This is why I wrote the espionage series, Joseph Schneider, Traitor-Patriot.


It’s a story of Paul Trifthauser, a graphic artist working in Austria, who, with the help of the hot, Ukrainian banker, Arianna, stumbles upon a code buried in 3,000 crossword puzzles in an old barn.


The deep state has always existed, it’s just changed forms.


In fact, there is more than one. The game of cat and mouse played today by the deep state characters in the USA, Russia and Saudi Arabia is the same as that carried on before WW2 between the European royals.


The goal of the deep state is always the same. Power.


Almost everything you read in history books is bullshit.


Go to the border between the US and Canada, and you will see immigration stations. These are built to stop people from moving freely. But next to these stations, you’ll see train tracks and natural gas pipelines. NOTHING stops trade.


The world is ruled by the deep state.


The deep state uses non-governmental organizations and think tanks to control the world.


The goal of the deep state is to develop slave labor systems.


The world now is awash in salve labor. Labor camps do most of the world’s manufacturing in India, China and Indonesia. China has destroyed its environment, used up all it’s clean water and ruined its family structure all in the name of trade.


There is no better example of the deep state than Saudi Arabia.


Called ‘Saudi Barbaria’ by Nassim Talib, they control US think tanks and news organizations. When King Salman said in a speech that he was responsible for 20% of Hillary Clintons campaign funds, the news quashed the story and said he misspoke.


To live in Saudi Arabia is to be in constant fear.


Believe me, I lived there for seven years. Woman live in a state of near panic as the religious police walk the streets. The only place where they have relative safety is behind their walled compounds where they are abused by their husbands and fathers.


The deep state is attempting to control the only free nation on earth. The USA.

Unless you stop them.






This is absolutely true. As God is my witness, I DID lose 20 pounds on the beer and pizza diet.


(Truth in advertising clause: Sometimes I ate spaghetti, KFC and drive through window hamburgers)


There are basically two reasons why this diet works.


1) You will totally stay on it.


2) It involves the intense growing and weeding, but never EATING of vegetables.


(My basic premise is simple. Vegetables taste like shit.)


First a little back story. Diets suck and a lot of them are just plain stupid.


You’ll lose weight on the South Beach Diet? Of course. Who can fly to Florida every day for diner?


One I did try was P90X. It was brutal. I had to drink 11 gallons of water a day to pee 90 times. I slept in 5-minute intervals.


One huge advantage of the beer and pizza diet is you no longer have to buy cheese, dip, sauce or bacon bits. You know, things you have to put on vegetables because they… well, taste like shit.


Yes, it’s true. Pot is a vegetable!  


The beer and pizza diet also a big motivator.


It’s so much fun thinking that after working your ass off weeding vegetables, you don’t have to eat the fucking things. Your reward is a pizza and you can slam the beers down while you’re working!


And… on the weekends it becomes a case of beer and a pizza.


Here is the big secret to the beer and pizza diet.

There is no better workout in any gym than you’ll get by playing in the dirt with a case of chilled down beers. Ask yourself this question.


If there was a bar in your gym, would you ever want to leave?


I was working out 20 hours a week, all the while never thinking I was working out at all! Compare that to beating your feet on a treadmill for a half hour and feeling like shit when you leave.


I had a few big advantages though.


I had a barn full of horses. This means I had several tons of horse shit. This stuff is great for generating compost to feed the vegetables, but you also bust your ass getting it to the garden. This may seem like a chore until you understand the second reason.


My backyard was filled with vegetable loving deer.


They wolfed my vegetables down like it was a pierogi dinner at Stella’s annual Dingus day party. Then, at the end of the season, after they were nice and fat, I’d put a bullet in their ass and eat them… get this… INSTEAD OF THE VEGETABLES!!!!!


I may not be a herbivore, but I sure like how they grill up.


Most of the varmints in my yard loved my garden, especially the woodchucks. They’d go through a row of broccoli as fast as a weed whacker. I would toast them. The rabbits wailed on the lettuce, and it was filled with snakes. They didn’t care. They were all fat and happy. God knew what the snakes ate, but since vegetables taste like shit, I didn’t care if they were eating them, sleeping on them or using them for camouflage.


This is why I love going to the “co-op” and watching the libs buy vegetables.


If you look at them, they all look like they have constant diarrhea.


That’s because THEY DO! Not only do vegetables taste like shit, they have no nutrition. This is why liberals can’t get erections and look like dust bowl farmers.


I would have loved to show them my garden.


They’d see nothing but a 1/8th acre piece of brown dirt totally cleaned out of vegetables. Back behind it in the woods, you’d see a small army of fat rabbits, fat horses, fat woodchucks and fat deer.


Unlike us, they can actually live on vegetables.




Or is everybody stoned?  



This is not a criticism of any particular political position. The question, “is the whole world insane,” is a serious and relevant question. Consider this.


The world is consumed with Global Warming rhetoric.


But here’s something you may not know. There isn’t a serious scientist anywhere on the planet that believes we can cut CO2 emissions. In fact, it’s so loony that a person would have to be mentally ill to believe it. Even the most aggressive scientists only believe we may be able to slow the acceleration.


This isn’t the only reason the world may be insane. Consider the rush to fantasy.


The top 10 movies in the world last year, and in the last few years have been either superhero fantasies or cartoons. The “gaming” industry has exploded, and these games are not being marketed to children.


Millions of grown men are “playing army” in the basements, equipped with toy guns and helmets, seemingly unaware that real men are fighting real wars with real guns.


Then there’s politics, the real-world insanity.


Half the countries in the world have not balanced a budget in decades. The US buys almost $1 trillion dollars-worth of foreign goods per year that they don’t pay for. There is $1.5 trillion in college loans out there, $300 billion of which is in technical default. A large percentage of this debt is owed by people over the age of 50.


Another sign of the world being insane is doggie dress-up.


Grown men and women are dressing their dogs up and acting as if their dogs are children! They wear bonnets and booty’s, and some are pulled in wagons and strollers! Most breeding agencies are apoplectic about this. Dogs are not babies, but they’re purposely being bred to act like them.


And the insanity of doggie dress-up is carried to other species.


People are hugging lions. (And some are being mauled) One man was eaten by a grisly bear, seemingly unaware that they’re carnivores. People think bird’s mothers teach them to fly! Increasingly, people are giving carnivorous animals VEGAN DIETS.


Significant percentages of the population do not know what a farm is.


In one “innovation center”, I saw an invention that was marketed as a new technology. It was a tomato seedling in about an inch of soil with a grow light over it. The “inventor” didn’t know tomato plants grow more than 3 inches tall. People confuse farms with gardens. They can’t distinguish straw from hay. They don’t know that organic farms use pesticides and fertilizer. They think chemically ripened vegetables are “fresh” and don’t realize that the function of the small intestine is to digest meat.


At least once every two days I get an email political donation request. This is pure insanity.


Every one lists as its top campaign issue either same sex marriage, LGBT rights or abortion.


We live in a country that is currently involved in 4 major wars and a dozen skirmishes, we haven’t balanced a budget in 30 years, our balance of trade is comical, our streets are rife with crime, 17 million college students can’t get a job that pays enough to finance their debt and our biggest problem is where 1% of the population sticks their dick!


If this isn’t insanity, what is?


Notes: In a later post, I’ll relate studies that show how diet and education play a role in advancing insanity.





With another “delay” in the Brexit vote, the question “should the US recognize England’s government” is a valid question.


Should the US recognize any European government? Let’s look at it purely from an American perspective.



1) The governing body of the EU is non-elected.

2) Europe refuses to pay for the defense of its own borders.

3) Europe refuses to defend it’s borders which will mean that responsibility will fall, as in did in WW1 and WW2 to the USA.

4) Few if any European government has a majority and many, like Belgium, France and England clearly do not govern with the will of a majority of the people.



It is not America’s responsibility to defend governments run by bankers, or to defend their shipping lanes, their currency or their copywrite laws. In fact, the US is bound to reject the rule of elitists, monarchs and corporate cartels.



The very existence of the EU is to go against American hegemony.


If this is Europe’s decision, it’s their problem. For almost 100 years the US has been bailing these countries out, feeding them, settling their war, defending them and giving them a place to sell their products.


In return, they refuse to welcome our President into their countries.


Starting in 2021, Americans will need visas to enter EU countries. This is our cue. We have a half million men buried in European graveyards, but we’ll need a visa to go to countries that Romanians, Poles and Bulgarians can waltz into.


Is it time to say goodbye?


Should we start with England? Should the US recognize the government of England, when England rejects the will of it’s pown people?


This is the main reason why I mentioned in my novels that the US and Europe will legalize drug use. Stoned voters don’t care. The Cartels run the world and always have.