Few people see this. Government’s lie to stay in power.


Taxation without representation is tyranny. Lie.


How US “Intelligence” creates lies. 


The US under the British was a tax haven for British investors. They had the lowest taxes in the Empire.


The Civil war was fought to emancipate blacks. Lie.


The civil war was fought over US taxes on exported southern cotton. One million blacks, 1/4th of the black population of the south died of starvation after the Civil War. Emancipation was, according to Lincoln, more important than eating.

The Bell Curve, Slavery without chains

John Kennedy was a popular President.


Lie. John Kennedy was a total loser. His entire history was invented. (Unless you somehow believe that he never heard a DESTROYER minutes before it slammed into PT 109.) Kennedy put advisors in Vietnam because he was seen as soft on Communism, which led to the fake news Gulf of Tonkin resolution, which led to Johnson’s idiotic escalation of the Vietnam war. Kennedy was in Texas when he was assassinated because he was going to lose the 1964 election.


Saddam Hussein had WMD.


The bumbling moron John Brennan


No one, and I mean NO ONE with an ounce of gray matter thought Saddam was a threat to anything. This is why neither Chirac or Gerhard Schroeder would go along with Bushes war. In fact, the opposite was true. That Saddam was in the front line against Al Qaeda.


Osama bin Laden was behind the 911 attacks.


So, a guy that was in a CIA built bunker in Afghanistan, that had no access to a bank and lived with goats and sheep was behind 911? They found flight instruction manuals in his compound. That’s right. You can learn to fly a jet FROM A BOOK. And if by utter coincidence, just as the US special forces had him surrounded, Bush pulled the troops and sent them to the above referenced hoax war against Saddam.


There is proof that the globe is warming.


There is ZERO consensus that the globe is warming Even if there was, no one knows how fast or what contribution CO2 has to it. Even if they did, there isn’t a scientist or economist on the planet that believes there will EVER be a political consensus to stop it.


Donald Trump conspired with the Russians to rig the US election.

Lie. All Mueller had to to was a ten minute interview with Cohen and he could have closed his investgation of Trump. The purpose behind the investigation was to cover up Hillary’s crimes.


What a fool believes…




If something makes no sense, we should not be afraid to say so. To me, the Bell Curve is the Elitist Deep State in drag. The Bell curve standing alone, makes sense. It just isn’t scientific and it’s not accurate.


Why do we keep hearing the words “Ruling Elite?”


Since when are democracies run by elites? The United States is, of course, not a democracy, we ‘re a Republic. Democracies have coalition governments. In the US we have winners and losers. But in neither case should we have ruling “elites.”


How about Media Elites? How many times have you heard that?


Since when are reporters, elite? Reporters are like waiters. They take information from the kitchen to the table. In most of the west, news anchors are referred to as news readers.


Look at the above graph. This is the data that’s supposed to prove that people with high IQ’s make more than people with low IQ’s. Do you see any correlation?


Yes, for wages below $60,000 but even then, the scatter is so great that it’s meaningless.


Do the Soros funded, deep state elites know this? Of course. They could care less.


When I was in kindergarten, we were given IQ tests. Those who scored high, (in my school, it was 30 out of 500) were put in a class of hyper achievers. For the first 9 years of my school life, I was coddled, prodded and encouraged because I was “intelligent.” In fact, all high achievers are treated like this. Now look back at the graph.


If we’re so smart, why are so many “intelligent” people not high earners?


In my opinion, that chart doesn’t show anything other than the simple fact that smart doesn’t mean anything above an IQ of 100!


Now, let’s think logically about what a bell curve is. It’s in the shape of a bell. The middle of the bell is average, the left is “dumb” and the right “smart.”

Do you remember taking an IQ test?


Of course not, you were probably 8 years old. An IQ test does not test knowledge; that’s an SAT or ACT. An IQ test tests the speed at which a person can figure things out and their ability at pattern recognition. These are left brain logic skills. In other words, the exact skill’s you need TO TAKE TESTS.


The idea that people with high IQ’s should be elite comes from college professors.


In other words, it makes THEM appear elite. Well, if they’re so elite, why is there no correlation between high IQ and income after IQ’s of 120? An IQ below 120 is, frankly, not that high. If they’re so elite, why are their student’s debt slaves?


Now, let’s look at the logic.


The world is not filled with test takers. It’s also not filled with consumers, voters of taxpayers. It’s filled with people. Humans did not evolve as individuals we evolved as groups, and we are petrified of being outside of groups. Ask any kid that’s tall, short, skinny, fat or sick and they’ll tell you, “all I want to be is like everybody else.”


In reality, high achievers, whether in academics, sports, politics or any other activity are rare, EVEN AMONG THEIR GENETIC GROUPS.


Just because Niels Bohr was a genius, doesn’t mean all Germans are. It just means Bohr was. The rest of the country has IQ’s all over the map, or bell as it were.


Do people with low IQ’s have low wages? Absolutely, but remember, low IQ’s, like high IQ’s are RARE. A person with an IQ of 75 is in less than 2% of the population and often lacks basic abilities like simple math and communications problems. These inhibits their ability to function in the group.


All the “ruling” elite is, is a self-proclaimed group.


A group that thinks they’re above you. Think of all the ways elites LOVE to tell you they’re better than you.


  • They don’t eat meat, they’re elite.

  • They love animals, they’re elite.

  • They’re tolerant, you’re a bigot. They’re elite.

  • They’re vegetables are organic, they’re elite.

  • They’re educated, they’re elite.

  • They’re more holy than you, love God more, are more patriotic and care more about stranded puppies.


Just look at the elitist standard bearer, Hillary Clinton.


Hillary once described Trump supporters as deplorables, a word that “elites” wouldn’t use to describe a dog, but that wasn’t all. She described Bernie Sanders voters as losers who lived in their parent’s basements. Then, she wrapped the whole thing up by saying that she’d have a 50-point lead if voters weren’t so, seemingly, stupid.


Has anyone ever seen a politician so ensconced in hate?


In my opinion, anyone who doesn’t believe that there was a deep state plot to overthrow the elected President of the United States is either a liar, a politician or a moron.


I’d also like to add that anyone who believes that the world isn’t already run by self-appointed, deep state connected elites is hopelessly naive’.


These people believe that you are too stupid to vote and therefore they must do it for you.

Now, give another gander at the chart above. It says that there is zero correlation between intelligence and IQ for wages above $60,000 a year in the US. What is $60,000? It’s the average income for the average breadwinner in the US. This is what teachers, firemen, welders, roofers and UPS drivers make. Is it a surprise that average people make average wages? Maybe to an idiot.


Is it surprising high IQ people make average or in many cases, below average wages? You bet your ass it is!


This destroys the entire narrative, not only of IQ but of elite media, elite government, or elite college professors. Worse for them, it replaces it with those traits they fear the most, like hard word, integrity, honesty, values and commitment. It also replaces it with the thing they are the MOST afraid of.


The lions share of the world’s successful people are Christians and more so, Catholics.


This is a place they really don’t want to go. People aren’t better people as groups because they’re smart. They’re not less racist, more generous or better suited to lead. The people that do best are not even people “of faith.”


The most successful people are RELIGIOUS!


Oh, God; did I just say that? But it only makes sense. For people to live in harmony and be successful as societies, they must agree to live under not only laws, but laws that do not need to be enforced. Once laws must be enforced, they don’t work. For “elites” this is where the bell no longer tolls.



This is why they pass so many thousands of laws that do nothing other than create paperwork.


People in religions don’t break laws because they fear excommunication. That’s the big fear. Not incarceration. Germany, Sweden and Switzerland don’t need a million laws. They all agree that to live together, they need to get along with each other.


Personally, I find “elites” to be closer to retards than geniuses.


I live near them. These people put coats on their dogs, seemingly unaware of what fur is. They buy “fresh vegetables” oblivious of the fact that they are chemically ripened. In our local “elite” newspaper, a 1/8th acre garden was described as a “farm.” They seem unaware that organic pesticides kill bugs.

One particular “animal rescuer” told me that mother birds “teach their young to fly.” In our business incubator, they describe a three-inch tomato plant under a light bulb as “a technology.” One woman who spent two years as an anti-fracking protestor called me and asked me if I could teach her what fracking was. These are the people that think their education makes them elite!


Let me share with you one little factoid that is WELL known in the Ivy league brain centers.


Things that are true, are worthless in politics. This is why the CIA, and Soros backed NGO’s sponsor such utterly asinine ideas.


If your purpose is to divide people, what good is a statement that everybody agrees on? This is why Global Climate Change is a gift from heaven for liberals.


Not only is it impossible to prove, it feeds right into their concept of elitism.


Anybody that thinks that CO2 emissions are the biggest environmental problem the world has, has never been to China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, or Bangladesh. In India alone, 350,000 children die every year from dysentery. They’re literally being poisoned by their own feces. One in five Chinese will die of respiratory failure from soot emissions. In Bangladesh, children work dismantling toxic cell phones and recycling metals.


But the fact is, the high IQ elites care more about their dogs than Indian children. (Notice how Andrew Cuomo wants to make plastic bags illegal but not those used for dog shit)


The first attacks on the Bell Curve were from teachers. This next attack is from mathematicians like Nassim Talib. They fight the good fight.










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Ocasio-Cortez: CIA Groomed, Soros Funded


Numerous oddities and revelations are emerging from the very odd Ocasio-Cortez:


The apartment where she was supposedly living in the Bronx neighborhood that got her elected hadn’t been lived in for roughly ten years according to the postman and various neighbors. The postman claimed mail would sit for sometimes months before anyone picked it up.  Neighbors claim they never saw her.   And a neighborhood grocery store claimed they might have seen her once. Ocasio-Cortez refuses to provide her actual current address claiming her life is in jeopardy.

For a great spy-novel series on the cartels, click here.

She graduated from Boston University College with a dual major in international relations and economics.


Yet her bio describes her employment as “Educational Director” and “bartender” – after graduating.  An Education Director requires specific licensing and education requirements not attained by Ocasio.  Her bartending job was at First Fix in Manhatten, while she claimed to be living in the Bronx, a 40 minute commute.


Will Your Children Be CYBORGS?


Ocasio’s LinkedIn page lists NO JOBS.


However, on LinkedIn, she is endorsed by – Julian Jensen.  His resume is quite interesting.   He endorses the time spent together with Ocasio at Boston College, where according to his resume he received a degree in television and film.   Subsequently, his current resume is a parallel, albeit with extensively more intellectual gravity, to Ocasio’s ascribed “partner”, Robert Riley.  In contrast, Riley’s resume appears faked and simplistic and provides no picture, no contact information, and a website that is locked and blocked.


Jensen’s LinkedIn page highlights the ‘also viewed list’ which includes:


Ilhan Omar, Jared Kushner, Cory Booker, and Ariella Schwartz.   Ariella was an organizer for Ocasio’s campaign with previous experience at Netflix, Turner Broadcasting  and CBS.   Ariella’s viewed list includes Alexandra Rojas a coordinator with Brand New Congress. All viewed lists include a wide array of staff for Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, both of whom have been directed to embrace Ocasio’s Green New Deal.

The Republicans have filed an FEC complaint because a PAC,


created by the remnants of Bernie Sanders Socialists, representing Ocasio made secret payments to her ‘partner’ Riley Roberts which violated campaign finance laws.    The PAC, Brand New Congress, on its website advocates for the reinstitution of the Marshall Plan.


The Marshall Plan was instituted in 1947 under Truman to rebuild Europe after WWII.


It consisted of grants and a small amount of loans that ended up costing the US $44.3 billion.  That would translate to roughly $468.4 billion today.   It was the institutions of Socialism, Marxism and Totalitarianism that the Marshall Plan fostered and supported.  Much of this was done through the CIA whose Directors at the time included:   Rear Adm Sidney Souers, Lt Gen Vandenberg, Rear Adm Hillenkoetter, and Gen Walter Smith.


The largest recipient of the CIA funds under the Marshall Plan was Congress For Cultural Freedom.


This organization was founded by Melvin Lasky, Nikolai Nabokov and Michael Josselson in 1950.   Originally funded by the CIA, it was later funded by the Liberal Ford Foundation cabal.   “Its stated purpose was to find ways to counter the view that liberal democracy was less compatible with culture than communism. In practical terms it aimed to challenge the post-war sympathies with the USSR of many Western intellectuals and fellow travelors particularly among liberals and the non-Communist Left.”


In 1967, after the CIA involvement Congress For Cultural Freedom was discovered by The New York Times,


it rebranded itself as the International Association For Cultural Freedom under Shephard Stone.  Stone had worked in the intelligence division of the military and later for the CIA .  He became partner for the Berlin version of The Aspen Insitute and was a prominent Bildeberger.  Obviously, CIA involvement expanded rather than contracted.


The European Intellectual Mutual Aid Fund which operated as an affiliate of the Cultural Freedom organization was later merged with the  – – – Open Society Foundation.  Under – George Soros.


Cultural Freedom published numerous magazines including Encounter, based in the UK, which was funded by the CIA and MI6.  The editor of the magazine was Melvin Lasky who had also founded Culture For Freedom.


Encounter magazine was founded by Stephen Spencer, a German Jew who was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain,


a poet, and a ‘described’ intellectual.   The concept behind the CIA’s Cultural Freedom organization was to harness far left Socialist Marxist Intellectuals who could influence society toward a belief in a fake utopia amidst a Marxist ideology.  They were dispensed throughout Europe and the US.


These artist intellectuals included:  Bertrand Russell, Alfred Ayre, Arthur Schlesinger,


Ernst Reuter, Sidney Hook, Irving Brown, Tennessee Williams, Karl Jaspers, TS Eliot, John Dewey, James Bernham, Virginia Woolf, Richard Lowenthal, etc… 

Schlesinger worked for the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA.   A few of his closest friends included Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Henry Kissinger, various Roosevelts, various Rockerfellers, Kurt Vonnegut, Norman Mailer, Adlai Stevenson, etc… etc… etc.


Another notable ‘friend’ of Schlesinger was Ben Bradlee, Executive Editor of the Washington Post.


Bradlee worked in the information unit of the Office of Strategic Services/CIA which produced all the media propaganda materials.  His wife’s sister Mary Pinchet Meyer, was married to Cord Meyer, a CIA agent who was an operative instrumental in Operation Mockingbird under CIA Director, Allen Dulles.


What is being identified is an enormous power circle initiated by the CIA in collusion with a large House of Marxist Jews…


including George Soros to infiltrate and propagandize the US and Europe into a regime compatible with FDR’s vision for a New Deal that had yet to be completed, including Socialism and Totalitarianism, within the final phase of Globalization, Martial Law via impeachment, and The Marshall Plan reconfigured.


If an impeachment were to be successful and Pence eliminated, Pelosi would become the defacto President, and like FDR, have the Executive Power to put in place The Green New Deal.


If an impeachment is not attainable, the 2020 election will be rigged through the Electoral College elimination, Redistricting, which is already been tooled by Obama and Eric Holder, and illegal voting with the help of George Soros, or his son, Alex, should George die.


The manifesto was given rise by operatives in the CIA, MI6, and the use of ‘intellectual’ Marxists who cultivated a powered control via their writing, their music, and Hollywood.   


Ocasio-Cortez was likely groomed by Hollywood, and despite her looney-tunes image, is backed by the remaining CIA Marxist/Liberals, Clinton, and Soros.  As such, Revolution has always been embraced by these Marxists as the means for instituting their Ideology.  

My memories of the Queen go back to the 80’s.


I ran a remote engineering operation in Saudi Arabia and, along with my operators, Iqbal, Itbar and Helmuth, we spent our weeks in the desert, slept (at least I did) under the stars and worked ungodly hours.


In those days, 200 miles from Dhahran, the only radio station I got was BBC world…


which I could pick up on my German AM-FM-shortwave radio. At night, usually after a 16-hour work day, I’d collapse onto a piece of foam rubber in the bed of my pickup and fall asleep listening to a female BBC anchor whose accent still echoes in my memories. It was then that I began to understand the extraordinarily plain, soft spoken and understated powerhouse we know as Elizabeth.


Contrary to what British media and historians like to tell you, England did not “win” WW2.


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In fact, they got their asses handed to them. They had humiliating losses in France and in Singapore, where 100,000 British troops surrendered to 25, 000 Japanese, it may have been their biggest military loss in their history.


But that wasn’t all.


They lost their banking hegemony, the pound became almost worthless, and they ended up losing India and, effectively, Australia. By 1947, England was so broken, Churchill, had to go to the US to beg for a loan because the Germans had destroyed much of their infrastructure and England’s population was facing mass starvation. By all accounts, England should have become a third world country.


But they aren’t. This was the power of Elizabeth.


Contrary to our constant media bullshit was, Churchill, in my opinion, the role model for Homer Simpson.  He was probably the biggest clown right up to the idiot Tony Blair. It was this 5-foot-4-inch former WW2 ambulance driver that turned the UK into the powerhouse it is today. She was their face on the world stage and her sacrifices to England, something Charles still doesn’t understand, are what righted the British ship.


As I like to say, British leaders are like their rock stars. The best ones are Queens.


Men and women will fight and die for a true leader. They flip the bird to anything less. The wedding of Harry and Megan was a reality TV show.

Nothing against Harry or Megan. Harry, a decorated combat veteran is the real deal, probably the most legitimate Royal in generations and a man people will most certainly follow. Megan seems very sweet and is certainly, in her own way, quite beautiful. But as soon as I opened the Telegraph web-page and saw George fucking Clooney, it was over for me. Then there was the rest of the usual “parade of the camera whores”, Oprah, JZ and whoever. As much as Elizabeth got to see her grandson married, I felt sorry for her.


This poor woman who gave every waking moment of her life to the crown,


had to watch a bunch of fake media weirdos, out of the closet gays and Paper Mache nobodies strut around like peacocks. Harry’s “friendship” with Obama is a huge mistake on his part, but not one he can’t overcome. And the royal families condescending to Hollywood, something they were forced into with the death of Diana, was unfortunate. But people will forgive and forget.


The world today is so ensconced in bullshit it’s hard to see how it ends.


The world’s democracies (In the EU) and republics (the US and France) are failing. Most of the west, like it was between 1910 and 1945 is being run by banks. Our democratic leaders couldn’t make a significant decision if their lives depended on it.


People may think Trump is an overreaction, but I guarantee, he isn’t.


He’s been a staggeringly effective president, especially considering that he’s a bloviating buffoon. The next ten years will test both democracy and capitalism as we know it. More Trumps will emerge. It’s impossible to tell how it will play out, but one thing is sure. The world will search for leaders, not media figures.


Will Harry and William step up to the plate? My vote is a thumbs up. But a word to the wise for Harry. Stay away from Obama.