio. At night, usually after a 16-hour work day, I’d collapse onto a piece of foam rubber in the bed of my pickup and fall asleep listening to a female BBC anchor whose accent still echoes in my memories. It was then that I began to understand the extraordinarily plain, soft spoken and understated powerhouse we know as Elizabeth.


Contrary to what British media and historians like to tell you, England did not “win” WW2.


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In fact, they got their asses handed to them. They had humiliating losses in France and in Singapore, where 100,000 British troops surrendered to 25, 000 Japanese, it may have been their biggest military loss in their history.


But that wasn’t all.


They lost their banking hegemony, the pound became almost worthless, and they ended up losing India and, effectively, Australia. By 1947, England was so broken, Churchill, had to go to the US to beg for a loan because the Germans had destroyed much of their infrastructure and England’s population was facing mass starvation. By all accounts, England should have become a third world country.


But they aren’t. This was the power of Elizabeth.


Contrary to our constant media bullshit was, Churchill, in my opinion, the role model for Homer Simpson.  He was probably the biggest clown right up to the idiot Tony Blair. It was this 5-foot-4-inch former WW2 ambulance driver that turned the UK into the powerhouse it is today. She was their face on the world stage and her sacrifices to England, something Charles still doesn’t understand, are what righted the British ship.


As I like to say, British leaders are like their rock stars. The best ones are Queens.


Men and women will fight and die for a true leader. They flip the bird to anything less. The wedding of Harry and Megan was a reality TV show.

Nothing against Harry or Megan. Harry, a decorated combat veteran is the real deal, probably the most legitimate Royal in generations and a man people will most certainly follow. Megan seems very sweet and is certainly, in her own way, quite beautiful. But as soon as I opened the Telegraph web-page and saw George fucking Clooney, it was over for me. Then there was the rest of the usual “parade of the camera whores”, Oprah, JZ and whoever. As much as Elizabeth got to see her grandson married, I felt sorry for her.


This poor woman who gave every waking moment of her life to the crown,


had to watch a bunch of fake media weirdos, out of the closet gays and Paper Mache nobodies strut around like peacocks. Harry’s “friendship” with Obama is a huge mistake on his part, but not one he can’t overcome. And the royal families condescending to Hollywood, something they were forced into with the death of Diana, was unfortunate. But people will forgive and forget.


The world today is so ensconced in bullshit it’s hard to see how it ends.


The world’s democracies (In the EU) and republics (the US and France) are failing. Most of the west, like it was between 1910 and 1945 is being run by banks. Our democratic leaders couldn’t make a significant decision if their lives depended on it.


People may think Trump is an overreaction, but I guarantee, he isn’t.


He’s been a staggeringly effective president, especially considering that he’s a bloviating buffoon. The next ten years will test both democracy and capitalism as we know it. More Trumps will emerge. It’s impossible to tell how it will play out, but one thing is sure. The world will search for leaders, not media figures.


Will Harry and William step up to the plate? My vote is a thumbs up. But a word to the wise for Harry. Stay away from Obama.



Contrary to what people think, breathing is not legal. It just isn’t illegal. These are the Top Ten Reasons to Legalize Breathing.


There are several good reasons to pass a law legalizing breathing.


Top 10 Reasons to Legalize Pot





1) Like pot and liquor, if you legalize it, it can be taxed.


2) People who breath more, use more oxygen and should pay higher taxes. Why should I pay for your Zumba class?


3) Legalizing breathing opens the door to regulating farting. Farting is, technically, a rectal exhale. It should be taxed as if it was a person with bad breath standing on their head, to not discriminate against taco lovers and broccoli farmers.


Was Trump Abducted by Aliens?


4) People will stop using the stupid phrase “Don’t hold your breath.” Now, we’ll have good reasons to hold our breath.


5) Breath taxes are a perfect lead in to the new death taxes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is calling for. The government will take small amounts of money every time you take a breath and when you breathe your last breath, they’ll take what’s left.




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6) You’ll no longer have to listen to those obnoxious sighs every time you prove a liberal is wrong. You sigh, You pay. Simple as that.

7) It would cut back on greenhouse gas emissions as exhaling releases CO2. The national weather service could install camera’s in Antarctica and we cold all hold our breath and watch the glaciers get bigger.


8) To avoid the tax people could change their gender to “dead.” This would cut back on the cost of Social Security and Medicare.


9) It would reduce population growth as people could no longer afford the heavy breathing that comes with sex. Foreplay would become two-play.


10) Finally, because, as stupid as this sounds, it’s nowhere near as stupid as the new Green-deal, being touted by Democrats.


I guarantee, death is a lot easier than getting rid of fossil fuels.

About Paul Schwartzmeyer


Wealth Taxes Will Destroy America, Blog Post. 

1) It will help relieve the pain of thinking about your college loans.


2) It’s the only known drug your parents and grandparents aren’t currently taking.


3) The big TAX CUT. You’ll no longer have to pay exorbitant taxes on beer, cigarettes and Tequila.


4) You can become a farmer. (Even a guy with a Psychology degree can grow weeds.)

Was Donald Trump Abducted by Aliens? 


5) It’s the perfect gift for the guy who has everything.


6) Political debates, talk shows and basketball games will start to make sense



7) You’ll no longer have that guilt feeling for going off your diet.

8) You’ll no longer have that guilt feeling after having sex with a guy you just met in the parking lot at a Springsteen concert.


9) It’ll be easier to pick up girls in the parking lot at a Springsteen concert.


10) And finally!! It doesn’t matter anyway, because everybody already smokes pot!!



(Coming next: The top ten reasons to legalize breathing.)