A simple idea to revolutionize schools? Teach applied meteorology. Or better yet, learn it on your own!


Why applied meteorology?


First, applied sciences are more interesting because a child can use them.


Second, because the National Weather Service provides hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars in free study materials on their website.


And finally, because applied meteorology would make other sciences more interesting and accessible.


This is what Penn State says about the courses necessary to get a job with the NWS.


In high school, students should take earth sciences, physics, chemistry and mathematics through at least pre-calculus. Generally, students who have completed a course in calculus and/or a course in computer programming will have an advantage when starting their Meteorology and Atmospheric Science studies.


Throughout my life, I learned a lot of Geography by traveling, but most people, especially children can’t travel. Meteorology is travel without leaving your house. The NWS maps show international patterns, as the weather knows no borders.


Every year, the NWS studies and tracks the El Nino effects.


El Nino, as a subject, encompasses geography, oceanography, physics, and a host of minor subjects. It determines far more than just weather. It affects travel, farming, heating and air conditioning demand, safety…


100 years ago, before Accuweather, people were far more connected to the weather than they are today.


For many businesses, like fishermen, farmers and builders, the weather was a major factor in their livelihoods. Today, we listen to a bunch of junk food selling TV stations telling us that if it’s 2 degrees below average we’re going to freeze to death.


What got me obsessed with the weather is that I ride 5,000 miles per year on a bicycle.


Most people would probably imagine that to a cyclist, rain is your biggest problem. It’s not. If you think you’re going to ride a bike and not get wet, your delusional. Rain is a given. The two factors that most affect a cyclist are wind and humidity.


Humidity is an even bigger problem than temperature. You can dress warmer, but you can’t dress dryer. When the humidity gets over 80%, it’s like being under water.


The point is, cycling connects one to the weather.


But just as cycling connects one to weather, weather connects a child to nature. Once a person gets connected to nature, be it cycling, hiking, skiing or even leaf collecting, they become addicted and want to spend all their free time in nature.


There are few places I have ever traveled that have so much accessible natural beauty than New York.


And few places have as spectacular weather as western New York. This is, our course, downed out by people I call “weather wimps.” I’m sure you hear their nauseating whine where you work. These are the people that buy $1,000 worth of groceries every time the “weatherman” tells them we’re getting 3 inches of snow.

Guest Post: Helena: A Green New Deal. 


To be sure the Rockies are spectacular, but can you get there in an hour? New York has woods, rivers, water sheds, waterfalls… and all can be accessed every day! You haven’t lived until you’ve ridden a bike side by side with a herd of deer through Tift Farm at 4 AM and you don’t even have to leave the city!


If you do this every day, you’ll see how small changes in the weather affect how deer live.


If the wind is blowing off the lake, the doe will go up towards the lake. If it blows from the south, they don’t. As it warms up, fawns appear and as it cools in the fall, you see huge bucks that come up to claim their harems.


There’s a buck that comes up to the lake that we cyclists call ‘Bambi’s father.” He’s a MONSTER!


When the lakes thaw, lake loons come down from Canada and then, Canada Geese by the thousands. As it warms in the spring, you see hawks, rabbits, skunks, gulls, ducks, and muskrats.


Walking through Chestnut Ridge park in October is like walking through Hobbiton with Frodo Baggins. It’s surreal. Southern NY has hundreds of acres of Girl and Boy scout camps with marked trails that aren’t used after August. Do you know we have an Audubon park? You don’t know what you’re missing. New York has more parks than any place on earth.


If you want to make the next generation environmentalists and addicted to clean air, clean water and stargazing, teach them meteorology in school.


You won’t have to help them find nature. They’ll be drawn to it.

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The Green New Deal: A Carbon Tax For Socialists


Posted by Helena Glass (Click for author profile.)


Ocasio-Cortez has stated that mankind will be vanquished in 12 years. 


Her New Green Deal has a time frame of 10 years to implement assuming it starts – today.   In the EU, they continue to establish time frames reaching emission goals extending to 2050 – 31 years in the future.   China really doesn’t give a rat’s arse, they just agree to whatever proposal is put forth, sign on the dotted line, and then refuse to actually comply.  


What makes the Green New Deal so ridiculous is that it only applies to the US.  


So the rest of the world will keep producing their climate change pollution, push out their goals 31 years in the future, and we’ll all be Socially broke or dead.

The Green New Deal states that the US will be the major exporter of Green technology, expertise, products, and services.  But according to her calculations, there would be no one left to export to because they missed the train and did nothing – so they would be dead.


Who wrote the Green New Deal?


The Media would have us believe that Ocasio-Cortez was the author.  However, her acumen would beg to differ.  In fact, Ed Markay, who is listed as ‘co-author’, is likely the frontrunner.  However, given the world of politics, I imagine they both had the help of some powerful prompters who hired the best writers to create this monstrosity.


What is not so headlined is the fact that the Green Deal calls for the implementation of the “social cost of carbon”…


which is essentially a tax first introduced by Obama.   It is basically the same ‘tax’ that disproportionally affects low income workers and resulted in the Yellow Vest Movement in France.  Not working too well.


The basic concept of a carbon tax is that the increased cost will incentivize industries to find ways to pollute less, and incentivize citizens to stay home more and conserve.


A number of economists feel this tax will lower emissions while creating more jobs.  But there is absolutely no correlative proof that a carbon tax creates jobs…and despite its implementation in France and Germany, they have failed again to reach their stated goals pushing the date ever further.  What it does provide is revenue for governments to offset deficit spending or divert elsewhere.


Today, the Federal and state governments impose excise taxes on gasoline.


The federal tax is 18.4cents per gallon, while state taxes vary but range roughly in the 31cent range.   We are already being taxed around 50cents per gallon.   Why isn’t this money spent on ‘green stuff’?


Where did this tax originate?


The Revenue Act of 1932 incorporated the first oil tax at 1cent per gallon.   The purpose?  To help balance the budget deficit.   Over 86 years the tax has increased by 5000%.  That’s called government spending.


According to a report by Science Direct in 2016, $28 billion in carbon revenues are collected each year from 40 different countries.


Of that total, 27% is used to subsidize green spending in energy efficiency, the balance is allocated to a general fund and to corporate and individual taxpayers through tax cuts and rebates.   In fact, Sweden, the UK, British Columbia, Mexico, Finland and Iceland spend -0-% on Green Funding.   Australia spends 15%.  Germany and Canada are not mentioned.


The point is simplistic. The Socialist Agenda is always ‘how funds should be spent’, rather than ‘how funds are spent’.


Which companies reap the reward of the Green Funding?


According to a report issued by Friends of Science,;

“Since 1991, the Energy Foundation has been the main instrument that a network of influential U.S. foundations has used to define a portfolio of policy options, political strategies, and energy technologies to address global warming. It was set up by way of large block grants from the Rockefeller Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, and MacArthur Foundation, and supported in later years by the Hewlett Foundation, Packard Foundation, and other funders. The Energy Foundation’s principal function is to “leverage money in a highly concentrated pattern on behalf of policies that shift markets, industry, and consumers in the direction of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency practices.


It should come as no surprise that the aforementioned foundations are ALL Liberal, Democrat affiliates.


Of course no Green Funding Dark Money scam is complete without highlighting Al Gore.  Between 1999 and 2019, Al Gore managed to amass a personal wealth rivaling Mitt Romney, pegged at over $300 million.  In 1999, his wealth was calculated at roughly $1.5 million all of which was inherited from his family.  His entire fortune was amassed through companies he started that mooched off the global warming scam.


And the Paris Climate Accord funds?


Those funds are predominantly shifted to spending in Africa whose carbon footprint is -0-.  If in fact Green Funding was Green, it would be spent on those countries whose footprint is the greatest – not the least…


When in doubt… follow der money.


And lastly, the media cites FDR’s New Deal as a compliment to the Green New Deal.  But FDR’s deal was the impetus that spiraled this country in a forever greater debt, a forever greater welfare, and a forever greater depletion of the middle class.


It is also noteworthy that the New Deal was implemented via Executive Order, because it would never have passed Congress.


Conspiracy is reality

In 1986, I was sitting in a diner in a companies compound in Dhahran eating a hamburger. This was a compound that we shared with other “renters”, many of which were American Marine Corps pilots. The Marines had an air wing in Dhahran.

As I was sitting there, on CNN a US senator was carping about the “fact” that Saudi Arabia would not allow our pilots in the country. Congress didn’t know we were there?

What did congress believe McDonald Douglas was doing there?

In the debate over the upcoming sale of AWAC’s reconnaissance planes to Saudi Arabia, no one in congress questioned how 5, $110 million dollar planes could lead to a military expenditure of $5.5 billion. Think about it…


The media defines conspiracy

There is too much to even document of what people do not know about US foreign policy. Personally, having lived through it, I have to say, I don’t disagree with it. In my opinion, they keep it secret because the USA has more enemies inside the US than outside. But it what it is. This is why people should believe conspiracy theory.

Foreign policy media is controlled by the CIA

Believe what you will…

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The Purpose Behind Government is to lie.